Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV Comparison

Although, the Honda CR-V comes on top when it comes to compact SUV vehicles, and has lasted five generations. However, in a bid to take over the trophy from Honda, automobile makers have manufactured the stylish Kia Sportage. Let us now see who the victor is in this battle of Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV regarding features and appearance.

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The Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV: Who Comes Out On The Top?

On the one hand, the Honda CR-V is the original compact SUV and has reined the market since its launch back in 1995, making it the longest survivor in the race of SUV’s worth having. However, everything changed after the introduction of more than 20 mid-sized SUVs within an affordable price range.

On the other hand, the Kia Sportage is a well-priced contender to the Honda CRV. It compares to the likes of Mazda CX-5, Toyota’s RAV4, and Hyundai’s Tucson.

1. What Lies Under The Hood?

Regarding having an effective engine under its shiny hood, both Kia Sportage and Honda CRV offer different features. Let us find out that in this Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV, who stands out.

The Honda CRV has a single engine with a 1.5 four-cylinder capacity, which creates 140kW/24Nm. It does not come with a diesel engine or a manual gearbox. The engine transmission, also known as CVT is the best in the class of SUV vehicles.

On the other hand, the Kia Sportage has three different engine specifications. The base 2-litre MPI petrol engine in the Si and SLi has been retained. The engine offers 114kW at 6200rpm and 192Nm at 4000rpm, which is supported by a six-speed automatic driving the front wheels. The second engine, a rail direct injection 2-liter turbo diesel produces 136kW at 4000rpm, and 400Nm at 1750rpm. There is no manual transmission available, and one can stay free from any engine performance issues.

All about Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV
Battle of Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV (Photo Source: car)

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2. What About Fuel Consumption?

The Honda CRV is a fuel-efficient car. The car consumes 91RON at 7.0/100km, and then steps up a notch to 7.3L/100km, and finally to 7.4L/100km.

However, the fuel economy figure has come out to be 7.9 litres per 100km, but Kia comes at 10.L/100km over 100km in the 2-litre petrol engine. Even in a diesel test, the car runs smoothly on the mileage of 7.2L/100km over 150 km. The 2-litre engine offers a return fuel economy of 8.5L/100km. Moreover, the Kia models come with a fuel tank capacity of 62 litres.

3. How Safe Both The Cars Are?

The Honda CRV does not come fitted with Takata airbags, which are the current airbags installed in a majority of vehicles. It does not come equipped with an ANCAP rating, and the previous models did not get a five-star rating in safety. Only the advanced models including the VTi-LX comes with AEB, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assisting features.

On the other hand, the base spec Si, Si Premium, and SLi have been provided with crucial electronic safety features including AEB, collision warning, and lane assist, which works well with the steering to keep the car in the lane. The Sportage Platinum GT-Line model comes with blind spot detection, lane change assistance, cross-traffic alert, and automatic parking. Every model of Kia Sportage comes with six airbags including curtain airbags, front and back parking sensors, and a reversing camera.

Feature Difference of Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV
Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV car (Photo Source: drive2)

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Summing Up

Thus, in the competition of Kia Sportage Vs Honda CRV, each of the models have their share of pros and cons including engine performance, safety features, and fuel consumption.