2010 Honda Insight – The Most Worth Buying Hybrid Car

At the central point of Honda brand in the years 2009 – 2010, Honda Insight owns a beautiful design, youthful hybrid technology and a perfect fuel economy. Let’s take a look with us about a fully 2010 Honda Insight Review below.

Launched in 1999, the first generation of Honda Insight has a three-door design in MPV multipurpose. In 2006, Honda stopped producing Insight to study the new generation to improve technology, focusing on design to better compete in the market. By the end of 2008, the second generation debuted with success in Japan, becoming the best selling car here in April. And so on, the 2010 Honda Insight was in their best at released days. Let’s move through this 2010 Honda Insight Review with us!

About 2010 Honda Insight Review

1. Overview

It’s time for economy, and for fun. To not just count miles, but also make the miles count. It’s time for a hybrid designed and priced for all of us.



The Honda Insight is a hybrid car developed by the Japanese manufacturer. Within the classification of hybrids, the Insight is defined as a full parallel hybrid, since it uses the parallel system, instead of the combined system or the serial one. At all times, the vehicle looks for the most efficient combination of gasoline and electric engines, using only the electric one whenever possible.

Yasunari Seki, a Honda 2010 Insight Chief Engineer explains: “This is a cross-sectional image we have created for Honda Insight from the design process to the promotion of our target. This image represents a product that is both sophisticated and flexible, which promises a powerful performance.” For more specific, if you are interested in this car type, let’s take a look in this used 2010 Honda Insight for sale with perfect quality.

2010 Honda Insight Review
Overall look with 2010 Honda Insight Review (Photo Source: carwallpapers)

He added that the elegant car has a V-shaped design with the rear of the car is designed aerodynamically to create a tremendous speed.

“We have equipped the entire 2010 Honda Insight line with the new standard ventilation system and surprisingly say that the wind has helped us design this model. However, that’s does not mean that we will replace all of the details of the old version that was introduced 10 years ago as the first hybrid in North America. We want to stay in touch with the old model, while designing the new Insight to be truly unique and personal.”

2. EX and LX Versions

In this 2010 Honda Insight Review, we will show versions that Insight launches, with three divers versions, but the most typical are two models: 2010 Honda Insight EX and 2010 Honda Insight LX. These two cars have approached and attracted the attention of consumers quickly.

2010 Honda Insight LX

  • Firstly, 2010 Honda Insight LX: Launched at starting price of $19,800. Fully equipped with automatic climate control, windows and external mirrors are supported, central locking. Four-speaker system – 150 watts, able to control the volume with sharp sensitivity along with speed. Multi-information display with data types included. In addition, Honda also honored the Insight LX as a fuel-efficient vehicle in the current hybrid lineup.
2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight LX (Photo Source: groovecar)

2010 Honda Insight EX

  • Secondly, 2010 Honda Insight EX: Starting price of $21,300 is attached with cruise control and paddle shifters. The central console is installed in the front with handrails and storage tanks quite spacious. Furthermore, the EX series is attached to the navigation system with a 6.5-inch display with voice recognition, Bluetooth guidance and settings.
2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight EX  (Photo Source: topcarsmodel)

Feature table

So, beside the general information about this two types LX and EX of 2010 Honda Insight Review, we will provide to you a specific table about all of the new features of these two types. With this table, you will have an overall knowledge to imagine the technology and new inventions in each model.

First table will describe all the features of 2010 Honda Insight LX, take a look!

Eco Assist Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
1.3-liter i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine with Integrated Motor Assist IMA Multi-information Display (MID)
Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle5 (AT-PZEV)  Automatic climate control
15-inch wheels with full covers and 06 airbags  Power windows, door locks and side mirrors
Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure Tilt and telescopic steering column
Driver’s and front passenger’s active head restraints 60/40 split fold-down rear seatback
Projector-beam halogen headlights  Blue backlit gauges
ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)  Security system with remote entry
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)  160-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with 4 speakers, MP3/Windows Media® Audio7 (WMA) playback capability and MP3/auxiliary input jack

Additionally, this table below will show you the specific features of 2010 Honda Insight EX, but please note that this table will only show the added and some may replaced with LX features table.

Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters Center console with armrest and storage compartment
15-inch alloy wheels and Cruise control 160-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with 6 speakers
Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with traction control USB Audio Interface8
Heated side mirrors with integrated turn indicators  Available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™1 with voice recognition and Bluetooth 9 HandsFreeLink

(This tables information were provided by automobiles.honda.com)

2010 Honda Insight Size

This car uses the same hybrid chassis as the Honda CR-Z. The basic vehicle length is about 2,552 mm, size 4,390 mm x 1,695 mm x 1,425 mm. From 2012 onwards, the overall length is narrowed down to 4,376 mm.

In terms of dynamic behavior, the Insight is an agile car in twisty areas thanks to its sporty chassis, its precise direction, its hard suspension and its light weight of 1204kg (1240kg in the executive version). It should be added that the index of torsional stiffness of the body is the same as that of the Civic Type R of 8th generation.

2010 Honda Insight Exterior

The second-generation Honda Insight was first introduced in 2009 with the all-new 5-door hatchback model for the 2010 model year. In 2010, nearly 30,000 Honda Insight 2010 units were sold in the United States, after Toyota Prius.

2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight Exterior (Photo Source: topspeed)

In addition to the preeminent features, one of the most prominent features that we will mention in 2010 Honda Insight Review about the design is the exterior. Insight not only possesses a low-profile and ultra-flat design, but also a symbol of aerodynamic design with a V-shaped body that cuts through the air. The beautiful carved LED lights and blue lights make the four corners stand out.

1. Specific design

2010 Honda Insight owns a modern design with a high-end MPV model, a definitive line to emphasize a high-tech environmentally friendly product. Most prominent is the headlight and backlight with the main parts are transparent glass.

Designers have succeeded in maintaining a “relationship” with the older version of the Honda Insight, which has a V-shaped aerodynamic design that creates new features, especially the exterior. For example, the first part of the new version “borrows” a lot from the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell, while the rounded tail and the body of the car just wide and low to make viewers refer to the Honda sports car.

2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight with special design (Photo Source: motorauthority)

Mr. Seki explains the FCX design and sports car design to insure that Insight is not just a member of the eco-friendly lineup but also plays a key role in the fun-to-drive line of Honda. In this 2010 Honda Insight Review, we can assert that Insight is a combination of strong exterior design and dynamic interior hybrid design. When entering the car, the viewer will feel completely new features not only stop the maintenance of links with the old Honda Insight.

In contrast to the sunken cabins in the old version, the new Insight cabin is designed to be bulky, which gives a very modern and modern look. In addition, engineers have equipped Insight with plenty of storage space for day-to-day needs as Honda wants to build a car that’s extremely user-friendly. Most of all, 2010 Honda Insight represents a simple, economical, clean and comfortable lineup for consumers.

2. Design Limits Damages

Of course, when driving, nobody wants to be stabbed. However, if that is the case, the user can trust the 2010 Honda Insight. The Pedestrian-equipped restraint system is equipped with a head and bonnet capable of draining energy, thereby reducing the level. Pedestrian injuries in the event of a collision. This design includes a bonnet and impact pre-shock absorber, bonnet hinge as well as variable windshield wipers. In addition, the gap between the components of the engine is widened allowing for the bump to be bent and deformed.

3. Body Structure

While the weight of the Insight’s new engine dropped to a few pounds compared to its predecessors, the bearing steel in the car body was not sluggish. Moreover, thanks to these improved body stiffness, user-friendliness and smooth ride on the road, Insight also significantly increased the vibration alone.

2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight Body Structure (Photo Source: carfromjapan)

Even better, with the Insight 2010 car cabs are not only quieter by car ceiling noise, in the bonnet as well as diminished panel but also cooler with insulated windscreen and sound insulation.

4. Spiral Shaft with H Shape

Thanks to the head restraint design and the H-shaped spindle at McPherson’s tail, the user can control Insight lightly and easily. Plus, Insight’s cabin is extremely spacious, especially behind.

Its compact design and low center of gravity with the battery beneath the backseat also contribute to the added flexibility of Insight’s control.


