Volkswagen Touareg Vs Q5 Audi: The SUV Battle

Since VW and Audi are the two popular hatchbacks of the Volkswagen group, this accounts for the difficulty to select the best between them. However, for the premium features and models, there are two incredible models of these hatchbacks, Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5.

Offering unmatchable performance, wide range of features, and versatile interior, let’s take a look at Touareg Vs q5 comparisons, to find the best one suiting the needs of an individual.

Design of Touareg Vs q5

With Touareg offering more refined and mature appearance than the Q5 model, one can clearly see that inside also, it has more room in the Touareg vehicle.

Turning to the exterior dimensions, Volkswagen Touareg is higher in all the aspects when compared with the Audi Q5; be its length, width, height, or wheelbase. However, in terms of ground clearance, they both offer the equal height from the ground.

To know the exact difference in Touareg Vs q5, you can refer the table below:


Volkswagen Touareg

Audi Q5










Ground Clearance:



Front Track:



Space and Storage of Touareg Vs q5

The Touareg and Q5 no doubt have many same features but when it comes to space, the Touareg is better than the Q5. Providing more space for legroom, the Touareg also leads in cargo space behind the rear seats. In other words, for a comfortable ride and versatile space, it’s better to go for the Volkswagen Touareg.

Cargo Volume

Volkswagen Touareg

Audi Q5

Seat 1



Seat 2



Seat 3



Storage capacity of Touareg Vs q5
All about Touareg Vs Q5. Source: Auto Trader

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Engine and Other Important Details

Considering the performance of the Volkswagen Touareg Vs Audi Q5, it can be deduced that the Touareg’s every trim has V6 engine while the base model of the Q5 has a 4-cylinder engine. However, for the V6 engine, one can explore the higher trims of Audi Q5.

Surprisingly, none of the available Audi Q5 engines, however, spits out horsepower equal to Volkswagen Touareg’s engine. Due to a higher power, the Touareg even has more loading capacity than the Q5’s version. For more, see the table below:


Volkswagen Touareg

Audi Q5


3.6 liter, V6

2.0 liter, V4




Towing Capacity



Touareg Vs q5: Safety Features

Undoubtedly, here also Volkswagen Touareg has won the battle of Touareg Vs q5. With additive safety features like rear side airbags, adaptive headlights, emergency braking preparation, remote anti-theft alarm system, and cornering lights, the car has proved to cause less damage and injury when compared to its SUV family member, Q5.

Choosing between Touareg Vs q5
Safety features of Touareg Vs q5. Cre:

The Verdict: Touareg Vs q5

During car comparison with other luxurious SUV family members, the Touareg car is low-priced and classier from a mainstream brand. On the other hand, the Audi Q5 offers a great range in its class, guarantying to fit the taste of almost every age group.