Remove Stuck Lower Control Arm Bolt: A How To Guide

Those who have cars or are dealing in cars must have an idea about the control arm. It is a bar that has a pivot at both the ends. Control arms are part of the suspension system, which simply manages the motion of the wheel to synchronize with the body of the car. Work along with bushings that reduce the friction and restrain the auto parts from going around. Lower control arm bolt actually bears the pressure of the entire vehicle, which if remains stuck can affect the way your vehicle is moving on the roads.

So, if you know the right way to manage these lower arm bolts and can fix it on your own, chances are a handful of bucks can be saved, which otherwise would have been wasted on the repair work of the lower arm bolts.

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Removing the Stuck Lower Control Arm Bolt – The Process

The entire process to remove stuck lower control arm bolts can be tough, if you don’t have the proper knowledge of how actually it is done. So, let’s see what the actual process says:

Lower Control Arm Bolt removal
Removing the stuck Lower Control Arm Bolt

1. Start by releasing the Ball joint

To begin, it is essential to release the ball joint. Simply take a wrench of 20 mm to 24mm or a socket to loosen down the ball joint after removing the cotter pin. Strike the spindle to shock the taper fit loose. Hold the lower control arm by a hydraulic jack, if the job is happening on live spring suspension shock. Remember to keep all those maintenance tips that you might have learnt from the experts, sometime.

2. Eradicate Sway Bar Link

The connection of the sway bar to the control arm then breaks by eradicating sway bar link. Use wrench or socket to remove the nuts. Grasp the sway bar link and remove it away from the lower control arm mount to avoid any disturbance.

3. Remove the Control Mounting Bolts

Horizontal or vertical- Two lower control arm bolt are present in the vehicle. Using a socket, one can easily loosen and remove the bolts. To remove all those bolts that have nuts on the backside, an additional wrench may be required. Hold the wrench tightly and firmly on the head of the bolt to avoid rounding.

Use a universal joint and socket to remove stuck lower control arm bolts. This will simply make this task much easier to perform. After removing the bolts, the arm becomes loose. So, keeping your hands on it will become much easier.

Overall removal of lower control arm bolt
Learn about lower control arm bolt removal

4. Remove the Lower Control Arm

If the control arm is still in the mounts, just grasp the arm tightly and pull the same in the outward direction. Move it up and down to remove it from the mounts.

So, this is how the lower control arm bolt is removed, just by following a few easy steps. This will surely come handy in case your car breaks down or there happens a case of car emergency. Why not just try your hands on the same and work on those stuck bolts yourself at home. Save time and a few bucks with this process today!