2010 Honda Insight Interior

Beside the 2010 Honda Insight Exterior, the interior is also worth saying in 2010 Honda Insight Review, it is simplified to the maximum. The very small centered control mounted disc player. Air conditioning knob is also small too. And the rest of Honda is dedicated to performance-related functions rather than entertainment. Due to be temporarily imported for re-export from Japan should exhibit at the exhibition with the steering wheel.

1. Dashboard

On the common ground, the interior of the 2010 Honda Insight is user-rated quality standards, is a car worth use of Honda. More specifically, the Eco-Assist graphics are extremely impressive on the car’s dashboard, which comes complete with an extremely convenient and surprisingly affordable navigation system for a vehicle in the same price range as the Insight line. But besides these advantages, there are still unreasonable restrictions. Some users say that seats are often not flexible with the driver. In addition, the climate control is not consistent when using the ECON mode.

2010 Honda Insight Review
The 2010 Honda Insight Dashboard (Photo Source: auto)

2. The Front Seats

Through the promotion of Honda, 2010 Honda Insight supports the space for passengers extremely good and convenient. At first glance, Honda Insight 2010 is not too eye-catching or attractive to buyers, but through user reviews, most of them have appreciated that the front seat of Honda Insight 2010 surprisingly comfortable.

3. The Backseats

Beside the front row, there are some opposing views on the rear seat of the 2010 Honda Insight. The space for the rear seats is not spacious and airy for sitting passengers. Although the LATCH connector is located in a convenient location and easy to install. But with the same amount of money, they can experience a better feel in the back seat as some cars in the same segment: Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima … This could be a necessary thing to fix among 2010 Honda Insight problems.

2010 Honda Insight Review
Backseat is one of the 2010 Honda Insight problems (Photo Source: ecrater)

4. Outstanding Features of 2010 Honda Insight Interior

With high-quality materials used inside and out, the Insight is built to look new for years to come. The 2010 Honda Insight is covered by the 3-year/36,000-mile New-Vehicle Limited Warranty as well as a 5-year/60,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty.  The IMA battery pack comes with an 8-year/100,000- mile limited battery warranty.



Users have commented that the 2010 Honda Insight has made great progress. So we will discuss about all the highlight features in this 2010 Honda Insight Review. Generally, Insight 2010 is the car with the overall efficiency is extremely clean, more modern, the price is also cheaper.

An important point for the user, is that the climate control system of the vehicle is more sensitive. When Honda Insight drives with ECON mode, the car will be tuned more intelligently and responsibly than conventional models. In addition, fuel economy will help your car not have to deal with monthly gasoline bills. However, there’s still appears some 2010 Honda Insight problems, the use of ECON mode will often be annoying to the driver. For example, in the case of traffic congestion or break-in time, the car’s braking will automatically stop at every stop. When restarting, the air conditioner will turn on again. This will cause the temperature in the car to change quite abnormally. To solve this problem, there is no other way than to turn off ECON mode when it comes to traffic in congested time frames.

In addition, the navigation system of Honda Insight 2010 is extremely well designed. With real time traffic, voice control functions, calendar setting functions … It’s equivalent to the systems available on the luxury lineup this time.

2010 Honda Insight Technology

Cutting edge doesn’t have to mean exclusive. Design and manufacturing advances have helped us make the Insight’s battery pack lighter, more compact, and at the same time, less expensive to produce. It’s the next big thing in hybrid technology: accessibility.



1. The 2010 Honda Insight Engine

The 2010 Honda Insight engine is powered by a 1.3L I4 Series petrol engine. The LDA SOHC incorporates i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) technology and a DC motor. Brushless Motor (DC Brushless Motor). This engine has been certified to meet ULEV emission standards.

2010 Honda Insight Review
The 2010 Honda Insight Engine (Photo Source: caranddriver)

2. The Electric Motor and Gasoline Engine

These two components has been expert in this car type. The gasoline and electric motors of the 2010 Honda Insight are linked together as “sandwiches”, and then connected to the drive system, not as independent as some other hybrid models. When starting, the gasoline and electric work together, help the car move, accelerate … While stopped by the red light, gasoline engine stop, the electric motor is responsible for supplying energy to the air conditioning system, entertainment…

The 2010 Honda Insight petrol engine incorporates i-VTEC and VCM variable valve control technology. When in stop mode, i-VTEC will close all valves of the 4-cylinder and the fuel will not be fed into the combustion chamber. In this state, the engine does not work. If the driver pedal gas pedal, gasoline is put into the combustion chamber and operate normally.

