How To Jump Off A Running Car Safely

Imagine you are driving on the roadway like any normal day, all the sudden, your brake is broken! For you to jump off running car obviously will be danger and hurtful, however in some situations, it is essential for drivers to make a move. But how can you make it outside safety? Well, you found the perfect guideline.

Guideline For A Safe Jump While The Car Is Running 

In the case that driver must make a jump, reducing the most damage is number one priority. Wait for the right time, control body’s movement and ground confidently are really important in order to protect yourself from the outside impact. Before you decide to leap from the car, these things should be in your mind:

Wait For A Suitable Time

Step 1: Use Soft Objects To Protect Yourself

cover car jump
Provide yourself some padding before a jump (Photo by: WikiHow)

Jumping out of a running car is the most dangerous thing that driver should avoid, but if you must do, it is important to wrap something to protect yourself. Clothes, fabric, newspapers, and even stuffed animals are all needed to reduce the impact while connecting to the ground. Just wrap as much as possible outside and inside your clothes to cover your body.

Step 2: Calculate Car Speed

calculate car speed
To make sure you can survive the fall, assess car speed before jumping.(Photo by: WikiHow)

Before making a jump or any danger activities, you should calculate the survival rate. If the car goes faster than 48 km/h, drivers should not jump. In situation when you cannot see the speed on the dashboard, you can calculate the speed by observing the milestones: If your car takes 120 seconds to go 1 miles, its speed is about 48 km/h.

Step 3: Slow Down The Car

slow car before leap
Make the car goes as slow as possible to jump off easier.(Photo by: WikiHow)

If the car goes too fast, you must slow it down. In a case that you are being kidnapped and someone else is controlling the vehicle, try to talk, lark and distract the drivers. Any distraction can make drivers take his feet of the accelerator and reduce car speed.

Step 4: Wait For A Turn

car turns
Another way to jump at a slower speed is before the car turning.(Photo by: WikiHow)

In a situation when the car is unable to go slower, don’t worry. Just remember that before every turn, the drivers will automatically slow down, and this is the golden opportunity to jump out.

One more thing to remember, to avoid the traffic on the road, if you are sitting on the left, jump when the car turns left. The same goes with the right side.

Jump Out

Step 1: Find A Soft Spot

choose place to jump
Choose a free of obstructions place to make the fall.(Photo by: WikiHow)

The definition of a soft surface is different with many people. But if you are close to field land, grass land or soft land with dry leaves, these are the best choices for you to land.

These spots must also be wide enough for your body to connect in about 5 seconds, and they must have no impediment!

Step 2: Open Car Door And Jump Definitive

jump angle of car
It is recommended to jump off at a 45 degree angle from the rear of the vehicle.(Photo by: WikiHow)

One thing all drivers must remember when open car door is to must open it as wide as possible if you need to jump off. You don’t want to be stuck in middle of the jump by the closing door right?

Here come the hard part: Jump. Many people cannot do this even in their thoughts because of fear, but when you are understand the way, it is a piece of cake. In order to make a perfect landing, you should narrow yourself, then jump following a 45 degree corner. This action will make the grounding much easier and lighter.

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Connect The Ground

Step 1: Cover Yourself

tuck body jump from car
You must scrunch up your legs and tuck your body for least impact.(Photo by: WikiHow)

Right after the action of jumping, shrink yourself like a ball is the safest landing technique: hands and legs hugging the body. In order to reduce as much damage as possible, back is the first body part to connect the ground.

Step 2: Connect The Ground

no hand while jumping
You must not break the fall by your hand at all cost! (Photo by: WikiHow)

Since back is the largest body part, the impact will spread evenly throughout the body which reduces maximum damages. You have to make sure to land by middle of the back instead of the shoulder part.

One important thing to remember is to avoid landing by hand by all cost! Some people think that the grounding will be easier but in reality, the impact will be focused in one point and break human bones.

Step 3: Do A Rolling

roll when hit ground
Allow yourself to roll when you contact the ground.(Photo by: WikiHow)

After connecting to the ground, the reverse impact will spread to the whole body. In order to spread it evenly and weaken the impact, roll out immediately. This action not only negates the force from the fall but also avoid the sliding on the hard surface, which scratch skins and soft body parts.

Let’s Mr.Homer from Simpson show you how it works