Survival Tips for Driving Incidents: Stay Away of Road Dangers

Why it’s necessary to know survival tips for driving incidents? Well, do you know how many lives road accidents claim each day across the world? According to the Annual Global Road Crash Statistics from the Association of Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), 3,287 people on average die in road crashes each day across the globe and a lot more become injured or crippled.

Scary, right? Yet, most people don’t even think about the danger of driving when they hit the road every day. You could be a good driver, but that does not give you any control over the various incidents occur on the roads. It’s something for which there’s no training in any school.

Survival Tips for Driving Incidents

Who wants to be involved in an accident or a nasty brawl on the road? No one, actually. Yet, these are sometimes unavoidable. However, these survival tips for driving incidents will protect you whether it’s a crash or a serious road rage.

Drive Defensively

Do you feel an irresistible itch to press the gas pedal and see the speedometer to jump to 120kmh within a moment? Well, you might be a Michael Schumacher fan, but driving like him may land you straight in a hospital bed!

safe driving tips
Drive defensively to avoid unexpected accidents.  (photo source: Columbus Driving Academy)

A defensive driver can still have a bad day, but careful driving reduces the risk of road crash significantly. Remember to wear the seatbelt, park somewhere you have to take a call, put both hands on the wheel, and driving a car with advanced safety features.

Don’t Involve in a Road Rage

It’ not wise to get embroiled in someone else’s anger. Although violent raging incidents are rare, controlling your temper is the key to avoid something nasty such as an injury. If the other party is furious, handle the situation by posing a laid-back attitude. If it’s your fault or just an accident, defuse the situation with a mouthed apology.


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Keep Your Distance

In the case of tailgating, don’t put pressure on the gas pedal all on a sudden or try to maintain your position stubbornly in an overtaking street. Just pull back into a nearby lane when it’s safe to do so.

Moreover, don’t go dangerously close to the car up front when you are waiting in traffic. A decent gap will give you the needed space to maneuver away if required in an emergency.

Survival Tips for driving incidents
Keep your calm eve if the other driver is abusive. (photo source: ArenaCreative)

Don’t Lose Your Composure

It’s probably the most important of survival tips for driving incidents. Remaining calm will help getting out of a critical situation without much harm. Whether it’s a road rage or accident, keeping your head cool will help in taking proper decisions about what to do next. If you hit something on the road or lose control of your vehicle, keeping up the composure will allow you to apply the brakes, accelerate, or whatever necessary to recover the damage.

If you are caught in a brawl, apologize and leave the place as soon as possible. Ignore even if the other party uses abusive words and gestures.

Drive Away

If it’s a road rage and you feel threatened, there’s no shame to drive away somewhere safe. Ignore the temptation of unlocking the door and involve in the dispute. In case if someone is following you, drive to a well-populated area and call for help from others or the police.