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What Are Bad MAP Sensor Symptoms and How to Detect

What Are Bad MAP Sensor Symptoms and How to Detect
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Manifold Absolute pressure Sensor, commonly known as MAP, is the part of an engine’s electronic regulatory system. The main purpose of this sensor is to create optimum combustion in the engine. As it has a critical role to play in the engine’s working, therefore it is equally important to follow its maintenance tips. However, sometimes due to the Faulty Manifold Pressure Sensor, the fuel control activity gets disturbed. Thus, it affects the overall performance of the engine. Therefore, in order to detect such issues at an early stage, it is important to consider the bad map sensor symptoms.

Use of MAP in engine

As the name says, Manifold Pressure sensor, which means it, calculates the pressure inside the manifold. In detail, the main work of this sensor is to provide manifold pressure information to the PCM. Next, the Powertrain Control Module uses this data to determine the amount of fuel injection in the cylinders. Moreover, it is also helpful in controlling the ignition timing, which further prevents spark and thus, protects the engine from any damage.

Few bad map sensor symptoms
Find out bad map sensor symptoms!

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Faulty Manifold Pressure Sensor: Detect Bad Map Sensor Symptoms

The symptoms of a failing manifold pressure sensor are similar to the problems of low compression or improper fuel injection. These problems need to be detected beforehand, for avoiding any severe damage to the engine and its performance. So, here are certain defects of a bad MAP, which you can look for,

1. Increased Emission from the Vehicle

When the Manifold Absolute Sensor signals the high load of the engine to the PCM, it increases the release of fuel into the cylinders. Because of which, the economy of the fuel reduces.

Thus, in turn, it causes the emissions of certain chemical components like carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon, which further increases smog in the surrounding atmosphere.

2. Problem with the Emission Test

In order to detect the bad map sensor symptom, it is highly recommended to get the vehicle check consistently through an emission test. If the test depicts the large amount of NO, hydrocarbon production alongside low CO2 and high level of carbon monoxide through tailpipe then, it clearly indicates the issue with the MAP sensors in the system.

Importance of bad map sensor symptoms
All about bad map sensor symptoms

3. Power Deficiency into the Engine

Map sensor is responsible for signaling the manifold pressure to the PCM. However, if the sensor calculates depressed load in the engine then, it automatically affects all the further functioning of the engine.

For more, if PCM record low engine load then, it would surely reduce the fuel injection into the cylinders of the engine. By this, the engine won’t remain powerful enough to give the desired output. No doubt, it will increase the fuel economy but on the other hand, it will increase the temperature of combustion chamber, thus leading to an increase in the Nitrogen Oxide, which is one of the vital constituents of smog.

So finally, after detecting the bad map sensor symptoms, it is wise enough to consult one of the best technicians, who are not only able to diagnose but also repair the sensor.

  1. Ndina says

    I have a corolla altis automatic transmission, engine stalls when put in reverse or drive no one seems to know what could be the problem. Please help.

  2. Raymond says

    It is possible to replace a map sensor with different part number? Thanks

    1. cheyenne Quick says

      The Map sensor has to be the correct one for your car, if you get the wrong one it will not fit/work properly. I recommend buying this part from a auto store, personally myself I have bought parts online and they tend to go bad even though i have just replaced them.

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