Toyota Yaris Vs Corolla: Let’s Pick The Better Car From Toyota!

A closer look at the Yaris vs Corolla comparisons will help you decide, which one is your best-suiting hatchback.

Toyota cars have built a strong reputation in the automobile market for their longevity and durability. 

Launched with the same idea, the two small cars, Toyota Corolla and Yaris have caught people’s attention this year. With great features and prices, these cars have given tough competition to each other. 

Yaris Vs Corolla: An Overview

Since 1967, Toyota Corolla has been running successfully in the automobiles market. Holding a reliable, well-built, and good value, this car has improved significantly in the last 50 years. 

On the contrary, Toyota Yaris (some may call it Toyota Vitz) has earned a good name among different age groups, such as youngsters, old parents, and even those people, who don’t drive often. 

And, with no surprise, this car has found its place in approximately 220,000 homes.

Toyota Yaris Vs Corolla: Which is the Better Choice?

Now, without any further ado, let’s compare Toyota Yaris vs Toyota Corolla, and find the best hatchback model.

Exterior and Interior Design

Commencing with the exterior, one can easily distinguish between the Yaris and Corolla models. This is because the Corolla car looks more substantial and offers a 4-door feature while the Toyota Yaris is available as a three or five-door hatchback

However, both the cars manufactured after 2015 offer the same front-end design.

toyota yaris vs corolla
Between Yaris Vs Corolla, which one will be your choice. (Photo: Encuentra24)

Shifting toward the interior, the Corolla and Yaris offer almost the same interior look. But, the difference lies in the quality of the material used to design the interior of both cars. 

With Corolla providing an upscale interior, the cargo space is also more in it than its competitor Yaris.

Engine Transmission and Performance

Here, also the Corolla is more potent than its hatchback cousin-Yaris. To draw a car comparison of Yaris vs Corolla based on horsepower, engine capacities, and other mechanical features, refer to the table below:

  Toyota Corolla Toyota Yaris
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.2 gal 11.1 gal
Engine Displacement 1.8L/110 1.5L/91
Fuel Mileage (hwy) 36 mpg 36 mpg
Fuel Mileage (city) 28 mpg 30 mpg
Horsepower 132hp 106hp
Torque 128 103

Because of its more powerful engine and superior steering and suspension systems, the Corolla once again tops the performance charts in this Yaris Vs Corolla battle.

A 1.8-liter engine with 139 horsepower powers the Corolla. Although it doesn’t seem like much, this is more than the 1.5-liter engine with 106 horsepower in the Yaris. 

A 2.0-liter engine with 169 horsepower is furthermore offered for the Corolla. No such update is available in the Yaris.

Although a continuously variable gearbox is standard, manual transmissions are an option for both vehicles. 

However, the improved engine is the only one that comes with the Corolla’s manual transmission, giving you a little bit more power and putting you in closer contact with your car. 

Therefore, what does this imply for the driving experience of each vehicle? The Yaris follows the Corolla and can navigate traffic with ease.

Whether on a city street or a wide open highway, the Yaris has a particularly difficult time accelerating. The Corolla performs just marginally better, however it does have a minor edge due to its bigger engine. 

toyota yaris vs toyota corolla
Although a continuously variable gearbox is standard, manual transmissions are an option for both vehicles. (Photo: Top Auto)

Fuel Economy

The 52 mpg of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE is unbeatable. This performs better than the other vehicles we compared, while not being as efficient as a PHEV or completely electric vehicle. 

The Corolla and Yaris are competitive in terms of fuel economy, hybrid or not. The EPA ratings for every model and engine variant are included in the table below.


Given the basic difference between the design and engine of Toyota Yaris Vs Corolla, the latter hatchback has more equipment than the former one. 

For instance, Corolla provides heated seats, 17-inches wheels, a factory navigation system, paddle shifters, and a sport-driving mode.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Yaris has nothing to offer. 

With 16-inch wheels, the Yaris includes a 6.1-inch touch screen, an audio system with Bluetooth, and a voice recognition system.

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Safety Features

Covering all the standard safety features, the Corolla and Yaris provide anti-lock brakes, traction control, and side-curtain airbags. However, if you’re looking for a camera, it’s only available with a Corolla hatchback.


corolla cross vs yaris cross
The fact that both cars are Toyotas implies that their dependability records are unmatched. (Photo: Car Advice)

The 2020 Yaris has not been assessed by J.D. Power, however it awards the 2022 Corolla an 85/100 dependability rating. 

Both vehicles receive an astounding 4.5 out of 5 stars from RepairPal for reliability, and both are ranked first in their respective classes (compact and subcompact). 


Both the Corolla and the Yaris are Toyota’s affordable alternatives, however the Yaris is the most affordable model. Sadly, the Yaris was dropped in 2020.

If the MSRP is your top concern when selecting a car, you’ll probably choose the Yaris because there is a difference of about $5,000 at each trim level. However, there is one more aspect of cost that is less visible: the real cost of ownership.

Moreover, take a close eye on the costs of insurance for a five-year Corolla and Yaris, which are $4,804 and $4,561, respectively.

Final Words

Overall, the Corolla has scored 5-star ratings in all the above-mentioned categories while the Yaris has earned 4 stars. 

However, based on price, the battle between Yaris vs Corolla, is won by the Toyota Yaris. So, if you aren’t able to afford Corolla, Yaris is still an efficient and competent option to go for.