A Completed 2008 Honda CRV Review That You Should Know

Honda CRV is a compact crossover model car manufactured by Honda in the 1990s. Originally released in North America in 1997. The Honda CR-V is a blend of Honda’s Civic platform with SUV body design. And for the third generation of CRV (2007 – 2011), the Honda CRV 2008 was the car that worth mentioning till now. And this article will show you the specific 2008 Honda CRV Review below with any kind of details that we all want to know about this car.

Overall 2008 Honda CRV Review

With this third-generation Honda CRV 2008, the car was officially launched in the US since 2008. The model for this 2008 has some distinct differences, such as the lifted one-door opening from the rear. Also the spare tire is not attached to the back door as previous generation vehicles.

2008 Honda CRV review
A Completely 2008 Honda CRV review. Source: Honda

Redesigned at the end of 2007, the Honda CRV 2008 was rated highly by the driver with new safety experience. Accompanied with new features, new developments in many aspects, Honda CRV 2008 has become a strong point and attracted a lot of praise from the car community. It is also on the list of affordable SUVs that year.

For the 2008 Honda CRV Review, we will take a look about dimensions: length/wide/high (m): 4,519/1,819/1,679 and a wheelbase of 2,619 m. So, compared to rivals Toyota Rav4, Honda CRV has a length less than 0,08m, but with two rows of seats, the CRV is still comfortable for all five seats, even when the front row is all pulled back behind. However, the rear storage area is not really spacious. If you are interested about this 2008 Honda CRV Review, let’s take a deep look in our Honda 2008 CRV for sale to clearly known about this car and your own decision. 

Honda CRV 2008 Exterior

For the first part of 2008 Honda CRV Review, we will talk about the exterior review for this car, which probably be the first thing you look at the car when you consider about it.

2008 Honda CRV review
The exterior of 2008 Honda CRV review. Source: Honda

In the first place, on the outside of the car, the Honda CRV 2008 feels like a human with bold body. The front of the car is full-faced with thick and rounded bumper.

A pair of ‘waterfall’ headlights pouring down the grille with an H-shaped chrome logo and an air intakes with a honeycomb grid shape. Plus, the cap capo claw down, the head is slightly clumped. The half section below was well-prepared with bumper, the toughness of the car was shown by Honda with darker colors and the flanks are similar to the undercarriage protection of some terrain vehicles. Looking at the whole scene, the Honda CRV 2008 front part is less detailed and has no many special accents. However, the details fit neatly.

2008 Honda CRV review
2008 Honda CRV car side. Source: Honda

In the second place, look at the side of the car, the curved line like an arch strained from the front door to the back door of the boot lid made the CRV’s hood look rounded. Although the rear of the convertible was “set” in shape, the CRV’s C-shaped design is the most controversial. For those who like the rigidity of the straight lines from previous generations, they said the third generation of CRV design is too weak and unsympathetic. In contrast, for these car enthusiasts criticized this line that: It is a reasonable mix of curves and angles, soften the tail of this crossover model.

The back of 2008 Honda CRV review
The back of 2008 Honda CRV review. Source: Honda

For the last place, the back of the car is an easy place to spot the simplicity, even it stereotyped the old design. Faithful to the type of backlight placed along the C-pillar of the previous generation, but more carriage in details of the back. The back is still the shape of the surface with the two-piece decoration top – bottom as the front bumper. Similarly, the large H-shaped chrome logo on the rear of the CRV is no different than the car head.

Honda CRV 2008 Interior

After we discussed about the exterior of the car, we will move to inside, which is one of the most important part of our 2008 Honda CRV Review list.

To begin with the Honda CRV 2008 interior, Honda CR-V introduced 3 versions: LX, EX, EX-L in order of increasing convenience. Between the two models (2007-2008), although within in the same third generation, the Honda CRV 2008 model is equipped with some extra features for the EX-L version, including: 8-way electric steering control seats, automatic climate, premium sound system. Other versions remain.

