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Payment Information

How do I Pay?

To pay for a product, you will require an "Invoice" from us. As soon as purchase conditions (CIF/FOB/ inspection/etc.), including price are agreed, we will issue you an invoice for the related product based on agreed terms. In the invoice,…

Why is it safe to deal with Car From Japan?

Car From Japan is an agent of the buyers, who helps the buyers to have a safe and smooth trade. For Buyers, Car From Japan acts as a representative in Japan and deals with suppliers in Japan, without any additional fee. Car From Japan makes…

Can I pay in instalments?

Basically we accept only 100% payment before shipment. But we also accept 50%-50% payment. Please look below to check both of the process: 1. 100% payment TT (Telegraphic Transfer) In this process you will pay the total amount by…

What currencies do you accept?

Generally, we do business in USD & JPY. As you are required to make a payment according to the invoice we issue you, if you want to do business in a currency other than the mentioned, please consult us.