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The 4 Main Causes of Steering Wheel Vibration

Annoyed by the steering wheel vibration while driving? Well, you are not alone! It’s one of the most common problems that drivers make complaints about. Sometimes, the steering wheel shakes at high speeds or it could be any time when the vehicle moves forward. Remember, if you are driving on the highway in some day and feeling the vibration in steering wheel, it is a sign of damage that can come from the chassis system or the damaged tires. The following article will help you understand what causes this problem.

The expression of steering wheel vibration

The steering wheel is very important, driving the car in the process of moving so any problems in this department will also potentially risk the accident. Inside the steering shaft is a shaft made of metal called a spindle. The spindle is responsible for transmitting the force from the steering wheel to the rack and the gear or steering mechanism whenever the driver applies the force to the steering wheel. When driving on the road, the steering wheel must be smooth and stable on the street (smooth, flat) and out of town (bumpy road).

Steering wheel vibration's expressions
Steering wheel vibration’s expressions (photo source: sola deo gloria/Getty Images)

Symptoms such as curved or unbalanced car rim, loss of nut, bolt of the steering ladder, rudder … usually vibrate the steering wheel full cruise, the phenomenon just normally steering wheel vibration when braking Derived from other causes such as disc brakes or drums (for drum brakes, normal brakes) are unbalanced.

The Causes of Steering Wheel Vibration

Multiple vehicle components could be the culprit, and diagnosing the problem can be time-consuming. You can directly inspect the following parts to save time. Remember that ignoring the problem for a long time could result in premature wear and tear on various elements.

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1. Misaligned tires

It’s one of the most common reasons for steering wheel vibration. The symptom of this problem is shaking of the wheels at around 50-50 mph and becoming worse at around 60 mph. However, it decreases when you speed up. The best way to avoid it is to check the tires regularly for the correct inflation and alignment.

2. Unbalanced wheels

Misaligned, damaged, and low-quality tires can lead to the imbalance of the wheels. When it happens, it causes excessive shaking of the steering wheels and sometimes the entire car! Low-profile tires with uneven treads are likely to be the culprit in most of the cases. However, a lightweight suspension system could be the reason too is the wheels have not been balanced with counterweights. What’s more troubling is that ignoring it will lead to damage to the struts, shocks, tread, and a number of other parts in the suspension and steering mechanism.

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3. Suspension issues

You can pinpoint the trouble on the suspension when the steering wheel shakes at high speeds or when you maintain a particular speed. Do a thorough inspection of the suspension system because such shaking normally occurs from corroded parts, worn out shocks, loose connections, and imbalance of the driveshaft.

Steering Wheel Vibration
So many problems can arise from the brake system! (photo source: slobo/Getty Images)

4. Brake problems

Plenty of brake issues could cause the steering wheel vibration. If it shakes when you are slowing down the vehicle, you should check for bad brake discs, loose connections, damaged shocks, and worn brake pads. Obviously, there might be other brake problems that could create the symptoms. On the other hand, if the vibration arises at the time of pushing the brake pedal, you should look into the brake rotors. The brake caliper is another part to investigate when the steering wheel shakes at high speeds. The faster you drive, the worse the vibration will be and you will get a burning odor at the time of stopping the car.

Overcoming the steering wheel vibration problem

You should check the following parts for handling steering wheel vibration causes, ensuring safety and comfort while driving.

1. Check the tripod rubber

Rubber tripod is one of the causes of steering wheel vibration while moving. When used for a long time, the rubber pads inside the tripod are worn out, causing the car to move or the engine will cause minor impacts on the chassis. This creates steering wheel shakes. To test your tripod and rubber tripod, it is best to bring your car to a professional garage. They have enough equipment to identify the tripod and related parts that need to be replaced or repaired.

2. Tighten the 4 tires and balance the tires

The stiffness of non-standard tires leads to the tire’s contact surface with the pavement deflection. This led to four wheels do not work together on the road to create deviations and shake the entire car, especially the steering wheel. So you should take the car to the garage to adjust the compression and balance the 4-wheel drive to ensure the continuity of the wheel to the road is balanced.

Checking the wear and tread of tires is also a good idea when adjusting and adjusting the balance. Only one in four tire wear phenomena that when moving will see the car shake and shake.

Overcoming the phenomenon of steering wheel vibration
Overcoming the phenomenon of steering wheel vibration (photo source:

3. Rotuyn

Rotuyn driving in and out is an important part of the steering structure of the car. You should bring your car to the company so they can check if you need to replace the rotuyn. Damaged rotors will cause problems of non-standard driving, unlucky steering, steering wheel vibration or dangerous rather than loss of control.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more specific, besides those causes and solutions above that we have mentioned, we would like to bring some real questions and answer that related to the problems has been raised for many times before, such as: why does my steering wheel shake? Or what causes steering wheel to shake? With a specific responses of technicians. After this Q&A, you can easy to define the problems about steering wheel vibration and probably find a way to fix it.

And here’s the question: Recently when driving on 70km/h, the steering wheel vibration is kind of strong. Anyone who knows the cause and how to fix it just help me. Sincerely thank.

