Easy Tips for How to Maintain the Right Driving Posture

Whether you drive for a living or once in a while, having the right driving posture is pivotal for your health and road safety. Believe it or not, the right driving position can save you from car accidents by ensuring immediate reflex. Hence, it is essential to know the best way to sit in a car.

How to Achieve the Right Driving Posture

By following these suggestions, one can ensure the proper driving position.

Get the Right Height

Sitting right is compulsory for the correct driving position posture. For the ideal height, make sure that the eye level is 8 cm above the top of the steering wheel.

Sitting at the perfect height means drivers will be able to see the road without moving their heads in an uncomfortable position. At the same time, check if the speedometer and other instruments are visible. Be careful not to hit the roof with the head.

Lean Back on the Seat

While sitting straight is crucial, doing so at a strict 90-degree angle will make the driver feel uncomfortable within a short time. The best way to have a proper car seat position is to recline the seat to 100 to 110 degrees. Do not lean too backward as it can cause neck strain.

correct driving position posture
You need to lean back to the seat. (Source: Pexels / PixaBay)

Knee Position

In a proper driving posture, the driver’s knees have to be on the same level as their hips or higher than the hips. Usually, 20 to 30 degrees of an upward angle is sufficient.

Easy access to the pedals is also necessary. The heels should be on the floor in a relaxed manner while the feet balls can press the pedals. Adjust the seat so that one can fully depress the pedals without making their back leaving the seat.

Distance from the Steering Wheel

Between the wheel and the chest, here should be a distance of a minimum of 30 cm. The arms should bend in around 120 degrees.

Gap between Knees and the Seat

It will be ideal if drivers can keep at least a two-finger gap between their knees (the backside) and the seat cushion. If the back of the knees touches the seat, it will cut off the blood circulation.


The right headrest plays a vital role in preventing whiplash. Make necessary adjustments to make it rest in the middle of your head. It will also confirm that the head is not too far forward.

Mirror Position

While fixing the mirror position, the first thing to do is to sit in the most convenient posture. Then, adjust the mirror so that you can see the traffic behind and on the side without moving the neck.

Lumbar Support

Car seats usually come with lumbar support to provide support for the back. One can adjust its depth until it reaches the right size to fill the arch of your back.

Do Not Forget to Take a Break

Taking a break while driving is as significant as the right driving posture. Sitting on the driving seat is similar to sitting on a chair in an office. Hence, experts suggest taking regular breaks while driving. If possible, take a break after every 20 minutes of driving.

Also, don’t drive for more than two hours at a stretch to avoid feeling stiff and other physical disorders. Regular recess with the suggested driving posture will keep the driver relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, it will prevent various physical injuries caused by road accidents.

Additional Tips to Improve Body Posture

These are some other ways to ensure a relaxed and convenient body posture while driving.

  • Start from the beginning. Purchase a vehicle that suits the body dimensions. For someone who is around 6 feet 10 inches tall, a supermini car will be too small to achieve a suitable posture. Also, make sure that the seats are separately adjustable in terms of both angle and height. An adjustable steering wheel and backrest are also necessary for the right posture.
  • Make sure the car allows you to maintain a comfortable position by providing enough space between the edge of the seat and the back of the knees.
  • In case of absence of lumbar support, use a rolled-up towel to put behind the back. Also, do not keep anything in your back pocket to sit comfortably.
  • Sitting for long in the same posture, even if it is a good posture, will cause uneasiness. Hence, try to change driving positions often.
  • Drivers need to use both hands on the steering wheel that often ends up causing To avoid that, change hand positions frequently.


Besides ensuring the safety of cars, the correct driving posture will also improve the driving skills by helping the driver to maneuver more efficiently. Therefore, all drivers should learn how to sit properly in a car and practice it, even if they are driving for a short time.