5 Car Problems You Should NOT Fix Yourself

While most of our blogs in this Maintenance Tips category tell you what you can fix, this one is entirely different. This blog tells you what not to do. Yes, here we talk about 5 car problems you should not fix yourself. There are issues which you can totally fix on your own but these 5 issues need the attention and expertise of a professional mechanic. Depending on the nature and time of the problem, you may either seek roadside assistance or take it to your authorized service provider.

5 Car Problems You Should Not Fix Yourself

When we buy a new car, we don’t expect any kinds of hiccups to come our way. However, if you are going for second hand cars, you more or less prepare yourself for some hiccups. In either case, the gravity of the problem should decide what kind of attention and car repair it needs. So, take a note of these.

1. Timing-belt Replacement

The job of the timing-belt is a very important one. It keeps the engine in sync. It ensures the synchronization of the crankshaft, cylinder heads, valves and pistons. With due course of time, it wears off. That is when you it needs replacement; around every 100,000 km or 5 years, whichever happens first.

Car problems you shouldn’t fix yourself to safe your car
Top Car problems you shouldn’t fix yourself (photo source: Simazoran/iStock/Thinkstock)

It requires some massive dissembling of the engine – something better not done at home. So, you need your mechanic to take a look at it and replace it meticulously.

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2. Fixing the Radiator

The radiator keeps the heat of the engine in control and saves your car from engine malfunctioning. The cooling system of your car cannot work without the radiator. In case the radiator malfunctions, you will need to invest quite a few dollars on car repairs.

Why should you not dare replace it on tour own? There are a host of hoses that connect various systems to the radiator. These are delicate and can often come out lose. That will only aggravate the problem. The biggest risk is that if you botch up the replacement task, it can blow up your engine. So, better leave it to a professional.

3. Repairing Transmission

If there is a problem with the transmission, take it for granted that you will need professional help. Consider it one of the typical car problems you should not fix yourself. A lot of people do venture and try fixing it on their own, only to fail miserably. If the transmission is broke, your car will refuse to budge even an inch. And, remember that both automatic as well as manual drives are equally complicated.

Agreed that repair and/or replacement of car transmission cost a lot, but there is no chance you can fix it on your own. The only alternative is to sell your car as scrap. So, get some help.

4. Engine Diagnostics

With most electronically complex cars on the market, the engine diagnostics are becoming complicated too. As the check-engine light goes on, we most often give into the temptation of opening up the hood and messing with the engine. The problem is that without sophisticated diagnostic equipment you can only cause more harm to the engine. The spectrum of reasons behind that light being on is broad. It could be as silly as a loosely screwed gas cap, or as serious severe heating up of the engine. Only a mechanic with their advanced diagnostics can tell it for you.

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5. Repairing the Windshield

Repairing the Windshield is one of the Car problems you should NOT fix yourself
Repairing the Windshield is not as simple as you thought. (photo source: DusanBartolovic/Getty Images)

The commercials make it look as easy as a piece of pie like removing car decals. Thus, it is one of the most undermined car problems you should not fix yourself. The truth is that repairing a windshield is no child’s play. If done incorrectly, I can crack up the entire windshield. And that, only a new windshield can remedy.

Believe, if you may, but those chip/crack repair kits are no good. Call a professional and let them do the job.

So, don’t be a jack of all trades. Make sure that you get a mechanic to help you in case of any of these problems.