Many answer released:

– In the past, my car had the same condition when driving at 100 km/h. After a thorough examination, the tire is twisted. Every day the tires is gradually twisted and after about two months, the vibration appear throughout the car. You should find out this problem with a tire repair specialist, they will remove the test out.

Steering wheel vibration at high speed depends on many situations, many vehicles designed to alert the driver to safety, vibration that is spleen to check. Almost as if the car went to a certain speed will meet the steering wheel shakes while driving, even put your hand to the car still running straight but the steering wheel is still slightly vibrating.

– I think there is a broken rubber tripod, or soft by the process of using. When the machine reaches a speed over vibration threshold, the rubber stopper is no longer active so it will vibrate the car! Often at a speed of 60 km/h it is shaking and I do not dare to run faster! For the best, you should go check out at the garage! If only by the tire, sometimes the eyes will see, and not to the vibration at a certain speed.

– I think you should replace one side of the tire first. After replacing, test drive up to 100km/h. The results you will know after the replacement, or technicians will give you the most reasonable advice.

So that was all the information that relate to the steering wheel vibration that you may want to know. One way of avoiding the vibration problem is to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. Especially, you should not delay when the brakes are due for a checkup.

  1. JUMA Mahuba says

    Its very useful information. However I would like to know the causative of body car shaking particularly when the glass Windows are half rolled down.

    Otherwise I want to know if there is a spare for a car key(ignition) especially the one with alerm.mine has been damaged to irreparably point.

  2. Charles muriuki matindi says

    I have used a Honda partner for the last three year and have noticed they have ignition switch ihd to Change the 1st car after one year. Now my 2nd car the same model has the same problem now. What should I do now that it’s key not working.

  3. Frank says

    I’m so happy to hear that from you and I can got know a lot from you. Please my car is Toyota cresta mode have problems in back wheels to bend once you take four people. Where it can be problems because should I change my tire shot time

  4. Joakim Chitechi says

    I feel some vibration when I engage my reverse gear alone..what could it be?

    1. jima says

      check your engine mountings

  5. John S Mwaba says

    My car vibrates between 20 and 40. Vibration is felt while excelerating on the body and not the steering wheel.
    What should I check? X-trail 2001 model.

    1. Denis says

      Follow UA exhaust mounts, they could be in contact with parts of the body, xo when u excelarate the pipe vibes with the body.

    2. Achola says

      Check hub and bearing

  6. George Indiazi says

    Very educative stuff

  7. says

    My car is a toyata Mark 2 it vibrates when I switch on the A.C what could be the problem?

  8. nico says

    when am I supposed to use D2

  9. Okatch Duncan says

    Very informative. Thank you for pointing out them issues.

  10. davie says

    The article is useful..

  11. Safancy says

    Can spark plugs as well cause vibration?

  12. Benjamin Wamusiru says

    At what mileage should an engine be off the road?

  13. Chemonges Aggrey says

    You did not include a malfunctioning engine mounting.. I once had a Toyota Raum that vibrated at the steering wheel excessively. After replacing the engine mounting, it became very quiet.

  14. Gilbert says

    My 2003 Nissan Wingroad looses power when l put the AC on…when l switch off the AC power gets back to normal…what could be the reason.??

  15. Peter chioiki says

    I love this interaction. My car has started giving me vibration issues when the fan in starts running and vibration is felt on the staring and very annoying. Further when slowing down with brakes I have started getting the vibrations. What could be the problem. ..please help.

  16. Peter Chipili says

    Please help Peter chioiki. ….I have the same problem…

  17. George says

    Me when ever I stop say in traffic jam and I leave the gear in drive the steering keeps vibrating but when I put in parking or neutral it relaxes and no vibrations what could be the issue?

  18. Shawn muna says

    I own a Toyota chaser tourer,now the problem is recently the left front of the car has been making squealing n squeaky sounds when driving o jx turning the steering wheel..I checked the suspension everything is okay…so wat cld b wrong?

  19. Abdul Aziz says

    Most probably the transmission mount is broken

  20. FATAU says

    I fell small vibration and steering shake when am about moving my vehicle. I experienced that thing after I changed my driveshaft, link bars and upper arm of my HONDA ACCORD 2006. They have checked all the four tires and everything intact.
    The vibration stops when spending but comes when about moving frim stationary point.

  21. SAJID MEHMOOD says

    I have Hyundai sonata 2015 model, I feel all my car is vibrating. I have changed brake pad and done wheel alignment. advise if there are some other issue

  22. Hitendra Kuntawala says

    What is the optimum speed of a car based on the highway speed and the cc of an engine? Some engines may be greater in the cc eg Camry , but gives and average of say 18 km per liter. Is there a way of calculating these?

  23. Name * Osbert Blackman says

    Another important cause of steering wheel vibration is bad or worn steering ends. This causes vibration between a particular speed range, and can really get ridiculously bad within that range.

    The remedy is to change/replace the steering ends.

  24. Benson Musonda says

    Good afternoon, am kindly asking if you can send this information to my email. I will really appreciate

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