The Solutions to the Driving Challenges for Short People

The struggles of short people are real. They are the butt of jokes in friend circles, they can’t reach the upper shelf in the kitchen, and it’s a nightmare when it comes to motoring. Driving challenges for short people are not only real but also can affect their safety. If you are a short person, you have to learn to live with them. But, knowing the ways to overcome them will keep you safe on the road.

Driving Challenges for Short People

You will have a hard time motoring when you are less than five feet or just five feet something. It seems that automobile manufacturers don’t think of short people when they design a new car. So, what are the hurdles and how you can deal with them? Let’s find out:

Curtailed vision.

You have to see the front part of your vehicle to judge the distance between the car and other things. When you are sitting too low in the driving seat, a fender bender is inevitable while parking or pulling up behind another vehicle.

The position of the steering wheel is higher on the dashboard in some older model cars. If you have one of them, the steering wheel will be in front of your eyesight.

driving challenges for short people
Using a seat cushion will help with seeing the road properly. (photo source: Shutterstock)

The only solution is choosing one of the newer models that feature adjustable seats and steering wheel. If you are stuck with the oldie, use a seat cushion to gain some height.

The glaring sun.

One of the most irritating driving challenges for short people is to be on the road in the morning or evening. The sun remains low in the sky at these times and the sun visor won’t be enough to block the sun rays if you are not tall enough.

What can you do about it? Wear visor cap. It is adjustable, allowing you to block the sun rays from any angle.


Headrest’s position.

The job of a headrest is to protect the driver from whiplash in the event of an accident. When you are short, your head will be tilting at an awkward angle instead of resting on the headrest. It can also cause several neck injuries even if there is no accident. You can avoid the problems by choosing a vehicle with adjustable headrests. Or, visit your local garage and customize its position to have better support.

Seat Belt and Shoulder Strap

The driving challenges for short people could turn into serious safety issue when it comes to the seat belt and shoulder strap. The shoulder strap could end up buckling around the neck of people who have a smaller height. Buying and installing a seat belt adjuster is the easiest fix to this problem.

What Is the Best Car for Short Drivers?

Short people should not consider them deprived because there are many excellent cars out there that they can handle without any trouble.

best car for short drivers
The ride height of Subaru Forester is helpful for short drivers. (photo source: Subaru)

The Subaru Forester will certainly make into the top five on this list because of its higher-than-average ride height, which refers to the height of the body when you are in the driver’s seat. It offers great visibility on all sides along with a roomy interior and amazing fuel-efficiency.

The luxurious Lexus LS can also solve the driving challenges for short people with its super adjustable seats and responsive handling. Other suitable choices could be Acura RLX, Lexus ES, and BMW 7 Series.