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The Best Car Shipping Company in the USA

If you are moving from one state to another within the United States or borrowing a car from your friend who lives quite far away, choosing the best car shipping company will help you ship the vehicle securely and timely. We’ve compiled a list of trusted American car shipping companies for your convenience.

A List of USA’s Best Car Shipping Company Names

These are some top companies for shipping your car from one place to another in the U.S. Let’s see what services they provide:

1. uShip

uShip is a popular shipping marketplace that enlists top-class auto transport service providers. It ships any car model across the USA unless the vehicle is illegal. The website has a simple interface from which you can find shippers of your choice without much trouble. Shipping quotes, average pricing, individual service rating of the shippers — all information is readily available there. You can also get details about shippers who do both open and enclosed transport of cars.

Besides cars, uShip offers shipping facilities for motorcycles, RV, trucks, farming and construction equipment, sailboats, powerboats, and more.

car shipping companies USA
Some companies transport machines and tools too. (Source: BargningsNiklas / PixaBay)

The only problem is this website works as a marketplace. So, you need to contact the shippers for any trouble before, during, or after the shipment.


  • Easy-to-navigate website interface
  • Search for and choose shippers of your choice
  • Sips various types of vehicles and instruments


  • Does not take responsibility for any shipment trouble

2. Sherpa

Sherpa Auto Transport is an excellent example of a car shipping company with generous pricing policy. The company specializes in transporting multi-car shipments, including both old and new cars. Besides shipping vintage cars, trucks, and SUVs, it extends its service for inoperable autos too.

The website is pretty informative but there is no clear information about the insurance options. For every quote, you will get a Price Lock Promise, which means you don’t need to pay any extra charge except for the quoted price.

Door-to-door car shipping is the most popular transport mode of Sherpa. It offers the highest level of convenience to the shippers. The company also guarantees clean car delivery by washing every car.


  • Ships old and inoperable vehicles
  • Washes every car before delivery
  • Guarantees price lock
  • Door-to-door car shipping service


  • No information about insurance in the advertisements


3. Montway

It is one of the biggest auto shipping companies in the USA. Whether you are a student or a vintage car enthusiast, you can choose this company for its reputation and nationwide service. You can trust it with classic and exotic cars.

Montway offers an option to you to call directly for scheduling a guaranteed car pickup date. There is also an option for fast-forwarded pickup. You can ask for the service of picking your car within 24 or 48 hours order placement.

Multiple payment options are another plus point. You can pay using cash or online payment methods, or you can use both options and pay in installments.

One problem with the website is it sometimes displays incorrect and outdated information. You need to confirm the authenticity by contacting them personally.


  • Scheduled a car pickup date
  • An option for fast-forwarded pickup
  • Multiple payment options
  • Great for shipping classic and exotic cars


  • The website may display outdated information

4. American Freight

Just like uShip, American Freight is another company that helps you find the best car shipping company. It gives you 48 hours after delivery to report any damage, and you will get compensation for any damage that the carrier does not cover. You will also get refunds for canceling booking within the designated period.

best car shipping company
Always check the company rules before making an agreement. (Source: WallpaperFlare)

The company’s coverage is unbelievable as it offers shipping services in all 50 states. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than other similar service providers, but the excellent customer support and range of services are almost unmatched.
Despite being expensive, you may still afford American Freight’s services as it offers various discounts and price matching. You will get sure discounts for being a student, army member, senior citizen, or a returned customer.

However, the company does not provide any GPS tracking for your shipment. Also, you won’t get an instant online quote, which many potential customers may find frustrating.


  • Offers plenty of discounts
  • Refunds for booking cancellation and damage


  • Provides no GPS tracking option
  • No immediate online quotes


If you need to move your car, you must choose the best car shipping company for this job. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting your car damaged or lost during the shipment and not getting compensated for that. With the help of this guide, you can select the shipping company that fulfills your requirements. Always choose the one that has good customer support and clear-cut policies about its services.

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