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Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Auction Gradings

Most auctions (and some stock dealers) have a grading system which uses numbers and letters to tell the buyer what condition the vehicle is in. Often on inspection sheets, this includes an overall, interior, and sometimes, exterior ratings. This system is a useful way to categorize in general the quality of the vehicle while quickly searching car listings.

Overall Grade:

In most cases, you will see either numbers or a letter or two:

  • 6 or above – New and never been driven.
  • 5 – Near new. Everything is in top condition.
  • 4.5 – Excellent condition. May have some minor issues (small scratches/dents).
  • 4 – Good condition. Normal wear and tear at max.
  • 3.5 – Average condition. All areas are at an acceptable standard.
  • 3 – Various scratches or dents. Some paint missing.
  • 2 – In bad condition
  • 1 – Very bad condition OR has been modified and in good condition.
  • 0, A, A1-A5 – Involved in Accident. If there is a number, higher is worse.
  • RA or R – Had accident and repaired.
  • R1 – Repaired modified car. For example, adding after-market parts for performance or appeal.
  • B or C – Had large accident and repaired.
  • *** – Good for parts only.

Other Special Overall Grades:

  • S – Perfectly new.
  • T – Special Purpose vehicle.

Interior Grade:

Most auctions will also provide you will a grading of the interior’s condition.

  • A – Good condition
  • B – Normal wear condition
  • C – Needs cleaning/repair
  • D – Needs much cleaning/repair

The Car Diagram:

All inspection sheets have a diagram of the car’s body. There will be a lot of different marks inspectors will place over this diagram to describe what they see. The following is the most common marking scheme:

  • A – Scratch mark
    • A1 – About a thumb’s width
    • A2 – About a palm’s width
    • A3 – Larger than A2
  • B – Section that needs repair work
  • C – Corrosion exists
  • M – Repaired mark
  • W – Repaired wave. Very common to see 1-2 on older cars.
  • R – Rust exists
  • P – Repainting needed
  • X – Body panel needs replacing
  • XX or XXX – Panel is replaced
  • – A line is generally to show where a scratch is.
  • U – Dent
    • U1 – Thumb’s width
    • U2 – Palm’s width
    • U3 – Larger than U2


Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Japan has one of the most developed USED CAR AUCTION system in the world. There are literally 100+ auto auctions in Japan. Auctions are used as a major source to find cars to export; by the exporters.

Japanese Auto Auctions List For Car Owners

In order for drivers and car traders to provide and obtain vehicles, the list of car auctions is essential. The following are major Auto Auctions in Japan:

AAA (Asnet Auto Auctions)

Link: asnet.autoserver.co.jp


AAAi (Arai Auto Auction International)

Description: Same as ARAI.
Locations: Bayside, Fukuoka, Oyama, Sendai
Note: There are 2 auctions in Oyama: one for cars on Thursday and one for vans/trucks on Saturday.
Link: www.araiaa.jp
Other: AAAi Inspection Sheet


ARAI (Arai Auto Auction Group)

Description: Same as AAAi.
Locations: Bayside (Kanagawa), Fukuoka, Oyama, Sendai
Link: www.araiaa.jp
Other: ARAI Inspection Sheet



Description: “Leading On-Line Construction Equipment Exchange”.
Link: www.assetline.com



Description: Only through satellite auctioning instead of using physical auction sites.
Auction times: Saturaday, Sunday, Monday
Link: www.aucnet.co.jp
Other: AUCNET Inspection Sheet

Bay Auc

Bay Auc

Locations: Osaka
Link: www.bay-auc.com
Other: Bay Auc Inspection Sheet


BCN (BCN Auto Auction)

Description: Auctions about 3,000 vehicles a week. Also has many network locations with +10,000 vehicles in stock.
Locations: Saitama (Fukaya) – auction site
Link: www.bcnaa.jp (auction); www.bcn-chubu.jp (network of other services)
Other: BCN Inspection Sheet


CAA (Chubu Auto Auctions)

Locations: Nagoya (Toyota City), Tokyo
Link: www.caanet.jp
Other: CAA Inspection Sheet


GAO! (Global Auction Online)

Description: Owned by Gulliver Inc. Each week there are about 6,000 vehicles auctioned a week. Also sells fixed-price.
Auction time: Mondays: 10am to 7pm
Locations: Nagoya, Tokyo, internet
Link: www.gao.tv
Other: GAO! Inspection Sheet


GNN (Global Nexus Network Auto Auction)

