Where To Mount Phone In Car While Driving For Safety?

The usage of smartphones while driving has grown tremendously. But, it is extensively considered treacherous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and accidents. People often give preference to mobile phones, letting the attention of their security and that of others take a back seat. Sometimes there are certain things that require immediate attention like important calls, navigation apps etc. So, where to mount phone in car while driving so that we can navigate our mobile phones appropriately?

Perhaps, something can help drivers to interact with their handsets aptly. And, that is called Car Mounts, which has greatly helped people to use their phones, effortlessly. Let’s explore further where you can mount the mobile phones in your car.

Where To Mount Phone In Car While Driving For Safety?

Here’s the set of places where you can mount your Smartphones while your car is in motion.

1. Windshield

The windshield is perhaps the most prevalent and frequently used mounting option to place the mobile phones. An adhesive or suction cup is required to mount your handset onto the windshield in order to shield the device in place. It places the phone at eye level and is extremely cheap and easy to install—you can effortlessly stick and remove them from the glass. This is possibly the best place to mount phone in car.

2. Dashboard

cell phone windshield mount
Which is the best place to mount phone in car. Source: Amazon 

The dashboard is the most favored location where to mount phone in car. By placing your handset on the dashboard, you can easily interact with the phone without affecting your windshield view. This mounting option makes your handset within easy reach to the driver. Additionally, a clearer forward-view is provided if you put your phone in a lower mount.

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3. Vents

Vent Mounts are the best suited for people who don’t want to have their handsets mounted in their cars all the time. They provide the advantages of both worlds, uniting the unhindered view of the dashboard mount with the high position and ease of fixing of a windshield mount. You can enhance your knowledge about mounts by following certain driving tips given by car experts.

4. Cup Holder


where to mount phone in car safely
Find where to mount phone in car in the right way. Source: SaabWorld

Cup holders keep your phone right in front of you while driving. This helps the driver to navigate the handset without any trouble. You can install cup holders at any place that is appropriate. They are large enough to hold any size of Smartphone. Moreover, one can easily remove it without any residues.

5. Rear View Mirror

Mounting the device on the rear view mirror does not require much effort to view your phone screen when you are driving the car. One can easily adjust the orientation of the handset while your car is in motion. This mounting solution offers drivers with the most flexibility with their viewing angles.

So, the best place to mount phone in car has been finally revealed here. Now, one can easily interact with their handsets by using these efficient car mounts. These mounting solutions will help drivers to focus on the road rather than screens of their phones. So, these car mounts allow you to navigate your Smartphone easily and safely.