Is Social Media Really More Dangerous Than Drink-Driving?

Without a doubt, driving is an action which requires a lot of attention. Yet the addiction of social network makes people forget their own safety rules and continue scrolling when driving. Many people asked: Which is more dangerous for drivers: social media or alcohol? According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, drivers checking Facebook and Instagram while driving are now seen as a much greater threat.

Using Social Media and Driving Vs Drink Driving

Social media and driving is the terrify combination for car owners comparing with drink driving. Surprisingly, in 2017, the danger of using Facebook, Twitter at the wheel is even greater than alcohol.

The Serious Danger Rate

The number of drivers using Twitter while driving is higher than you expect (photo source: Pexels)

It is scary to think that the biggest danger that can damage driver’s personal safety in 2017 is social network. Due to a survey from 10000 American citizen by IAM, “using social media and driving”  is rated as serious danger by 6900 people (69%), while only 6602 of people (66%) claimed drunk-driving is a similar threat.

The others are driving under the influence of drug (62%), ignoring traffic lights (61%) and falling asleep while driving (45%). Quite shocking to know that Facebook is more threatening than alcohol and even drug!

The Development Of Social Network

social media driving
The increasing in social media users is the nightmare for traffic and transportation (photo source: Shutterstock)

You might think that a little scrolling and updating the news from your friend won’t hurt. Well, you are not alone, but when it comes to driving, it is a serious problem.

The development of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… increases the number of social network users greatly. However, it brings many disadvantages to the transportation worldwide. Compared to 2015, the number of car accident caused by distracting in 2017 is 21% higher. 77% of the drivers also confirmed that using social media and driving is a serious threat, since it hardly get caught by police.

On the other hand, driving under alcohol influence is no longer an issue that needs special attention thanks to strict policies around the world.

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Jail Potential

jail social media
Who can imagine going to jail just by using Facebook? (photo source: Shutterstock)

Distracting while holding the wheel not only potentially injures yourself, but also brings troubles to other drivers. For safety reasons, officers have the right to intervene if they believe you are either using cellphones or losing attention.

Driving while drinking used to be the most fearsome factor of traffic accident. By applying strict laws to drivers, less and less drivers drink alcohol before holding the wheel. Government is planning the same method with this situation: Drivers use phone while driving can be found guilty of dangerous driving, which can be stopped, carried substantial fines and even imprisonment.

However, even with strict rules, the attitudes of the people who sitting on the driver’s seat is much more important.