Under conditions of use such as deceleration, running at a slow speed, the gasoline engine is also locked to take advantage of electric motors. The IMA (integrated electric motor) also handles energy recovery when braking to charge the battery system.

3. The 2010 Honda Insight: ECON system

It’s a model of efficiency. The Eco Assist™ feedback system will help make you one, too.



Honda Insight was applied by ECON in 2009. By February 2010, Honda had announced that ECON helped the driver improve on average by 10-20% fuel consumption. The results were drawn from around 5,000 samples during the period from February to August 2009.

Starting with basic research, the ECON system on the Honda Insight also monitors the driving style and demonstrates how the styling affects the vehicle’s fuel economy, as well as suggestions. Allow the driver to maintain or adjust the steering.

2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight with ECON mode (Photo Source: drive)

Pressing the ECON button on the Insight activates a series of functions that increase the overall fuel economy of the system: adjusting engine power, extending the pause time, increasing recharging capability to restore the deceleration and control of energy efficiency of air conditioning, specifically:

  •    Increases early resumption of pause
  •    Operate air conditioning in more circulating mode
  •    Reduce automatic climate control to fan speed
  •    Optimized throttle throttle and CVT gearbox operation
  •    Limited power and torque of 4% (no limit when throttle extended)

2010 Honda Insight Fuel Consumption

If you are very interested in fuel economy system cars, 2010 Honda Insight is the perfect choice and extremely appropriate for you right now. Let’s find out in this 2010 Honda Insight Review.

The 2010 Honda Insight impresses with its hybrid engine system that includes a 1.3-liter i-VTEC petrol engine and an electric motor with a capacity of 10kW. It consumes modest gas with an average EPA rating of 40/43 mpg (equivalent to 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers on city streets and 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers on Highway).

2010 Honda Insight Review
2010 Honda Insight Fuel Consumption (Photo Source: cars)

This consumption is higher than Honda announced earlier and above rival Toyota Prius 2010. Prius 3rd generation consumption modest than 51/48 mpg (equivalent to 4.5 liters per 100 km on the road city ​​and 4.8 liters / 100 km on the highway) but will also have higher prices.

2010 Honda Insight Specifications

The table in this 2010 Honda Insight Review below shows you a overall view about Honda Insight 2010 specs:

Specifications table

Model year 2010
Make Honda
Model Insight
Style EX w/Navi 4dr Hatchback (1.3L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
Drive type Front-wheel drive
Engine type Inline-4
Weight distribution, as tested, f/r (%) 58/42
Basic length (m) 2.552
Length (m) 4.390
Width (m) 1.695
Height (m) 1.425
Seating capacity 5
Bumper-to-bumper 3 years/36,000 miles
Powertrain 5 years/60,000 miles


1. 2010 Honda Insight Price

After its launch in Japan than a month, 2010 Honda Insight moved to the United States market. On March 24 for more specific, this model has been available at showrooms in the US with retail prices, with $19,800 (LX version) and from $21,000 to $23,000 (EX versions).

2. Pros and Cons of 2010 Honda Insight

After we had an overlook in this 2010 Honda Insight Review, let’s sum up some advantages and disadvantages about this car, this could be useful while we considering to have one.

Pros Cons
Fuel economy in hybrid car types Less space for rear seats
Extremely ratings by users Different size tires
Excellent driving engagement Not sensitive paddle shifter

Despite its fuel-efficient performance, the 2010 Honda Insight, with its ultra-powerful body, is no stranger to Italy’s two-seater or luxury sports car. The awards that Honda Insight has received are various, such as “Top Safety Pick 2009” by IIHS, the 2010 “Top Commuter Vehicle” by the American Automobile Association, the 2010 “Top 10 Green Cars” by Kelley Blue Book. With these information above that we have shown in this 2010 Honda Insight Review, it is undoubtedly that you will consider to have your own. Check out the used 2010 Honda Insight for sale for satisfying your demands.