How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield?

How much does it cost to replace a windshield? This is one of the most frequently asked questions on Google that many drivers are concerned about. So If you are wondering about the windshield replacement cost, you are not alone. In this guide, we will make clear this problem and explain factors that can affect the cost of windshield replacement.

Windshields are not just typical glasses used on car doors and windows. A car windshield is a type of glass with many layers, helping to prevent impacts and forces from outside. Windshields have an important role in blocking impacts from outside to inside the car. Its main function helps prevent wind, dust, and rain.

In addition, it also ensures the rigidity of the vehicle structure. The driver can easily see and be protected in the case of a collision. However, in the process of driving in traffic, external factors such as collisions will cause the windshield to be cracked, broken, or concave… This will lose the aesthetics of the car. More importantly, it reduces the safety of the driver when traveling on the road. 

When Do You Need To Replace A Windshield?

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There’s no fixed cost for windshield replacement. (Photo:

There are several apparent signs that tell you that you need to replace a windshield. It’s usually a good time to replace your windshield, when you detect the notices below:

  • Depth of damages or cracks is an important factor to determine whether your windshield can be repaired. If the crack is over 7 cm high (based on the high of a dollar bill) or you have chips that are over 2,5 cm in diameter, you should replace the windshield immediately. As we all know, windshields have an outer layer of glass and an inner layer of plastic in the middle. If the crack is not too deep to penetrate the one layer of glass, it can be repaired.
  • Unlike other parts that need to be changed periodically, such as tires or brake pads, your windshield has a quite long lifespan. However, many auto experts recommend that you should replace the windshields every 5 years because, over time, this part can wear out due to external factors. And if not replaced in time, can cause cracked glass, reduced visibility, and even accidents. But we can affirm that the best way to know when your windshield needs replacement is to observe if its surface has any cracks or if the glass has any weakened spots.

Besides, when driving your car on the road or parking it somewhere, situations can happen that you can’t expect. For example, there are cases where something falls on your windshield, or it is possible that the crushed stone is splashed on the glass or the worst situation is an accident, all of these cases can cause the windshield to crack or break, and the consequence is that you will need to replace this cracked windshield. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield?

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The total cost varies widely and ranges from $250 to $500 or more. (Photo:

What exactly goes into the price of replacing your windshield? There’s no fixed cost for windshield replacement. The total cost varies widely and ranges from $250 to $500 or more. In your opinion, what factors affect the cost of windshield replacement? The cost will have some minor attributes like the model, the age of your car, windshield replacement service, and features of the windshield (some windshields are equipped with radio antenna, heating elements for the wipers when parking, and graduated tinting…etc).

For example, when you take your car to local shops for replacing the windshield, it will cost about $200 including the labor cost, however, if you go to the dealers, the prices will range from $400-$600 because they use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshields. Don’t forget to check the insurance policy for your car because, in some states or some shops, car insurance will cover a part or whole of the cost when replacing a windshield. So make sure you make the most of these benefits. 

Should I Replace Or Repair Damaged Windshield?

Replacing or repairing your windshield will depend on the severity of the damage. Windshield replacement costs can be expensive but a necessary expense when your safety is an issue. If on your windshield surface appear one or two small chips that are under the size of a quarter, in this case, you don’t need to worry and just need a simple repair.

Vice versa if the damages are over the size of a quarter, you need to consider replacing your windshield. This crack will grow in size over time and will hinder your vision in the driving process, especially in accidents, weak or cracked windshields are unable to hold up an impact and it will be dangerous for drivers. Knowing how important your windshield is to your overall driving safety, probably changes the attitude you originally had about the overall cost of replacing it. After all, If your windshield is damaged, you’re putting yourself and the passengers in dire danger.

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How To Replace The Windshield By Yourself (Detailed steps)

It is very important to ensure that the windshield is always in good condition. If it’s time to replace the windshield, it should be done seriously to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. 

Step 1: Remove the old windshield


  • Starting with the plastic clips around the windshield.


To keep the plastic moldings in place, clips are used, in this step, all you need to do is carefully pull them out. 


  •  Find the best angle to remove molding.


The pinch-weld is a surface at the front of the vehicle where metal parts are welded together. This part helps to create the structure and form the frame for the windshield. To be able to remove the windshield, you need to cut the windshield out of the metal frame. This can be done from inside or outside the vehicle depending on your model.

3. Cut the urethane glue layer

Urethane is a glue made of polymers but is very flexible. If this layer of glue is too thin, there will not be enough room for the knife to cut and it will make the glass easily break, so cutting urethane should be done carefully and slowly. When removing the windshield from the outside you will have difficulty because this glue is very flexible and strong, so normally, people will remove the windshield from the inside of the car. Slide the razor several times to scrape off the glue. Note when replacing the windshield of a car, avoid using electric scissors because it will cause a lot of damage to the metal frame.

4. Remove the windshield from the vehicle.

To remove the windshield, we will need two people. A person from inside pushed the glass out gently. The other on the outside supports and lifts the glass from the metal frame.

Step 2: Clean the frame before installing a new windshield

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Using a brush and water to clean to reduce the adhesion of urethane glue. (Photo:

Before replacing the car windshield, the first step is to clean the dirt and impurities on the pinch-weld. Using a brush and water to clean to reduce the adhesion of urethane glue. Then continue to use a razor to remove the excess urethane layer. Cutouts to reduce the length of the glue layer to 3mm.

In addition, it is also necessary to remove all rusted areas to clean the windshield frame. During cleaning, use tape, paper, or plastic to cover the area that does not need to be cleaned to prevent impurities from sticking to the paint, helping to protect the inside of the car. Then there is the step of priming the metal to help the urethane glue layer have more adhesion, the metal will not rust. 

Step 3: Install a new windshield

In order for the molecule of the windshield to receive the elements of the new urethane glue, we need a primer coat (black array around the windshield). Then proceed to use an electric caulking gun to spray the urethane glue layer. The last step is to replace the car windshield with a new one. Observe visually to align sides for balance. Then place the new car windshield on the metal frame to finish. However, it takes 1 – 24 hours for the urethane adhesive to dry and bond before you can drive. Driving while the urethane adhesive has not yet dried is dangerous, which can result in the glass breaking or loosening.

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Sum Up: How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield?

Compared to the safety and benefits of the windshield, it can be seen that replacing this part costs nothing. Cracked windshields can become a massive safety hazard If unattended windshields are replaced timely. You may choose to repair the windshield if the damage is a small chip. In some situations, the repair is your only option. However, there are situations where the cracks may be minor but you will need a replacement for the entire windshield. The windshield replacement may cost much more than the repair cost; however, it may be the best option to ensure your safety.