Stopping Windshield Cracks with Effective Ways

It does not take long for a small windshield chip to turn into a full-fledged crack. And, when it spreads, it not only ruins the glass but also becomes a safety issue. It reduces the visibility while driving, leading to severe accidents on the road. So, stopping windshield cracks, no matter how small it is, should be your priority. So in this article we will discuss and answer the main question: How to stop a windshield cracks from spreading?

Special regards before stopping windshield cracks from spreading

1. Put the decal on the crack

When the car windshield got break, you should try to keep the cracks clean by putting the decal to prevent dirt and water from entering. Thus, the crack breaks ensure the transparency after welding.

Put the decal from stopping windshield cracks
Put the decal from stopping windshield cracks (photo source: FamilyStickersTV @ Youtube)

2. Limitation of driving

Use car as little as possible before you bring to the store for inspection. The vibration and temperature difference can quickly turn the tiny “cracks” for all the way among the glass.

3. Do not touch the crack

In addition to sharpness, the lubricant from your hands will reduce the repair effect and sometimes just a slight touch will also make the crack wider.

Remember not to touch the cracks!
Remember not to touch the cracks! (photo source: Shutterstock)

4. Do not crash doors or trunk

The vacuum inside the cabin will create sudden pressure on your car windshield. Lower your window glass to avoid this situation.

5. The change in temperature can make worse situations

If possible, avoid getting wet and do not attempt to heat the glass. One of these moves will trigger cracks due to temperature changes between the two sides of the glass. Avoid parking in direct sunlight for the reasons stated above. Find a garage to park until you have finished.

How to Stop A Windshield Cracks from Spreading?

The damage on the glass can be of various types. It could be a chip, a crack, or a bull’s eye. Regardless of everything, it will extend because the windshield glass continuously expands and contracts due to pressure and temperature change. Fortunately, there are several ways to know how to stop windshield cracks from spreading.

1. A Repair Kit

Available at any automotive parts supply store, a repair kit is the easiest way of stopping windshield cracks. It comes with a kind of specialized resin. All you have to do is to clean the damaged part and apply the resin to keep it protected from outside elements. It will prevent the split from spreading further.

Prepare for yourself a windshield repair kit
Prepare for yourself a windshield repair kit (photo source: Amazon)

2. Super Glue

If it is a tiny chip and you don’t have a repair kit, a strong fast-acting adhesive like super glue can be handy. Put a few drops on to the spot and spread the glue out evenly. It will firmly hold both the sides.


3. Nail Polish

If you have no other way of stopping windshield cracks, nail polish could be a great temporary solution. You have to clean the spot and the surrounding area properly before applying it. Use the clear acrylic polish on both sides of the chink. Nonetheless, it will only keep the glass intact for some time. You will have to visit a repair shop as soon as possible.

4. Drive Carefully

If you don’t have any of these items within your reach, your only solution with stopping windshield cracks is to take the car to a shop and get checked by an expert. Before that, you should follow some measures to stop the damage from getting worse.

Avoid driving in the sun and extreme temperature because these conditions will heat up the glass and cause the split to expand. Similarly, extremely cold environments should be avoided at any cost as it will contract the glass, causing the crack to spread eventually.

Also, it will be better to avoid debris because a simple repair will be complicated dirt gets stuck inside the damaged spot. Don’t even drive on rough roads too as bumping and shaking will make the split bigger and bigger.

Some tips and warnings while using these tips above

  • Use a soft cloth instead of a tissue to clean the windshield. Many tissue products can scratch the windshield.
  • For deep scratches, you should not use nail polish or metal polish solution, but buy a professional repair kit. If scratches can interfere with vision during driving, change a new windshield to ensure safe driving for yourself and others.
  • Be careful when using metal polish solution. Only keep the cloth applied to the polish on the surface of the scratch. If you wipe off other areas, the windshield can be scratched.

Ways to care and protect your car windshield

Besides offering solutions of how to stop a windshield cracks, we also provide some tips to care and protect your car windshield from cracking below:

1. Clean the dusty windshield

Windshield cleaning is one of the most important things that car owners must pay attention to. If the windshield is blurred due to dust, you may be exposed to hazards due to limited vision. Just spend 30 minutes and a little money, you can bring the car windshield back to shiny state as new.

2. The glass is blurred due to the water vapor

The cause of the windshield is blurred due to the high humidity in the air or the body temperature and breathing of the person sitting in the car. If parked outdoors, fogging glass is unavoidable even if you have not opened the door.

3. Use air conditioning

The easiest way to stop a frosted glass is to use air conditioning if your car is equipped. On hot days, the air conditioner will cool the car by removing steam in the interior space, thereby reducing the temperature. Therefore, when you turn on the air conditioner, the amount of water vapor on the windscreen surface will immediately evaporate. Even the moisture in your breath is dispersed into the air instead of the windshield.

Final Words

These methods for stopping windshield cracks will work if the fracture is not too big and does not extend from one end of the glass to another. You will need to change the windshield if the damage is beyond repair.

If you are interested in this kind of maintenance tips for your cars, follow us for more daily updated articles around many types of knowledge to satisfy your own demands.