Brief Comparison Between Nissan Tiida Vs Nissan Note

It is a fact that every driver wants hatchback vehicles. After all, they have always been famous for not only the compact sizes and the convenient components but also for the affordable price.

It is the first choice of most car owners around the globe. And of course, with a car that is in high demand, the market is highly competitive, especially when it comes to Japanese manufacturers. And in the market, Nissan is the most recognizable brand.

The reasons why this brand is so well known are Nissan Note and Nissan Tiida. So between two wonderful automobiles, which one is the better car? Let’s compare the Nissan Tiida vs Nissan Note to find out.


Nissan Tiida

To know the Nissan Tiida, we must know their manufacturer. The Nissan Tiida is a production by a Japanese manufacturer called Nissan. Between 2004 and 2012, the company introduced the first generation. In the year of 2004, the Nissan carmakers created two generations of the Tiida successfully. The car was launched in North America as the Nissan Versa and in South America as Dodge Trazo. Another bonus information about this vehicle is the name meaning: The word “Tiida” stands for “the sun”. 

Talking about the car structure, the series has the five-door hatchback and the four-door sedan. The model has bridged the subcompact and the compact car classes and thus acts as an intermediate model.

Nissan Tiida
Drivers love this model for its amazing fuel system (Photo Source: wikimedia)

The second generation of new Nissan Tiida was introduced in the Chinese market. It was a five-door hatchback C12 series that was launched in Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand as the Nissan Pulsar.

Nissan Note

On the other hand, Nissan Note is a mini multipurpose vehicle launched by the same Nissan. It was launched into the Japanese market in 2004 and then later in the international market too. This vehicle is a five-door hatchback. It has an intelligent key with brilliant proximity centers. The roof has an arched line fusion concept and boomerang LED lights too.

The double-deck four-slot grille makes it a more commodious and spacious one. Drivers had their chance to witness this wonder vehicle at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. The retail model of this automobile is based on the design derived from the concept of Nissan tone.

The Specifications Comparison

Nissan Tiida

Talking about the specifications, the Nissan Tiida is a subcompact class with  4-door sedans or 5-door hatchbacks. The layout boasts of a Front engine, front-wheel drive, or four wheel drive.

It comes with four engine types;

1.8 L I4 (gasoline)

1.6 L I4 (gasoline)

1.5 L I4 (gasoline)

1.5 L I4 (diesel)

The curb weight turns out to be 1,125-1,182kg.

Nissan Note

The specifications of Nissan are amazingly fanatic, and the Note can prove it:

  • It comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and neatly brushed aluminum interior fittings. The body color is dark gray, black, and silver perforated metallic design.
  • The vehicle sports classy sporty seats, with twin glass strips that run along the length of the roof.
  • Smoke-plated front grille and gun metallic front grille on the series models.
  • Dimpled leather-wrapped steering wheel laced with standard red stitching on it.
  • It is a cold terrain vehicle which includes 4-wheel drive as one standard equipment

The Dimension Specifications Are As Follows

  • Length-161.4 in OR 4100 mm
  • Width-66.6 in OR 1692 mm
  • Height-61 in OR 1549 mm
  • Front/rear Track-57.9/57.5 in OR 1,471/1,461 mm

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The Performance Comparison

Nissan Tiida

With the 1.6L, 4-cylinder petrol engine, the performance of the Nissan Tiida is quite acceptable. The main benefit of this is that it gives car owners better mileage. Not to mention, the vehicle can run on the highway with power. Besides that, the supercharged petrol engine model is quieter than the Nissan Note. Last but not least, it doesn’t produce much noise if car owners are not forcing it.

Nissan Note

On the other hand, the Nissan Note model provides more choices. To be more specific, it is available in three engine types. The 1.2L three-cylinder petrol engine can perform normally once the automobile reaches up to speed. Nevertheless, it struggles if the vehicle is fully loaded since the power is not that strong. Another information about the 1.2L DiG petrol engine is that it is comparatively powerful, yet still struggles when loaded fully. Last but certainly not least, is the 1.5L diesel engine. Car owners can power up this engine pretty quickly, not to mention they can pull very well. However, petrol engines will be the better option for both low mileage and fuel efficiency.

The Handling Comparison 

Nissan Tiida

The handling of the Nissan Tiida is fun to drive. The reason for the entertaining riding is that car owners feel sufficiently sporty for a small vehicle. The downside of the handling is the braking and the handling. This feature holds well when drivers are taking turns. They are not disappointing if you bump into a few chicanes or potholes on the roads. However, the handling and braking are not comparable to high-end cars like BMW or Lexus models.

Nissan Note

On the other hand, Nissan Note owners might not have the same fun. To be more specific, the Note is not a fun vehicle for those who want to blast on highways and wide roads. The clear explanation for this is the grip.

Nissan Note
A car with good stability (Photo Source: wikimedia)

The Nissan Note’s grip is modest. Not to mention, the steering feels natural, yet it leans in corners. This provides stability considering the size as well as compact body.

The Boot Space Comparison

Nissan Tiida

The space is crucial when it comes to car comparison. You cannot find the right vehicle for your family if it has a small boot space right? With the Nissan Tiida, the boot space is a bit lagging in this sector. To be more specific, it only has 310L in space. However, compared with other similar-sized automobiles, it is still a comfortable car. Car owners can squeeze out some extra space at least.

Nissan Note

On the other hand, the Nissan Note claims itself the 325L boot space. This, without a doubt, surpasses most mainstream subcompacts. Along with that, car owners can expand the space to nearly 411L by sliding the rear bench forward. Nevertheless, the entry-level models don’t have the flexibility of this cargo space.

Comparison Between Two Nissan Cars

On comparing between Nissan Tiida and Nissan Note, drivers found many differences:

The Nissan mechanics install an impressive electronic fuel injection engine which helps amplify the fuel economy. It also offers slightly better fuel economy on the highway and a better balance between the engine power and the fuel economy

The Nissan Note is more spacious. It has a commodious design and an excellent dashboard while the Nissan Tiida has a wheelbase of 2,600 mm and the hatchback of 4,295 mm. Tiida offers you better Bluetooth connectivity voice control and better sound quality of the audio system. On the other hand, the Nissan Note offers you brilliant DRLs with its comfortable steering wheels.