Everything You Need to know about Straight Pipe Exhaust

For those who wish to augment the high-end performance of their ride, the straight pipes are the way to go. They are the top end exhaust systems that provide the least amount of backpressure. Known as the most admired automobile performance add-on, a straight pipe exhaust is just a pipe that starts from the header.

To explore more about the top performance straight pipe exhaust system, you need to read out below.

A Handy Guide to Straight Pipe Exhaust

A classic exhaust system comprises mufflers, catalytic converters, and resonators to lessen sound levels and emissions. Therefore, these systems are can merely be utilized in closed racing paths and are not legal at streets. In essence, a properly tuned and designed straight pipe exhaust can provide more horsepower and more torque to the racing engine.

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Usually built for racing engines, these exhaust systems do not hold any boundaries on gas flow. It is just a straight pipe that starting from the header and goes straight to the air without a muffler or catalytic converter.

Employing a straight pipe exhaust can provide your vehicle some extra power and will make it noisier. You need to think about emissions laws and noise laws if you want to install this pipe on your car. That’s why they are not used in newer cars as it can exceed its emissions. You can read on some maintenance tips to know more about the working of these exhaust systems.

Pros and Cons of a Straight Pipe Exhaust

As you are completely aware of what the straight pipe exhaust system actually is, now let’s explore about the advantages and disadvantages of employing it.

1. Advantages

Why use the straight pipe exhaust
Advantages for straight pipe exhaust. Source: HD Car Wallpapers

As mentioned above, the main reason why most car enthusiasts use this exhaust system is its high-performance. These systems help to reduce back pressure, thereby providing more power gains and better fuel economy to most of the cars. However, be careful when selecting the size of the pipe as it greatly affects the torque and horsepower. In addition, these pipe exhaust systems can be dressed and extended up with the help of chrome fittings to provide a great look as well.

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2. Disadvantages

These systems have many benefits yet they lack in flexibility. The main drawback of these exhaust systems is the cost, as you need to tune your vehicle according to them. In case you didn’t get the appropriate pipe size, it may make your car lose piles of low-end torque. In addition, by employing these straight pipes in your car will produce loud sound levels that might put you in trouble. So, car fanatics mainly use these straight pipe systems.


Effects of straight pipe exhaust
Benefits of the straight pipe exhaust. Source: MBWorld

So, you now might know about the straight pipe exhaust system for a car. Consider these pros and cons carefully before using it with your racing engine.