Useful Driving Tips for a Short Person

Driving is full of challenges especially when your height is shorter. Difficulty in deriving puts the safety of the passengers and your own self on the stake. For that reason, here are some useful driving tips for a short person that will help you to drive your car in the best way.

So, let’s get to know about it right now!

Pro Driving Tips for a Short Person

Knowing what’s going wrong while driving is helpful to avoid any hazardous situation. So, explore the pro tips that will allow you to handle your driving even if your height is shorter than normal.

1. Sit High with Cushion

It doesn’t matter how shorter your height is, putting a cushion on the driving seat will help you have the better view ahead. But, be careful while following this driving tips for a short person. Choose only a correct cushion as the wrong material or size cushion is prone to slip away and you might end up with injuries in the emergency. Buying the wedged cushion is always the perfect thing to do. Ensure that the cushion doesn’t slip away with the movements and you get the perfect vision as well. So, buy the comfortable and best fitting cushion for a safe driving.

Explore driving tips for a shorter person
Short people must Sit High with Cushion in the car. Source: Auto by Mars

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2. Pedal Extenders

Being shorter avert you to reach the narrow places like brakes. If you are not capable of reaching the brakes properly, don’t hesitate to invest in pedal extenders. It’s cheap yet helpful for your driving. However, the size of the pedal extender may vary from one car model to another. But, always go for the one about which you are completely sure. It won’t just improve the visibility but also provide a better control over the car. This way you will be able to handle any situation easily with the help of the right driving tips and pedal extenders. So, don’t hesitate to buy a perfect pedal extender now!

3. Find your Blind Area

It’s vital to find your blind spot as you will get the exact estimation from where you will lose the visibility of objects. In order to discover your blind spot all you have to do is just tell your friend to walk around your car. Watch them walking away until the portion below knees becomes difficult to see. Tell them to mark the spot.

All about driving tips for a shorter person
Shorter person must Find their Blind Area while driving. Source: CarTrade

Repeat this for each spot. This is how you know your visibility imitations. The visual limits help you to choose other stuff for your cars such as pedal extender. So, get the exact parameter of your blind spot.

Watch the video below to see more helpful features for Tall and Short drivers:

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The Verdict

Don’t let your height stop you from enjoying a ride downtown. By following these tips you will be able to drive not just a car but bigger vehicles like a truck. So, this is how you can drive efficiently with these useful driving tips for a short person.

Good luck with your driving!