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How to Buy? (Major Steps)

Please follow the major steps mentioned below to complete a successful purchase at Car From Japan. 1) Find a product that you like, send inquiry and get an Invoice for that product, from Car From Japan 2) Make the payment as per the invoice…

How does Car From Japan confirm product shipment?

Car From Japan checks the BL (Bill of Lading) content to confirm, if your purchased product has been shipped to you or not. BL is a document issued by the shipping company, where the shipping company certifies the shipment, final…

How do I handle the import in my country?

Car From Japan will make sure that the purchased product is shipped to your final port. The shipper in charge, will send you all standard documents required to release the product from your port including BL. After the product reaches your…


Bill of Lading is a document issued by the shipping company which certifies that the product has been shipped out and mentions product description & recipient.