The interior of 2008 Honda CRV review
The interior of 2008 Honda CRV review. Source: Honda

Spacious is a noticeable features when we entering the cabin of the Honda CRV 2008. The chair has a thick mattress and soft leather cover.

2008 Honda CRV Review
Spacious is an advantage in 2008 Honda CRV. Source: Honda

The main details that people often touch like steering wheel, gear, door, handle … are also care of leather material. The gearbox layout, function keys and accessories are quite simple and easy to operate.

Next, the gearbox is mounted just right under the center console, creating a gap between the front seats. This gap space can comfortably place the device as large as a laptop when it needs to charge the battery through the 12V port right next to it.

Armrest for the driver, the passenger side is placed on the seat can easy to be folded.

2008 Honda CRV Review
2008 Honda CRV seats. Source: Honda

The two-compartment bucket with moderate capacity comes with a rack for cups placed low in the middle of the front row.

Due to the design of the rear doors and high ceiling, the entrance of the rear passenger seat is quite comfortable. If you just sit two people, gently lean the seat back, you will see in the middle seat will have a hanging arm with two racks for cups. When necessary, with a total width of 1.82 m, the back seats also accommodate for three adults.

Though the Honda CRV 2008 followed the shape of the crossover but it carries a total length of 4.56m, so the CRV’s luggage compartment is quite spacious. In addition to the two-compartment layout and back doors open up, users can easily rearrange their belongings and have wide spaces for large suitcases.

However, the two-compartment arrangement did not allow the CRV to open the rear chassis in two-part models such as the Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson … or shell-like Renault Koleos.

Finally, beside the standard equipment, Honda has also introduced a number of advanced options for Honda CRV 2008, notably the navigation system with multi-touch screen features and the back camera.



So we are all had a look on both inside and outside of the Honda CRV 2008. Now we move to the next part of 2008 Honda CRV Review list, the operation.

1. Facilities & Safety Features

Moderately useful, which is the facilities that Honda equipped on the Honda CRV 2008. A car model priority for the driver, of course, the accompanying equipment is directed to serve the car driver safety, steady driving feeling and more convenient.

The first is the 8-way electrically mentioned above adjustable driver seat with back-leaning inflation system, which makes it easy for the driver to use while driving. Steering wheel integrated sound control, large LCD display information is more a device to further support the driver.

2008 Honda CRV review
2008 Honda CRV with Steering wheel integrated sound control. Source: Honda

In addition, the fast-cooled automatic climate control system, sound system, and loudspeaker for medium quality are also relatively acceptable recreational and leisure facilities.

On the Honda CRV 2008, the handbrake is moved down to the pedal in the left foot position. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of interior space, it also makes the brakes easier to handle. Just lightly pedaling can hold or release the brakes quickly.

In addition to conventional safety features such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), on the CRV, the VSA body stabilizer has become a plus when compared to Models in the same segment are present in markets. While the RAV4’s longtime rival for Toyota is less popular, the Nissan X-Trail is also unfamiliar. Honda has made the CRV a high-end option for safety because of competing models such as Hyundai Tucson, Ford Escape, Kia Sportage or Reault Koleos … not equipped with this safety support system.

Plus, the detail that has been appeared on many entered cars but “rare” with cars is the automatic door lock. When the speed reaches about 20 km/h, the lock automatically activates. For some single customers may not care about this small function. But to anyone who has a family, the “trumpet” noise that signaling the door closed has created a special sense of peace of mind.

The Honda CRV 2008 is equipped with four airbags in the front row, including two side airbags with OPDS technology. This system will determine the weight and position of the occupants from which they determine the activity of the airbag, in order to limit the damage to passengers. According to Honda, the CRV is also equipped with a high-strength chassis and head restraints to reduce neck shocks when there is a collision from the rear.