Description: Started in 2005. Auction held on Mondays.
Locations: Osaka
Link: www.gnn-aa.jp
Other: GNN Inspection Sheet

HAA (Hanaten 8710)

HAA (8710 Hanaten Auto Auctions)

Location: Osaka
Link: www.8710.ne.jp

HAA (Honda)

HAA (Honda Auto Auctions)

Locations: Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Kansai, Nagoya, Sendai, Tokyo
Link: www.honda-uc.com/auction/

HAA Hyogo

HAA (Hyogo Auto Auctions)

Locations: Kobe
Link: www.haakobe.com
Other: HAA Kobe Inspection Sheet

HERO (Hiro)

HERO (HERO Members Auto Auction) – also called Hiro

Description: Auctions held on each Wednesday via internet. (Physical location is Saitama)
Location: internet
Link: hero.livelink.ne.jp
Other: HERO/HIRO Inspection Sheet


IAA (Iwate Auto Auction)

Description: Every Saturday
Locations: Iwate
Link: n/a


IMA W/-E/-K (ISUZU Motor Auction West/ East/ Kyushu)

Location: Kobe, Kyushu, Makuhari

JAA Group

JAA (Japan Auto Auction)

Description: One of the oldest auto auctions in Japan.
Locations: Tokyo, Tsukuba
Link: www.jaa.co.jp
Other: JAA Tokyo Inspection Sheet, JAA Tsukuba Inspection Sheet



Description: Online auction search system connecting multiple auction sites for used heavy-equipment (construction and industrial). Auctions 24/7 every day.
Link: www.jencorp.net

JU Group

JU (Japanese Used Auto Auction Group)

Notes: JU auctions have higher resolution level images at 640*480 compared to the 300*225 average.
Locations: Aichi, Akita, Aomori, Asahikawa, Chiba, Ehime, Fukui, Fukuoka, Fukushima , Gifu, Gunma, Hakodate, Hiroshima, Hyogo, Ibaraki, Ishikawa, Iwate, Kagawa, Kagoshima, Kanagawa, Kitami, Kochi, Kumamoto, Kushiro, Kyoto, Mie, Miyagi, Miyazaki, Muroran, Nagano, Nagasaki, Nara, Niigata, Obihiro, Oit, Okayama, Okinawa, Osaka, Saga, Saitama, Sapporo, Shiga, Shimane, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokushima, Tokyo, Tottori, Toyama, Wakayama, Yamagata, Yamaguchi, Yamanashi.
For more info: visit HERE which has map on the bottom.
Link: www.juaanet.jp ; Useful link: Translated JU Group Link Page
Other: JU Tokyo Inspection Sheet


KCAA (Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction)

Auction Days: Wednesday (Ebino), Thursday (Fukuoka), Friday (Yamaguchi)
Locations: Ebino, Fukuoka, Yamaguchi
Link: www.kcaa.co.jp


LAA (Light Auto Auction)

Locations: Kansai, Okayama, Shikoku
Link: www.laa-group.jp

MAA (Mitsubishi Auto Auctions)

Location: Nagoya, Osaka (Takatsuki, Tokyo (Kawasaki)


NAA (Nissan Auto Auction)

Description: Open Saturdays and Thursdays.
Locations: Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo
Link: www.naa-net.ne.jp


NDAA (Nagano Dealers Auto Auction)

Description: Auction for local dealers. Once a month on Fridays
Locations: Nagano, Shiojiri
Link: www.kmsp.co.jp

NEP Auction

NEP Auction (Niigata East Port Auction)

Description: Specializes in Heavy Equipment.
Location: Niigata
Link: www.nep-auction.jp


NTAA (Nissan Tender Auto Auction)

Description: NTAA is quite familiar with NAA (Nissan Auto Auction), but the Tender auctions.
Link: www.naa-net.ne.jp


OMAA (Osaka Mazda Auto Auction)

Location: Osaka
Link: www.osaka-mazda.com


ONAA (Osaka Nissan Auto Auction)

Description: Every Monday.
Location: Osaka
Link: www.onaa.jp


ORIX Rental Service Auction

Description: Tuesday: Kobe, Wednesday: Atsugi, Thursday: Nagoya
Locations: Kobe, Atsugi, Nagoya, Fukuoka
Link: www.orix.co.jp


RAA (now USS Ryustsu Auto Auction)

Description: In 2005, USS acquired RAA and renamed USS Ryutsu Auto Auction.
Location: Koshigaya
Link: www.uss-ryutsu.com

SAA (Suzuki)

SAA (Suzuki Auto Auction)

