How to Discharge Car AC at Home?

Almost every car has an air conditioning system for making the interior chill and contented in hot days. These systems work with the car’s defroster to remove humidity from the interior and stop window icing and fogging. Sometimes, it may happen that you need to discharge your vehicle’s AC yourself. To help you out, here are some steps that will tell you how to discharge car AC at home. Read out below!

How to Discharge car AC at Home? Everything you need to Know!

Before discharge, you should determine that your vehicle’s air conditioning system encloses pure refrigerant. You can take help of a refrigerant purity status tool. This electronic tool is connected to the AC service port of the car and provides the reading of a small sample of the refrigerant.

Try to recuperate impure refrigerant in another separate container if any. For discharging process, you need an AC recovery and recharge machine. Now, connect this machine to the AC service docks. The blue cap indicates the low-pressure connector, and the red cap states the high-pressure part. You will notice the same colored hoses on the machine also.

Explore how to discharge car ac at home
How to discharge car ac at home in the right way. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In case there is some confusion about the connectors, you can follow expert maintenance tips by auto experts. Now, connect these hoses to the equivalent ports. Don’t forget to note any pressure readings of the system on the AC recovery gear’s gauge. It’s time to start the discharging process. Majority of the AC service machinery is automatic, you need to push just one button or rotate the knob.

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The pump present in the machine will begin, making the refrigerant move inside the equipment’s inner tank. You will notice that the pressure gauges will fall down as the refrigerant is improved. Let the AC service machine make the system down so that some vacuum subsists. As soon as the gauges arrive at zero, it means that the revival process from the car is complete, and no further refrigerant is left in the system.

Some Final Steps

Let the system grasp the vacuum for around ten minutes. If the car is not able to uphold the vacuum, it probably means that the AC system contains a leak that should be repaired before recharging with refrigerant. Now, program the recovery machine to give out the quantity of refrigerant needed by the car’s system.

You can begin the charging process by making the machine ‘ON’. After the process is completed, check the air-conditioning system of your car for proper function.


Procedure to know how to discharge a car at home
Look out for how to discharge a car at home. Source: Justdial

Now, you might know how to discharge a car at home. Don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned procedure carefully. Remember not to discharge the AC system by removing or loosening a hose.

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