Why Rear Wheel Drive Honda Cars Still a Far Thought For the Brand?  

It’s true that no matter how well-engineered, front-wheel drive (FWD) cars are they do compromise when it comes to speed. While they have certain disadvantages in terms of efficiency and packaging, however, no rear wheel drive Honda (RWD) cars will be available even in the coming years. The brand sticks either to front-wheel drive or with all-wheel drive (AWD) cars only. Surprisingly, Honda once made well-regarded RWD cars but it’s an old story now.

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History and Filtration of Rear Wheel Drive Honda Cars

This question puzzles most people as Honda once made successful RWD cars in the market. The first generation Honda S2000 roadster had a rear-while drive with exceptional performance and handling. According to statistics, the model was extremely successful in Japan and the United States.

Rear wheel drive Honda cars
History of rear wheel drive Honda cars. Source: TheThings

Unfortunately, the second generation was not as successful as the first model and eventually discontinued in the year 2009. At this time, it was rumored that Honda will manufacture a full-size sedan with a V8 engine and RWD handling under the president, Takeo Fukui.

Before V8 got on roads, sadly, the world hit the economic crises and Takanobu Ito replaced Fukui. Within no time, Ito announced that Honda is not going for V8 engine or RWD. Instead, the brand will focus on hybrid cars, FWD, V6 engines and inline-four. And then, Rear wheel drive Honda cars were not present in the imaginations as well.

Rear Wheel Drive Essence and Reputation

Simply put, the essence of RWD never matches its reputation. Ask a sports car lover to name a luxury or muscle car, there’s no way the car can work without an RWD drivetrain. RWD is simply outstanding. RDW’s reputation is marvelous and hence, impossible to define it.

1. Why is RWD Better?

Choosing Rear wheel drive Honda cars
Why choosing Rear wheel drive Honda cars. Source: CityConnectApps

At first, RWD has much better balance than FWD. In FWD car, the transmission, the engine and axle assembly all are in one line with the front wheel. In addition to this, RWD distributes the weight of the car with the help of longitudinal engine placement, middle transmission and the axle assembly at the back end. Better balance provides better handling and steering, especially when it comes to around corners. Often people with FWD car use under-steer or over-steer to denigrate the drive train. This means you have to be careful when driving an FWD car.

Rear Wheel Drive Honda Car - the reason to choose
Rear Wheel Drive Honda Car – the reason to choose. Source: AutoGuide.com

This is not the case with RWD. It has more rugged axle and easy to run over potholes and curbs without affecting the car. As everything is loaded in the front of the FWD, it needs much more carefulness than RWD. To your surprise, the CV joints of Honda need full replacements – rare people know this. Also, you need certain driving and maintenance tips in order to drive FWD cars.

Honda is being rigid with its decision of not using the RWD when it can clearly win millions of hearts. In fact, people want the brand to come with RWD cars in the market. Rear wheel drive Honda cars can surely gain popularity and can become a lucrative decision for the brand.