Top 5 Defensive Driving Tips for New Drivers

Defensive driving techniques are something that every driver must learn, especially the teenagers and rookie drivers who have just started hitting the roads. There are many defensive driving tips that you can follow to have a safe journey. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you have to be tensed up all the time. Rather, you should be alert behind the wheel and keep an eye on what other drivers are doing.

There’s no shame in driving defensively when required because it helps avoid accidents and save lives too!

Are You a New Driver? Follow These Defensive Driving Tips!

Building some driving habits and learning some basic rules will come handy not only for the beginners but for seasoned drivers too. These tips will help you stay unscathed on the road.

Avoid all the distractions

Some people have the bad habit of using a cellphone while driving and some listen to loud music in headphones. Don’t do these things along with many other habits require you take your eye off the road or shut down from the outside world. If you are driving at 55mph, looking at the phone screen for just 5 second means the car passes the distance of a football field! Now, don’t get me to start on how many things could happen within that 5 seconds!

Defensive Driving Techniques
Stay focused, not tensed. (photo source: Shutterstock)

Don’t ignore the traffic signs

It’s a big part of the defensive driving tips. Paying attention to the road signs will help you stay within the speed limit, avoid taking the wrong turn, and follow the traffic lights. Beginners have the habit of blindly following the cars ahead of them. Don’t do it because you don’t know if they will follow the road rules!

Watch the video to learn some driving techniques to help you improve your defensive driving ability!    

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Keep your distance from other vehicles

There should be a safe distance between the cars running on the road. Never drive too closely behind another auto because you may rear-end it should you need to stop quickly. There should be at least one or two car-length distance between two vehicles. The gap should be even bigger if it’s an icy or slippery road because the car will skid some distance when you try to stop.

Be familiar with all weather conditions

When you have just started learning, don’t drive in challenging conditions such as at nights and in bad weather. It takes a certain level of skill and lots of practice to learn driving at nights, winter season, and in rain. If you are not confident, don’t take the car out of the garage unless it’s a sunny day.

Driving Defensively
Driving cautiously will save you from facing something like this! (photo source: MORRIS BART, LLC)

Rest properly before a long drive

Unless other defensive driving tips in this list, this one may sound silly. Everybody knows it, right? The truth is a large number of drivers don’t follow it. They try to survive on caffeinated drinks that ultimately take the toll by keeping them awake but straying the attention.

Even if you have taken a proper sleep before the journey, taking breaks and grabbing some snacks at every couple of hours will keep you stay focused.

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