How To Avoid Rollover Car Accident With Some Surefire Tips

Driving is without a doubt a serious matter, since one moment of woolgathering can easily turn your family vehicle into a junk. Beside from crashing, turning over is another type of life-threatening accident that you might not want to underestimate. Even if you are luckily enough to survive without a scratch or two, the fixing fee is still definitely be enormous. For that reason, we will provide the answer for the big question: How to avoid a car rollover accident?

Rollover Car Accident: How To Keep Your Car From Turning Over

As car rollover is the worst nightmare to all driver, you might ask: How can I prevent this incident from happening? Well, your answer is right in this article below. All the effective solutions must be prepared before you step your feet on the vehicle.

Pick Your Car

SUV car
Although beautiful, these types of vehicle can cause rollover accident (photo source: Jeep Grand Cherokee)

In the few recent years, many reports about rollover accident which happened to SUV car types appeared. According to engineers, the risk of rollover in this type of vehicle is three times higher than normal car.  This is understandable, since the SUV, trucks and minivans have high center of gravity, the distance between their heaviest parts with the ground will higher than other cars. In rainy days, this could be the critical weakness of a car.

For that reason, we recommend you to pick a car with low center of gravity and large base height if you just need s safety transportation. However, if you are still fantasy about a SUV, you can ask more information about ESC, a technology which helps driver control their cars better.

Understand Your Beloved Car

inspecting car
Always remember to check your car before driving (photo source: Deklofenak/Depositphotos)

All drivers can drive cars, but a good driver must understand his best buddy. Knowing the specified rated load, for example, is very important. An overweight vehicle will have a hard time braking since the rated load affects car’s balance.

Apart from rated load of the vehicle, you should learn about your car’s braking system to control it easier, prevent sliding, losing control or locking brake. Since all these problems lead to a rollover accident, understand the braking system will greatly better in emergency cases.

Turn Safe Driving Into A Habit

wear seat belt
Wearing seat belt is one of the safe rules (photo source: THINKSTOCK)

After you have picked a car, driving it safely is the number one priority. Gaining knowledge about your car will boost driver’s confident, but don’t let it become the illusion of safety. Drivers must understand and remove the bad habits which cause their car flipping and develop safe driving habits:

Number 1: Stay Focus

More than half of deadly accidents contain at least one drunk driver, which makes staying focus while driving become the number one priority for car owners.

Number 2: Track Speed

Speeding is a dangerous habit that drivers must avoid. If you are driving at 90 km per hour or even faster, you might want to slow down. The faster you drive, the more likely you will crawl out of your car from the window.

Number 3: Use Seat Belt

In all car rollover accidents, the death people are mostly not wearing seat belts. Seat belt is the most powerful safe tool which must be wearing in the whole driving period. So for your safety, please use it!

Number 4: Focus At Turning Point

When turning, especially at high speed, cars will more likely to be inclined to one side and flipped. In order to avoid this, you must slow down before every turning points.

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Prepare Yourself Before The Risk Of Rolling Over

rollover accident
Everything can happen, so be prepare (photo source: Andrew Pollak/abc7chicago)

Lets face the truth: Even the most careful drivers can meet this horrible situation. So how will you react when that time comes? This might sounds illogical, but you should control the tires following the same direction which the car is inclining. Drivers must stay calm and must not try to turn to the opposite direction! This is a mistake of beginner car owners, which is not only unhelpful but also a reason for rollover accident to occur.

If everything goes well, the car will be controllable again. But if it isn’t, you have to wait for your vehicle to stop before trying to move.