Honda Insight vs Toyota Prius – Hybrid Wars!

Toyota and Honda have always been the two good rivalries when it comes to comparing their best hatchback models. Always known for introducing new technology into their vehicles, these manufacturers stole all the limelight by launching their hybrid cars around 2000.

Popularly known as the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight; these two long-standing competitors, actually have a lot in common. However, this doesn’t mean, they’re the same. To find which one is best for your garage, let’s draw a car comparison between Honda Insight vs Toyota Prius.

Overview- Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius

About Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius- also known as the subcompact car, is one of the favorite choices of customers across the globe. 

Prius has never been absent from Consumer Report magazine’s annual top 10 best cars. The current version is still the standard in the fuel-efficient car segment in the US market, with a gasoline consumption of 4.52 liters/100 km so low that it is very rare in any other product. Reliability and ability to satisfy owners are always at the highest level. The driving experience is pleasant and comfortable and the steering wheel responds stably. The 11.6-inch infotainment screen gives modernity. All these features give the most comfort for drivers. 

Still giving a tough fight to all the competitive hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius price range varies from USD 6492- $22498 (for used cars). Additionally, this car has been rated 7.1 on a scale of 10 based on its exterior design, cargo space, and fuel mileage.

Honda Insight 

The appearance of this hybrid is quite similar to the Prius, especially the roof structure. The hood of the Honda Insight has been typical of Honda in recent years. Other details are aerodynamic. The gasoline engine that Honda uses is a 1.3-liter type integrated with the IMA system (integrated electric motor assist). Braking energy recovery is improved by 10% compared to the previous generation.

In addition to performance, thanks to technological improvements, Honda affirms that the cost of hybrid engines will be significantly reduced, but other factors such as performance and comfort will be higher.

Providing high fuel economy, the vehicle has undergone minute transformations since its launch. With better handling, alluring aerodynamics, and a compact exterior body, this car has been rated 7 on a scale of 10.

Based on ratings between the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, the Toyota Prius is considered the best car for customers.

A Complete Comparison Between Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius

1. Exterior & interior dimensions

Commencing with the overall height of the Toyota Prius is 56.9 inches, it has a length of 157.3 inches. The legroom dimensions of this hatchback model are 41.7 inches with a shoulder room of 51.7 inches, and cargo volume, of 17.1 cubic feet.

Offering the same height as the Honda Insight, the car’s length is 172.3 inches. Jumping to its legroom, shoulder, and cargo volume, the dimensions are 42.3 inches, 50.4 inches, and 85 cubic feet, respectively.

Comparing, the overall dimensions, it’s crystal clear that the battle- Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius is won by Honda Insight, here.

Dimension comparison Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius
Exterior comparison of Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius

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2. Engine and performance

Although both the cars are called hybrid yet there’s a key difference between these two models in terms of engine and performance.

The Insight hybrid model uses petrol as the main power source while the hybrid system of Prius is known as a ‘combined hybrid’ or ‘series-parallel hybrid’ system. Besides this, the Honda has a lighter, cheaper, and smaller IMA as compared to the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System.

For an exact comparison of the Honda Insight Vs Prius engine and performance, refer to the table below:


Honda Insight VTi-L

Toyota Prius


1339cc SOHC inline four-cylinder

1798cc DOHC inline four-cylinder

Hybrid system

Integrated Motor Assist (IMA)

Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) AC synchronous permanent magnet electric motor

High-voltage battery

100.8 volts

201.6 volts

Maximum power



Maximum torque




Continuously variable

Continuously variable

3. Safety features

Here, Toyota Prius has won the war between Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius. No doubt, both the hatchback models have ABS with EBD and brake assist, electronic stability, and traction control, child safety seats in all three second-row positions, and front, side, and curtain airbags. But, the Toyota Prius is also equipped with driver’s knee airbags, which increases the count of this safety feature to seven.

Explore Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius
Honda Insight Vs Toyota Prius explained

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The Verdict: Honda Insight Vs Prius

Overall, if you wish for a safe compact car with standard impressive features, the Honda Insight is the best hatchback model for you. Offering partial electric mode, this car will also save few bucks in your pocket when compared with the Toyota Prius.

However, for people who are looking for better fuel efficiency and little extra space and performance, Toyota Prius is the best choice for them.