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Questions That Will Help You To Decide On A Used Or New Car

Used or new car?

  • Depending on a person the decision to buy a used or new car could be different.
  • The single largest cost associated to car ownership is depreciation cost.
  • In general, the cost of maintaining a used car is higher than a new car.


If you have decided to sell your old car and buy a new one, the next question to consider is, whether to buy a used or new car.

To be honest, there’s no shortcut to answer this question. It all depends on your requirements, so you can’t exactly take that you would be better off with a used or new car.

Oftentimes, our purchasing decision is mostly decided on the way we are going to look behind the wheel, or could we afford the monthly installment for the car? When buying a car, these questions are almost obsolete.

Buying a car based on your ability to afford will have you to pay more than what would be an ideal amount. So, it’s not a legit question.

Rather than depending on such bleak questions, try to review your life and financial requirements. Going through a little introspection will save you a lot – both mentally and monetarily.

There is a common belief that buying a used vehicle will profit you; but they fail to count the cost of potential hassles that might come with a used car.

So, go over these three questions to have an idea on which one will be the most suitable for you.


Do you have a trade-in with equity or a down payment?

If you have been able to maintain a good credit record, then buying a new car with zero or little down payment will be a standard choice for you. The reason is, many manufacturers offer their cars with incentives, if they are not available in the used car market. The typical incentives are: discounted financing, rebates, and cash incentives.

On the other hand, buying a used car will always take you to make cash payment or trade-in with equity.

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Should you really bear the depreciation costs of a new car?

As a hidden cost, depreciation is quite tricky to trace since you don’t get an idea of it until the trade-in takes place.

Some people miss this point owing to their emotional attachment to a vehicle. What they don’t know is: cars are like home appliances that you get rid of when you need to. Moreover, your car doesn’t make you more handsome, smarter, and wealthier.

Depreciation makes it a better choice to buy a used car. As soon as a new car gets rolling, it soon loses about 20%-30% of the value.

Besides, purchasing a used car means you have to bear less on insurance.

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Can you afford to mend and maintain a used car?

Free maintenance is available for some specific manufacturer’s cars for the first few years. In comparison to that, buying a used car means you will have to allot a budget for regular maintenance or servicing work.

You can have the car inspected by an expert mechanic to avoid buying a used car with lots of problems. You can also ask the seller to show you the original copy of the vehicle’s servicing history.

Another option is buying a used car that still has some months of warranty left. Auto warranties could be for five, six, or even ten years. But, check the manufacturer’s terms and condition on transferring the vehicle’s ownership beforehand. If the manufacturer preserves the right to revoke a warranty, it won’t do you any good buying such a car.

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