How to Fix Windshield Wiper Problems

Most of us don’t even think of the windshield wipers unless we face an actual trouble. Think of driving blind through heavy rain in a busy freeway because the wipers are just spreading the water across the windshield. Well, you have to be aware of windshield wiper problems and understand the reasons to avoid such terrifying situations. So in this article we will show you specific common problems and answer the question: How to fix windshield wiper?

Situations While Driving with Broken Windshield Wiper

According to statistics, about 20% of accidents occurred because drivers can’t clearly see the situation on the road due to dirty, blurry glasses, especially when it rains. Up to 50% of the wipers to be tested are used beyond the prescribed time.

How to fix windshield wiper in cars
How to fix windshield wiper in cars (photo source: Drive Tribe/Youtube)

Manufacturers often recommend that users replace the lever after 12-18 months of using to ensure it is always in the best condition. Today’s good rubber blade on a wiper is usually made of a composite that is softer than rubber and less abrasive. However, depending on the type of weather or the vehicles used in high dust areas, or outdoors, the most common faults on the windshield wiper blade is aging elastic and can’t clean the water … So this is the most important thing we need to answer for the question: How to fix windshield wiper?

When Do We Replace the Windshield Wiper?

After a period of use, the wiper will lose the ability to wipe in the flexible way. This tends to happen more often with vehicles that have to park outdoors in the sun all day, and the sun will harden and rift the rubber. The windshield wiper emits a large hiss when in operation, due to the friction between the rubber layer and the glass, which requires strong vibration and does not clean the stain and water vapor on the glass. This is where users should check the rubber blade on the lever and replace the new one in the ‘How to fix windshield wiper’ process.

How to fix windshield wiper
How to fix windshield wiper: Replacing process (photo source: Covert Chevrolet Buick GMC)

In addition, the wiper can operate effectively or not depending on the fixation of the windshield wiper, which usually has a spring that creates the force to squeeze the wiper blade close to it. Steering wheel. If the spring force is weak, the lever can’t create enough pressure on the steering wheel, when testing the lever, if a small force can pull the rod out of the glass, then the user should replace the new wiper.

5 Frequently Occurred Windshield Wiper Problems

Let’s find out some of the common wiper hitches and their solutions to ensure that you have a clear driving view even in hostile weather conditions.

1. Water smearing in both directions

The reasons could be worn out or dirty blades, poor-quality wiper fluid, or dirty windshield. Your first step should be to clean the windshield and blades with lukewarm soapy water and then wipe with a microfiber towel soaked in rubbing alcohol. If it does not solve the issue, change the fluid. Your last resort to eliminate the streaks on the glass is to change the blades.

Windshield Wiper Problems
The wipers should work properly to have a clear vision. (photo source: Mibseo/Getty Images)

2. Water smearing in both direction

It’s a common phenomenon in cold weather. However, if it’s not cold outside and you are still facing this trouble, check the wiper blades. It can happen if the blades are old, in the wrong size, or get jammed because of not cleaning regularly. Changing them with new ones is the only solution in this case.

3. Blades are off the rhythm

It’s a minor but one of the most annoying windshield wiper problems. The wiper blades rotate in a synchronized way to clear the windshield of water, debris, snow, and dirt. When these don’t move together, it may indicate a loose arm or a worn out linkage. The solution could be just tightening a screw or repairing the exhausted linkage.

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4. Wiper creates a crushing noise

It happens when the blade arm is too tightly attached to the linkage. It causes the gears in the blade motor to scrape and create a grinding noise. It’s quite irritating to hear the sound while you drive. Besides, you cannot leave it unchecked because it may lead to burning the motor out.

5. A chattering noise appears

It often happens due to the buildup of grease, wax, and oil on the glass and the blades. When this happens, the wipers can’t wipe away the water completely and leave streak marks on their path. You have to give the windshield and the blades a good cleaning to get rid of these inconveniences.

car problems
Dirty windshield could be a reason for the clattering noise. (photo source:

Sometimes, a bent wiper arm could be the culprit too. If this is the case, use pliers to twist the arms so that these are parallel to the glass surface.

How to Fix Windshield Wiper?

1. Diagnose the situation

You can detect the wiper failure from the markers when it is operating. The first is the phenomenon of leaks that give birth or not. Often, the sound comes from the friction between the rubber blade and the glass. If not repaired, it will cause scratches on the surface. In the event of a need for vibration, it may indicate that the rubber sheet is damaged or that the shaft is not properly attached. If the trajectory of the lever is made up of flat, flat strips, the rubber blade is cracked or hardened, and if the lace is a door, the rubber blade is too curved.

