Learn Some Effective Ways to Recover From a Skid

Driving in winter and seasons is very tricky because the roads become muddy, slippery, and treacherous because of rain and snow. Such conditions are ideal for accidents, resulting from losing control because of the slip of the tires. You have to be an expert driver to tackle these conditions, and one such skill to gain the expertise is to know how to recover from a skid.

The Effective Ways to Recover from a Skid

We’ve discussed here the common types of skids and how to recover from them. However, one thing you must remember is that staying calm at the time of accidents can save you from major injuries. Don’t pull out any drastic stunts. Just follow the rules and try to avoid damage as much as possible.

steer into the skid
You have to keep your calm to recover from the car skid. (photo source: Shutterstock)

The Skid of Front Wheels

When you steer into the skid of front wheels, take your foot off the gas pedal and move the transmission to the Neutral mode. Nevertheless, restrain the impulse of steering immediately. The wheels will slide sidelong and slow the car in the process. Your job will be to try to steer to a safe passage. The next step would be to release the clutch or shift the gear to the Drive mode and accelerate gently.

The Skid of Rear Wheels

In that case, the first step will be to take the foot off the accelerator and steer the car in the course of sliding. It means you have to steer right if the wheels are sliding right, and left if they are slipping toward the left side.

Nonetheless, if the direction of the wheels is opposite to your recovery route, you have to ease the wheel at first by steering in that direction of slipping. You have to maneuver the vehicle toward the left and right sides for a couple of times to regain full control.


The next step is to pump the brakes in a gentle way. However, don’t do it if your car has anti-lock brakes (ABS). In that case, just push them steadily and after some time you will feel the pulse of the brakes. Then, drive in the way you want.

When the Wheels Get Locked

It happens when you brake aggressively on a slippery surface. It locks the tires, but the vehicle still keeps moving. The way to recover from a skid is simple. You have to release the brakes altogether and try braking again more gently after gaining the control.

Recover From A Skid
Abrupt acceleration causes the car to go for a wheelspin! (photo source: Dodge)


Aggressive or abrupt acceleration on wet or icy surfaces creates this condition when the tires spin faster than the speed of the vehicle. It sounds scary, but the solution is simple. You just have to draw back the throttle until the spin rate slows down and the tires regain the traction.

Final Thought

Learning to recover from a skid is not rocket science. You just have to keep your cool and remember what you have learned in the driving school. Apply the tricks, and you will be out of danger in no time!