Safe Driving Tips At Intersections For Beginners

An intersection is a road junction where multiple roadways meet each other. You will find intersections most complicated part because, in the intersection, a lot of vehicles move in different directions. Research says, around 50% of all collisions and 20% of all fatal car accidents happened at intersections. There are few defensive safe driving tips at intersections, which can create an effect to reduce the percentage of collision occurring .

6 Safe Driving Tips At Intersections Beginners Must Know

Inspect The Intersection

Before proceeding through an intersection, it is obvious for you to make sure the area is secure. Always approach intersections expecting other traffic and pedestrians.

Our first trick from Safe driving tips at intersections is to look both ways again before moving into the intersection. Be especially aware of pedestrians & actively look for them while you are turning.

Stay Focus & Pay Attention

Safe Driving Tips At Intersections
Paying attention is the key point when driving. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Concentrate when you are in the interaction. Avoid any kind of distractions like loud music or conversation or using cell phone for social media. Keep your hands on the wheel and be prepared to brake when necessary. In the interaction for a small mistake collision will occur in anytime. So make sure that, you are fully paying attention to the drivers around you.

Turn wisely

Safe Driving Tips At Intersections
Effective turning is the strong point of experienced drivers. Source:

Look both ways to see where other vehicles are & what are their intentions at the intersection. Later make a reference point, which will help you to keep the vehicle middle on the roadway.

Turn wisely is another trick in safe driving tips at intersections. Keep your reference points on your sight while driving & turning. Safely move the vehicle without hitting anything, specially the rear part.

Speed Limitation

Safe Driving Tips At Intersections
Think twice when speeding. Source: Shutterstock

Fast turns at intersections are one major contributors of safe driving tips at intersections. You should always drive safely & slow to 5 MPH when making turns. This will improve your reaction time and stopping distance. It will allow you to increase margin of safety to avoid a mishap.


Maintain Safety Near Stop Light

Safe Driving Tips At Intersections
Traffic light is the best guider for beginner.Cre: Saad Akhtar

As our suggestion, driver should not proceed while the signal light is green. The road is a dangerous place, so it is important to look both ways first in order to identify other vehicle.

Look ahead to the traffic & wait until there is space for your car on the other side of the intersection. Remember to always stop and never run a red light. No one wants to risk their life just for saving a few seconds, that’s for sure.

When you are making a turn at a red light, first make sure there are no restriction. It is not just one of the safe driving tips at intersections, but also to protect your own wallet from getting ticket. Then check all vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists on both sides including oncoming traffic.When the arrow indicates to turn left then you proceed. If without arrow in the intersection is legal to cross, then be aware of incoming traffic before you take turn.

Also, car owners must never stop in the center to take turn. This is not only increase the risk of accident, but also create traffic jam for following cars. Evaluate your speed at yellow light. When there are time to cross the intersection, then proceed with caution, but its better not to proceed when the time is short. In the intersection while traffic lights are not functioning, treat them the way you would treat an intersection with stop signs.

Proceeding the Intersection

Safe Driving Tips At Intersections
Respect other vehicles as well. Source: ExtremeTech

Firstly,Do not enter an intersection when the traffic is backed up on either side. Driver should wait for it is to clear to move through intersection.

Secondly, you should not change lanes in the middle of an intersection. This is dangerous and totally illegal, so please wait in the intersection until you are past to change lanes.

Thirdly, use extra caution in the intersection for sudden stoppage of any vehicle. This is true in every situation, since you will never know what could happen on the road.

Last but not least, always be aware of what other drivers activities to avoid danger.


If everyone understand and follow the safe driving tips at intersections, the ratio of collision will surely go down. Besides maintaining the rules driver etiquette is the first measure toward improving intersection safety. Be a safe driver by showing courtesy towards other drivers.

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