10 Things NOT to do Right After a Car Accident

Most drivers are likely to get into a car accident at least once in their lives, so learning how to handle the situation in the right way is very important.

10 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid After A Car Accident

In an unfortunate occasion that you get involved in an accident, it’s easy to overreact or to forget many important steps, since car accident is a terrifying and overwhelming experience. However, there are certain things you should pay your attention in order to protect yourself and your money.

1. Stop the Car Immediately 

Stopping your vehicle in the middle of the road to check its damage is NOT a smart choice. There are many signs which guide the accident car to the roadside on the streets when the driver is not heavily injured. In order to avoid another accident, it is better to pull over to the safe side of the road and call the police.

2. Leave the Scene

car rear bumper accident
Leave the scene after an accident is a bad idea (photo source: Srongkrod/Getty Images)

Hit the parking cars, break the car wings or the wing mirrors are common collisions which are not reported until the owners returned.  Do not leave the scene since your number plate might be caught in cameras or being seen by people on the street. In America, leaving the accident scene can be penalized for thousands USD plus public labor.

3. Clean up the Scene

Police cleans up the accident scene
Police cleans up the accident scene (photo source: Murray Valley Standard)

Some good intentions are only good if they are intentions, not actions. Clean up the accident scene is one of them. The policies and technical services will clean up the mess whoever fault it is. Trying to pick up some broken parts on the road will only make the situation worse and might create risks for other drivers.

4. Forget to Call the Police

polices at the accident
The Police is very important in every accident (photo source: gmnicholas/Getty Images)

No matter how serious the accident is, if there are damages to the roads or cars, it is a smart move to contact competent people. In some states of America, not informing the authorities about the accidents is guilty. The police can also eases the situation and reduces responsibilities of both sides.

5. Underestimate the Pain

injury after car accident
Accident injury is cannot be ignored (photo source: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images)

Some small pains or injuries can affected the drivers greatly  if they are not being checked carefully, especially a car accident pain. So after a wreck happened and you were injured, go to a clinic or hospital immediately for a full check-up by doctors.

6. Neglect the Driver

2 drivers discussing with each other
Always be polite with the other driver (photo source: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images)

In order to ease the tension of the collision, we should always be nice and polite with the driver. When everyone on your car is safe on the pavement, you should call the police. After that, check the other driver and guarantee your own safety while crossing the road. Remember, quick action sometimes can save lives.


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7. Get in a Fight

Drivers fights at car accident
Violence is never a solution (photo source: Cairo Scene)

A car accident is not a pleasant experience and might makes you angry or mad. Despite that, do not yell or blame the other driver. Challenging or fighting them (even if it was their fault) is a terrible mistake. Losing your temper is not going to change anything and it is not going to fix anything either.

8. Take Responsibility

drivers argue at car accident
Stay safe and wait for the police after a car accident (photo source: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Image)

No matter which fault is it, admitting it was your fault is forbidden. US Department of Transportation even recommends drivers to not hastily take responsibility and wait for the police’s intervention.

9. Forget Taking a Photo

driver take photo of his accident car
Always remember to document the accident (photo source: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images)

If you have a camera or a phone, taking some pictures of accident scene is essential. It also makes sure you have evidences in case the other drive blames you or avoid taking responsibility. Right after people’s safety is guaranteed, take a photo and, if possible, figure out how the accident happened.

10. Give Personal Information

drivers show license
Protect your personal information is important (photo source: Ned Frisk/Getty Images)

Only competent people have the right to check your personal information. Since giving your information like insurance code, phone number, home address… to other people means you might be taking advantages, this must be avoided at all costs.


When sometimes an unexpected accident is inevitable, the next best thing you need to know is how to handle the situations properly. Always stay calm, be polite, make sure everyone’s safety, but protect yourself at the same time.