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9 Personal Tire Care Tips That Will Help You A Great Deal

As the one and only point of contact between the road and a vehicle, there is no room for compromise with tire performance and quality. Your safety and mobility is dependent on tire health. To keep your tires in good condition, you may implement the following tire care tips.


  1. Contact Patch

The portion of the tire that hits the road is no more than the size of your hand. Things like fuel efficiency, safety, and comfort depend on that exact area. Besides selecting a quality tire, you need to perform regular maintenance for risk free driving.


  1. Tire Wear and Depth 

Regularly measuring the tread depth helps you to know if your tires are worn out. In this way you will be able to replace them whenever necessary. A tread depth worn to less than 1.6mm means it’s time for a change. This will ensure maximum traction grip and help you to avoid any untoward situation while driving.

 9 Personal Tire Care Tips


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  1. Tire Pressure 

There is no alternative to checking your tire pressure on a monthly basis. When the tire pressure is unbalanced, you are at high risk of losing control while driving. Besides, it will save your tire from damages caused by internal structure and premature wear. This is a standard practice to check tire pressure every month and before you go for a long journey. Don’t forget to check the spares as well.

9 tire care tips for you
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  1. Balancing 

Balancing is the way to eliminate vibration and prevent premature wear. As well as that, it also protects steering system and suspension. Whenever you change tires, the balance is gone. So, check the weight of your tires and make sure they are balanced. If one area of your vehicle is lighter or heavier than the other, it means there is an imbalance. Running your car when the tires are in an imbalanced state will make the tires uneven, cause vibration, and put more stress on the front end.

 Tire balancing


  1. Wheel Alignment

When driving, there is no shortcut to tell whether your axles and wheels are properly aligned. If there is something wrong with your vehicle’s suspension geometry, the handling can change, and therefore, you could be at risk. If the tires are hit by something solid, or you notice uneven wear, then have them checked by a specialist.

 wheel alignment

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  1. Rear Tires 

To get complete grip, adjust the new tires to the rear axle. Since rear wheels are not controlled by the steering wheel, it is difficult to get their grip. You feel it badly while driving. So experts suggest fitting least worn out or new tires to the rear. This will make the job easier for you while driving on a rough surface or wet road.


  1. Tire Valves 

Valves and other associated components are made of nothing but rubber, so, with time their condition might deteriorate. The tip is: replace them whenever you purchase new tires. This will save you some hard earned cash and your safety will be ensured.

 tire valve - tire care tips

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  1. Handling and Storage 

Even when tires are in storage they could be damaged. So keep them out of harm’s way. As a precaution don’t keep them near any source of heat, electrical discharge or sparks. As a general rule, you should be wearing safety glass when handling tires.

 Tips for keeping your tires in good condition

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  1. Tire Repairs 

If you are totally sure that your tires need to be mended, then call in a tire specialist to have them checked properly. The reason is any internal damages would not be visible when the tires are mounted. Only a specialist can thoroughly check to find the fault. As a commoner it is likely that you would not be able to find out internal faults. This will put everyone, including your family members, riding the car at risk.


Feel free to share with us any other tire care tips that you think is worth mentioning.

  1. Sarah Smith says

    I’m looking to take better care of my car. Thanks for the advice about how you should have your alignment checked by a specialist. I would also recommend that you make sure to get your tires rotated.

    1. amin says

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  2. Tow trucks near me says

    Tires are the only part of your vehicle that comes in direct contact with the road; needless to say, they are essential when it comes to safety! The engine and braking system work directly through your vehicle’s tires, making them one of the most imperative safety features.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Many people will agree with you too.

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