Description: Mondays
Locations: Hamamatsu, Kanto
Link: www.suzuki-saa.co.jp

SAA (Sapporo)

SAA (Sapporo Auto Auctions)

Description: Tuesdays
Locations: Sapporo
Link: saa.xbid.ne.jp


SMAP (Space Move Auction Park)

Locations: Fujisawa, Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagoya
Link: www.spacemove.co.jp


SUAA (Subaru UI Auto Auction)

Description: Held on Saturdays
Locations: Kanagawa (The meeting place is Tokyo meeting place of NAA)
Link: www.subaru-ui.jp


TAA (Toyota Auto Auction)

Description: Auctions for Toyota dealers to sell off trade-in cars they receive.
Notes: TAA has higher quality images, 640*480 compared to 300*225.
Locations: Chubu, Fukushima, Hiroshima, Kanto, Kinki, Kyushyu, Kyushyu South (Kagoshima), Okinawa, Yokohama
Link: taaweb.jp, TAA Web (Japanese)


TOZAI (Tozai Boeki Co.)

Description: Specializes in Construction Equipment.
Location: Kobe
Link: www.tozaiboeki.co.jp


TUS (Toshin Motorcycle Auction)

Description: Auction motorcycles and vehicles. Tuesdays
Locations: Tokyo
Link: www.toshing.co.jp


USS (Used-car System Solutions)

Description: Largest used-car auctioneer with over 30% market share. Through its ‘USS Globe Network’, all 19 auction sites (including 2 USS-R sites) and an additional 14 affiliate auction sites are connected through satellite.
Locations: Fujioka, Fukkuoka, Gunma, Hokuriku, Kobe, Kyushu, Nagoya, Niigata, Okayama, Osaka, Ryustsu, Sapporo, Shizuoka, Tohoku, Tokyo, West Tokyo, Yokohama.
Link: www.ussnet.co.jp



Description: Auction dedicated to reusable (older-model, high-mileage) cars.
Locations: USS-R Tokyo, USS-R Nagoya
Link: www.ussnet.co.jp

White Wing

White Wing

Description: Every Friday
Locations: Hokkaido
Link: n/a



Description: Tuesdays for Tokyo, Thursdays for Osaka
Locations: Osaka, Tokyo
Link: www.zipco.co.jp

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How to understand Japanese user car AA Sheet

Auction inspection sheets are the primary way to provide prospect buyers an idea of the car’s condition. Without them, you would have a hard time knowing any vehicle’s condition until you have your bidding agent inspect it on the morning of the auction. While inspections sheets are not always accurate, they help ease the searching process.


These inspection sheets have “Inspector’s Notes” which are written in Japanese that can provide you a wealth of knowledge of the condition of the car. Try to have such notes, and possibly all information, translated.

Each auction house can have a different inspection sheet form. Differences are usually in the variations of formating and symbol usage, but there is also sometimes variation of what information is available.

Additionally, some auto auctions do not use inspection sheets – e.g. NAA (Nyussatus Auto Auction). You will find that an agent with good experience at inspecting vehicles is a must when using this kind of auto auction. This is often the case when cars are sold as-is.

Please Note:

Year of Manufacture: Japanese use the Western Calendar (WC).
Conversion to the International Calendar (IC) is as follows: WC – 12 + 2000 = IC. Therefore, Western Calendar Year 18 means International Calendar 2006.
Odometer Reading: Odometer reading is 99% genuine. When the auction inspectors suspect that the odometer has been modified, they mark with an ” * “on the auction sheet.
We can also provide odometer inspections by private companies such as Jevic (www.jevic.co.jp) at the buyer’s expense.
Exterior Grade: Grade S New car but registered
  Grade 5+ Like new condition
  Grade 4.5 Immaculate condition
  Grade 4 Very good condition – minor dents or scratches
  Grade 3.5 Good condition with noticeable dents or scratches
  Grade 3 Fair condition – repair needed
  R / A / 0 / RA Accident-ed & Repaired
  The most acceptable grades by most importers are Grade 3.5, 4 & 4.5. Body damages can be fixed either by us (at an additional cost) or by the importer.
Body Condition: A Scratch
  U Dent
  B Dent with other defects,deep scratch
  W Repaired trace
  S Rust
  C Corrosion
  P Paint required
  XX Replaced
  X Replacement required
  G Window screen Stone chip and /or scratch
  1 – 4 E.g. U1 – This is a small dent (barely visible)
E.g. U4 – Very big dent – needs repair


See Japanese User car stocks (ready to export) here

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