How to fix windshield wiper
How to fix windshield wiper: Diagnose the situation (photo source: pxfuel)

On the windshield there is a thin mist when the lever is passed through due to a rubber blade containing oil or dirt on the road. In addition, the worn-out rubber mesh is often cracked, broken in case of silver color proved hardened.

2. Types of rubber that suit your windshield wiper

At present, there are many types of blades being used and increasingly designed for efficiency, suitable for different conditions such as: Standard blades, used for all seasons and in all weather conditions. This type of blade sets the top price so it is quite cheap.

The second type of blade is aerodynamic. On highways with high velocity, rubber blades are often lifted out of the glass and most types of blades are designed to escape in a separate channel so that rubber is still in contact with the glass. These levers are equipped with air vents to increase down-force. In the meantime, some are designed to have their own color and many different blades to ensure that at least one blade is in contact.

How to fix windshield wipe
How to fix windshield wiper: Choose your rubber type

High Tech Blades: Manufacturers often add rubber additives to enhance performance and extend life, reduce friction and avoid the effects of ozone, ultraviolet light and other poisons. Some companies also use a teflon polymers to reduce friction and de-icing, and to avoid abrasion. Even more manufacturers add a wear indicator. When the rubber blade turns from black to yellow, it is broken.

3. Instead, replace the new one

You can choose to replace the entire lever or just replace the rubber blade. Depending on the type of vehicle, the driver can replace the tongue, however, it is important to note that their size should be consistent.

Many levers are sold independently, but experts recommend replacing both the needle and the rubber blade. For most passenger cars, the shear length is between 406 and 533 mm. Never change the type of lever you are using. If necessary, you should use the type used to compare the size with the new purchase.

Preserve the windshield wiper during use

To use the wiper longer, users should try not to leave the car in the sun for too long, hot temperatures will damage the rubber blade faster, cover the car when not using the car for a long time.

How to fix windshield wiper
How to fix windshield wiper: Preserve while using

Regularly check and clean dirt on the wiper within 4-6 months of use. In addition, using a separate glass cleaner, do not use conventional bleaches such as soap water that will make the rubber blade deformed.

Users should also pay attention to the stretch marks and grooves on the windshield due to the splash of rock, it also causes the wiper to malfunction. At this point, the driver should bring the car to a professional repair shop to replace the new windshield if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions that related to: How to Fix Windshield Wiper

How much does it cost to repair windshield wiper motor?

The average price for replacement car wiper usually ranges from $ 272 to $ 439. In particular, labor costs are usually included in the replacement process, ranging from $ 52 to $ 145, and replacement prices generally range from $ 220 to $ 294.

Why is my windshield wiper fluid not coming out?

Many drivers often encounter this situation when using a windshield wipers to clean the glass surface.

When pressing the switch but the glass cleaner does not spray, the canister of glass washing water is empty. Normally, some vehicles will have lights on the center dashboard, the lid should open the engine compartment lid, find the position of grasp the bottle to add water to the glass washing. The position of the lid of the glass wash water is often the symbol shown below, the car should pay attention to avoid confusion with the other solution tank.

In case of staining, the glass wash water is not sprayed or sprayed enough. At this time, check the piping and spray cleaning. These parts can be cracked or blocked so water can’t be sprayed. Also open the bonnet, find the location of the pump to check, ask the person to turn on the water injection, if the pump does not work, should bring the car to the garage for inspection.

In fact, many car users often use water mixed with some washing water to save money. However, the manufacturer recommends using a special glass cleaner that will clean the glass surface and increase the brush life.

Why does my windshield wipers squeak?

Due to the lime-rimless glass, worn-out rubber broom, worn-out windshield wipers, thin film of water, and unpleasant cries.

For a long wipe and protect the glass from scratch, I suggest the following:

1. After 1 – 2 months, we will spend one time to brush the glass with acid-florid. Then clean up by using a ClearView lens ($2 estimated).

2. Cleaning the rubber broom: If the brush blade is not worn, then brush along the rubber tendon to clean the dirty soil that stick to rubber. Wipe dry, grease the wiping rubber brush and let overnight. The next morning, mounted it on the glass.

*When driving, do not remove the glass when it is dry, it is important to pump water before cleaning, especially after the rain in the mud shot on the glass.

The Final Words

There might be other windshield wiper problems too. You should frequently check the wipers, especially the blades, arms, and linkage to see if there’s any sign of deterioration or damage. Regular maintenance will keep you out of troubles.