2. Engine

While talking about the 2008 Honda CRV Review, engine is the thing that we should be consider about what has been done in the US and around the world, the CRV’s performance has been enhanced by the driver. The engine has the K24Z code with four 2.4-liter cylinders offering a maximum output of 125 kW (168 hp) at a rotational speed of 5,800 rpm, the maximum torque of 161 lb/ft at 4,200 rpm. Combined with 5-speed automatic transmission, CRV proved by the ability to accelerate very well and definitely. This is also an advantage when compared to other models in the same segment

2008 Honda CRV engine
2008 Honda CRV engine. Source: Honda

3. Driving comfort

While talking about Honda CRV 2008 review, the CRV’s suspension system is quite hard. Along with the G-CON steel frame, the 1.55 ton self-propelled vehicle does not feel smooth when passing through decks, abutments or potholes. Plus the steering wheel is quite heavy, slow pay-drive so people who have less chance to drive CRV will feel hard to handle, reduced confidence when driving. However, for the familiar driver with this car, the weight of the steering wheel and the hard of the suspension system is the advantage of compacting when running high speed or the bad arc.

A downside that affect to the feeling of seating behind the wheel of the CRV is the blind corner of the A-pillars. This requires the driver to look more closely despite the high seat position and airy. Caused by the large A-cylinder design, which obscures the view of the driver when the object or vehicle enters that perspective. This downside would probably effusive when you drive in heavy rain or driving at night.

Driving comfort of 2008 Honda CRV
Driving comfort of 2008 Honda CRV. Source: Honda

When driving the Honda CRV 2008 in the city, the engine responds quite well. At speeds of less than 50km/h, the CR-V is fully-featured and easy to navigate. Out to the area allowing for higher speeds, accelerating the accelerator pedal, speed up quickly. At 60 km/h, the noise from the tires on the road surface began to rise. At the maximum speed of 80 km/h, not only the echo from the roar, the whistling of the wind through the loophole from the wheel, rearview mirror … has fallen into the cockpit more. Although at this speed, CRV still feel stable after steering wheel but this noise has become defective, less competition in the segment.

4. Fuel consumption

For the amount of fuel consumed, CRV is highly appreciated by users. Compared with the 7.8 liter/100km that the manufacturer announced, the actual use is about 20% higher (average 9-10 liters/100km). This figure surprised many with a 2.4 liter engine.


About Honda CRV 2008 specs, let’s follow this table below for more details:

Specifications table

Body type 5-seat SUV
Number of seats 5
Number of windows 5
Length / Width / Height (m) 4,519 / 1,819 / 1,679
Base length (m) 2,619
Height (m) 1,85
Net weight (kg) 1,537-1,628
Engine 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC
Maximum power (horsepower) 166 @ 5800 rpm
Maximum torque (lb / ft) 161 @ 4,200 rpm
Length / Width / Height (m) 4,519 / 1,819 / 1,679
Maximum speed 220 km/h
Acceleration time 0-100km 10.50
Fuel consumption 9-10l/100 km


1. Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Energy saving Small storage compartment
The steering wheel is light, precise Suspension system (shown clearly when operating in difficult terrain)
Sound door and roar well No third-row seat for optional pick
Ability to move fast, with good pulling and flexibility No V6 and the 04 cylinders lack of energy
Spacious and much storage capabilities No manual transaction

2. Price

For those who are curious about the price for Honda CRV, as soon as the public debut in the US in 2008, the cost of honda CRV 2008 was $52,000, a high price for the car users at that time. For this reason, the process of selling this car in countries around the world is not too high. But in terms of common ground, with new strengths and breakthroughs of this new design of the third generation of the 2008 Honda CRV remains one of the best-selling SUVs.

So far, the Honda CRV 2008 is still pretty much sought after. Not just any market, this car is still one of the most prestigious cars, and creates great sympathy for buyers. The FOB price for this car is currently between $1300 – $1400.

Honda CRV 2008 price
Honda CRV 2008 price. Source: Honda

After the 2008 Honda CRV Review, customers choosing CR-V will have to weigh between features, equipment and customer care. And certainly, Honda has thoroughly researched these points before turning the CRV into a premium SUV in the car market at this time.