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Car Brands With The Most And Least Loyal Owners

Attending that showroom and buying an automobile remains one of the most expensive and vital purchase decisions an individual makes in the lifetime. Car reflects a person’s needs and their status as well; some of the buyers notice features while some consider the looks. This gives birth to customer loyalty that if a car owner would choose the same brand again or prefer switching to another. So, here we present you six car brands with the most and least loyal owners.

Car Brands With The Most And Least Loyal Owners

Let’s start which car brand is known for the least loyalty and have your reach to the brand having the most customer loyalty.

1. Dodge

The percentage of customer loyalty: 19%

For the car brands with the most and least loyal owners, Dodge secured the right amount of sales among the consumers who prefer a casual plus sporty look. However, the brand does not get the customer loyalty for repetitive purchases, and hence it falls at 19 percent only as per the survey reports. For the performance, Dodge does not seem to perform very well, and thus problems were reported in almost every vehicle.

2. Kia

The percentage of customer loyalty: 39.9%

Another name that does not retain customer loyalty that well – Kia Motors Corporation or Kia Motors. The automobile brand that attempted high-end cars with roomy interiors at lower prices did not manage very well with the promises. Customers encountered a poor balancing between the features and the price plus poor customer support. As a result, it led the ratings to just 39.9%.

3. Lexus

The percentage of customer loyalty: 52.6%

Lexus is the name for luxury cars that caught a good number of buyers than Kia and Dodge for its impressive exteriors. The brand served enough on customers support but did not end so well like many other well-known brands. Hence for the automobile brand loyalty, it got 52.6; the natural calamity that took place in 2011 in Japan became another reason to affect its image.

4. BMW

The percentage of customer loyalty: 53.1%

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Another brand knows for the luxury is BMW, the brand secures more customers than other average brands due to its reputation, interiors, and overall specifications. The quality and comprehensive customer support motivate customers to choose the brand if they have to as their second automobile.

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5. Honda

The percentage of customer loyalty: 54%

Honda is relatively a new brand in the automobile industry, but due to the previous presence, it wins fair counting of customers and secures 54 percent as their trust. The brand is not very speedy on introducing new models, but it performs very well in providing reliability and after-sales service. Also, the budget-friendliness makes it a number one choice for families.

6. Chevrolet

The percentage of customer loyalty: 56.4%

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Among the affordable and most loyal car brands, Chevrolet saves its space and is preferred by customers by 56.4 percent. Some very successful models enhanced the level of reliability among customers and made the brand earn customer loyalty very well.