9 Most Dangerous Things To Avoid While Driving a Car

As more and more people using car as their main transportation, safety while driving becomes more important than ever and everyone knows that. However, believe it or not, many drivers still rush to the road with a bottle of wine or something worse in their driving hands. So in order to protect yourself and other people, drivers must always remember these dangerous things to avoid while driving below.

9 Most Dangerous Things to Avoid While Driving 

Driving a vehicle is a serious business. In crowded streets, a moment of inattention can result in terrifying accidents. For that reason, it is essential to avoid these habits:

1. Drinking Alcohol

Drunk driving
Alcohol is the worst enemy for drivers (photo source: ambrozinio/Depositphotos)

The majority of traffic deaths are caused by drunk car owners. You might think that having even a little bit to drink before driving will not gonna hurt anyone. However, it is a fact that alcohol affects drivers ability to react and make quick decisions. So don’t ever drink and drive!

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2. Smoking

Smoking driving
Smoking not only affects drivers but can cause dangerous to other people (photo source: Shutterstock)

Lighting a cigarette means drivers must open the windows while driving. This action not only affects the atmosphere inside the car but can also be very dangerous: Outside wind can blow the burning ash directly in your eyes!

Smoking while driving is by far the most dangerous thing to car owners. So in order to avoid the risk of burning your car furniture, save your cigarette until you get out of the car.

3. Using Cellphone

Use phone driving
Keep your phone away while driving ! (photo source: CNN)

One of the most dangerous mistake while driving is using cellphone. Sadly, texting or making phone calls on moving cars are very common habits of car owners. A few distracting seconds, along with just one hand on the wheel can lead to terrible results even with experts drivers.

4. Eating And Drinking

eating driving
If you are hungry, stop for a moment and eat properly (photo source: Dr. Cris)

Eating and Drinking is a habit on the list of 9 things to avoid while driving. Every modern car nowadays has a cup holder inside, but that does not mean you should drinking while driving. When driver’s head moves upward to drink water, his vision will be blocked and who knows what might happens in that moment. The same goes with eating.

It is suggested to stop your car, finish the meal and drink, then carry on with your journey. Besides, what could be worse than causing accidents while biting burgers?

5. Singing Along With The Radio

singing driving
Believe it or not, singing while driving is dangerous (photo source: Colby Web Edu)

You might think this is weird, however, common behaviors are main reasons for most accident cases. Listening to music or singing along distracts drivers and makes them unable to listen to the car horn. Based on the statistical of English Car Insurance Privilege, many accidents on freeways started from unbelievable mistakes: drink coffee, shaving and singing while driving.

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6. Paying Attention on Advertisement

Advertisement Billboard
Advertisement Billboards always catch your eyes.  (photo source: GM Truck Forum)

The strong point of good advertisements is the ability to catch viewers’ eyes. Sometimes, the message or design of the side-way billboard is too good to keep your eyes off it. It may be a photo of sexy girls or 50% discount announcement of your desirable products or sometimes funny sentences that could make your days. The advertisers always know the way to make these road billboards appeal to you.  With drivers, advertisements are their worst nightmare on the road. Since car owners are usually being attracted by many large, colorful advertisements hanging on sideways, dangerous situations sometimes happen to a lot of drivers due to this distraction.

7. Wearing High Heel

Wearing heel is one of the most dangerous things to avoid while driving
Wearing heel is one of the most dangerous things to avoid while driving (photo source: In Gear Auto)

Unless you are sitting in the back seat, it is forbidden to wear this type of shoes while driving. No one cares what brands of high heels you are in a driver seat! Braking, accelerating,… all of these techniques require the mobility of your legs. Drivers should use sport shoes or sandals for better reaction and movement.

8. Speeding 

Speeding driving
Maintain normal speed is recommended (photo source: Getty Images)

Speeding is the second leading cause of traffic fatalities after drunk driving. The faster you go, the more likely it is you will be crash. This is common knowledge for everyone, but when you are late for a meeting for example, drivers tend to drive as fast as possible, results in terrible traffic incidents.

When everyone travels at the same general speed, things are more predictable, and the road is safer as a result.

9. Not Wearing Seat Bell

seat bell
Wearing seat bell is a requirement in many countries (photo source: Getty Images)

According to NHTSA, seat belts saved more than 75,000 lives in the period of 2004 to 2008. Not only it is the law in every states of America, but it also protect your body from sudden impact when braking. So remember to wear seat bell for you and your family, especially your children!

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We hope that the list of 9 most dangerous things to avoid while driving mentioned above will be useful for you. If you have any question about car or driving tips, leave us a comment in the box below, our car experts will answer it for you.