3 Driving Habits of Japanese People that We Should Learn From

Japan has been an exemplary nation whether it is technology, administration, or efficiency we are talking about. However, these are not the only examples that Japan has set. Just as the world loves its cars like Toyota and Mitsubishi, there are some great driving habits of Japanese people that are worth learning too.

Considering the fact that every country has different traffic and driving rules, one cannot apply the rules of one country in another. However, there are certain habits that make for the best habits ever, irrespective of whether they are a part of the rules.

So, here are top 3 driving habits of the Japanese that you will appreciate too.

Driving Habits of Japanese People that We Should Learn from

We do need to understand that driving habits may not be a part of the formal traffic rules. These, however may be a part of the unsaid, the implicit code. You can take them as driving tips and see if they work for you.

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The Horn Etiquette

It is one accepted fact that honking a horn is construed differently in different nations. While the western world considers it rude, the east may be more used to honking away as much as it may want. But, how the Japanese use their car horns is indeed interesting.

Learn Driving Habits of Japanese People
Driving Habits of Japanese People that are very useful (photo source: Shutterstock)

For the Japanese, a quick toot means thank you to the other drivers who make way or let you pull in on a narrow road. It can also be two toots, meaning the same.

A long toot sure means a nasty expression telling you to move out of their way.

The Parking Etiquette

You will agree that the world already needs to learn how to park correctly. All of us are tired of those who either take up too much space, or park too close to your car. But, here is what the Japanese prefer.

When they park in front of shops or markets, the shop owners will politely instruct them to park in reverse so that it is less of a problem pulling out later. You are likely to find signs instructing the same. So, most have developed a habit to park that way. It is, in fact one of the ways to improve car safety. It may even seem difficult to some, but is a part of the unspoken code. Another reason to do this is to save the plants or hedges that line the parking. Great thought, indeed!

Best driving habits of Japanese people
Few driving habits of Japanese people (photo source: Tara Novak/Demand Media)

This is one of the most interesting driving habits of Japanese people, and the world must learn from it.

The Flasher Etiquette

Most of us use flashers as emergency lights to signal the passersby that they must keep distance. It could be when your engine is overheating, of when the tire is flat, or in any such case that indicates other cars to stay away.

The Japanese however, use the flashers much more often and for much less serious reasons than these. They use it to indicate that they are about to reverse into a parking spot. Other drivers take it as claim on the parking spot. This is how you do it – stop, push the flasher, put the car in reverse gear, and the spot is yours.

And, there is another amusing use. They also use flashers to express gratitude while someone offers a way for them to pull into traffic or lets them merge into the lane.

Japan is indeed an example for the rest of the world in more aspects than one. But, these top 3 driving habits of Japanese people are surely not worth missing.