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How regularly should you service your car?

Do you only service your car when going on a long distance journey? Like human beings, machines need to be taken care of that would give a longer life of your car with you.

Just like your life partner, that car needs more than just being fueled and driven, it needs regular servicing. The way you treat your partner determines their behavior, similarly, taking good care of your results in your car lasting long. Some drivers only take their cars for servicing when going on upcountry journeys or longer distances than they normally drive, however waiting to service a car for a long time is risky both for you and you car.

Your car needs a well-trained mechanic to check and fix it. Proper checking by trained experts ensures a longer engine lifespan and greater fuel economy. It also minimizes breakdown by unforeseen risk. When a vehicle is in motion, it is subjected to several external and internal menaces. Like all machines in motion, cars are exposed to dust, heat, and friction which cause parts to wear out or break due to deterioration, stress and strain. This can be dealt with by servicing the car especially the engine with recommended lubricants by experts.

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When you suspect anything about your car just visit a mechanic with your car. This can save you money on major repairs. Regular servicing can save you extra costs. Preferably, a car is supposed to be wholly examined when taken for service, however car owners dictate on what should be done. Robert Kalema, a mechanic at Shell, says a number of clients ask him to just change the oil. Someone comes and asks how much the oil is and then tells me to change only that, though there is much more that is supposed to be checked. What people consider minor could be major.

So the bottom line is consult with your personal mechanic and arrange a weekly or monthly service. By doing these things you will be able to minimize the cost and maximize the life of your belove car.