How to Repair Cracked Windshield Chip [Video]

Windshield damage is annoying if obstructs your line of vision when you’re driving. It’s scary too because the tiny crack can spread all the way down the glass and make you replace it entirely. The good news is you can repair cracked windshield by yourself if the chip is smaller.

When Can You Repair a Windshield Chip?

Fixing larger cracks requires professional help because you may need a full replacement of the front window. You can carry out the repair at your garage only when:

  1. The radius of the damage fits under a dollar bill
  2. The chip does not appear on the edge
  3. It does not block your line of sight
  4. It is not in front of a sensor or camera attached to the windshield
  5. The number of cracks is less than four

How to Repair Cracked Windshield: The Procedure

A windshield repair kit is the best solution for fixing minor chips. It’s economical too because the kits are available with $10 to $15. However, larger cracks still need an expert’s attention.

Apart from the kits, some other supplies that you will require are:

  • Alcohol (only one or two teaspoons)
  • A microfiber towel
  • Tape
  • Razor blade

Now, see how to repair cracked windshield step by step:

Repair A Windshield Chip
Clean the crack with some alcohol. (photo source: Wikihow)

Clean the area

Your first step is to clean the damaged spot and its surrounding area. You will also need a clean surface for the suction cups to attach firmly to the windshield. Pour some alcohol on the towel and rub it on the damaged spot. Alcohol dries really fast so you don’t have to wait much. Remember not to apply alcohol directly on the glass.

Place the suction cup on the glass

Position the tool in a way so that its threaded center section stays over the cracked spot. Press the four arms so that they are securely attached. Adjust the tool if needed to have the center part at the right position.

If your kit has a seal and syringe instead of the suction cup and plunger, don’t worry. Watch the video to see how neatly you can get the job done with that repair kit.

How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack

 Insert the threaded tube

Thread the repair tube into the center section slowly. It’s necessary to place the rubber end of the tube on the chip. Go inside the car and check if the alignment is correct.


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Add the resin and insert the plunger

Put two drops of resin into the repair tube (you can use four drops too in case you think the crack is a bit bigger). Then, insert the center plunger into the tube as quickly as possible and keep tightening until the resin is nicely set on the crack. Loosen it for a few moments to let the air bubbles escape and then tighten again.

Repair Cracked Windshield
You’ll need these tools to repair the cracked windshield. (photo source: myfrugalhome)

Apply the thin film on the resin

It’s the last step of repair cracked windshield process. Place a layer of a finishing film on the area after taking the suction cup out. Use the razor blade to press the coating so that there is no air bubble inside.

Just wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the resin to dry. After that, remove the film and scrape the excess resin with the blade (do it carefully so that there’s no scratch on the windshield. Now, the car is ready to hit the road again!