7 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits

Most of the crash cases are happened because of distraction. When joining the traffic flow, it is necessary to keep your attention on driving. However, there are countless reasons for drivers to take their eyes off the road. For safety reasons, we will list out the list of the most dangerous and common distracted driving habits.

The List Of Distracted Driving Habits


driving calling
Calling while driving is one of the most popular distracted driving habits. Credit: Getty Images

Without a doubt, talking on the phone is at the number one place on the list of distracted driving habits. It is obviously that driving under the influence of the phone makes drivers react at much slower speed. According to many studies, calling and talking on a cell phone quadruples a person’s risk of causing a crash.

No matter it is handheld or hands-free, human’s brain can only focus on one thing at a time. We usually live in the illusion of multitask. However, when providing a surprise element like a sudden brakes from the car in front of you, not many people can perform a solution. Even when you have a greater focus of the risks, remember that others might don’t.

Driving While Sleepy

drowsy driving
If you are tired, take a rest now! Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

According to recent studies from the AAA, more than 40 percent of car owners fallen asleep behind the wheel. You might think that driving at night with no alcohol can be safe, yet drowsy driving is not a joke. In United States, driving while failing asleep is one of the most common distracted driving habits , causing nearly 100,000 crashes a year.

So if you are feeling sleepy while behind the wheel, our driving tip is to pull over somewhere and have a rest.


daydreaming driving
The distracted driving habits list will always have daydreaming. Credit: Getty Images

Many car owners spend their driving time to organize their thoughts, clear their minds. enjoy the chilling moment or solve their own problems. However, if it becomes an automatic activity, you are in a big trouble. The first sight for this terrible habit is when you missed highway exit while letting your mind on the cloud.

Many people are overestimating their powers of focus. Drivers need to keep their full attention for driving, since you are joining the heavy traffic. For that reason, a moment of losing focus might bring you to an accident.

Texting And Using Social Media

texting driving
Absolutely Dangerous, please don do it while behind the wheel. Credit: Getty Images

If you are wondering, drivers are 23 times more likely to get into accidents if you text while driving. This habit is not available in the past. However, with the development of social media platforms and technology, texting while driving becomes one of the most distracted driving habits. 

The scary part is that, even though being the no.1 killer of teen drivers, 77 percent of young car owners say they can safely drive while texting and using social media.

Watching Roadside 

watching roadside driving
This looks cool in the movie, but please don’t do it. Credit: Archant

Curiosity is in human’s natural, we understand that. Yet nowadays, our own instinct can actually kill us.

At 75 kilometers per hour, a normal speed while driving, this four-wheel vehicle can run the full length of a football field in about 10 seconds. So while you are looking at the advertisement board, there is a high chance that another car appearing in front of you.

And as we mention before, multitasking while driving will divide your attention to many activities from the wheel, along with reduce your reaction time.

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makeup driving
You can prepared and make up at everywhere, but not while driving. Cre: Depositphotos

We usually see female officer slogs to work while applying makeup,or main character shaving while driving on the movie. I admit, it looks cool sometimes. But ironically, it is also one of the most common distracted driving habits.

While you are rushing, your four-wheel vehicle is the great place to take car some simple tasks like shaving or grooming. However, a moment of losing focus on the road is a moment of facing the death. Not to mention, the shaving knife is very sharf.

Watching The Kids

watching kid driving
Watching kids while driving is another one of distracted driving habits. Source: USA Today

Parents’ drivers, this is the worst habit that you need to avoid. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the most causes of distraction for drivers is none other than the passengers. And in some cars, they are children.

Kids usually make noise, fight each other or cry in the backseat for various reasons. For that reason, no matter what happens to your child on the safety seat, you must not lose your focus from the road. A second of looking away from the road can turn your whole trip to a disaster. So for the sake of yourself, your children and the passengers, pull over first.