FWD Vs RWD – Choose The Best One For You

The behavior of each vehicle fluctuates on the surface according to the features with which it encapsulates. Whether, your car has a Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive, the system response changes respectively. Therefore, FWD Vs RWD is one of the most infectious ponders amongst drivers. So which one should you actually use? To answer this question, a precise difference between these two features becomes crucial.

So let’s discover how rear wheel drive Vs front wheel drive performs in a different way.

FWD Vs RWD – The Precise Disparity

If the perplexity of picking one out of FWD and RWD spins your brain, you are at the right place. Here the head-to-head difference between these two features will enlighten you to select the suitable feature for your coupé. So check it out!

1. Front Wheel Drive

In the disparity of FWD Vs RWD, let’s see who wins. As the name suggests, FWD meaning is all about the movement of front wheels. The transmission in FWD cars is transferred to the front tires form the engine. In simple words, in FWD cars, the front tires pull the entire weight. Rear wheels remain powerless and have no movement. The entire phenomenon is beneficial in such a way that the vehicle is less likely to spin out because of maximum traction on the front wheels. In addition, the fuel economy dwindles as the weight of drive train decreases. Besides, in an FWD car, there is no transmission between the engine and rear wheels; hence, the absence of hump results in cargo space for the passengers. It eventually leads the FWD car manufacturing to be cheap and within the budget.

Difference between FWD Vs RWD
Disparity of FWD Vs RWD (Photo Source: 4tuning)

On the dark side, managing the entire functions is a bit complex as every action is performed on the front only. The control issue can be risky in some catastrophic situations. However, the braggers can miss the drifting feature in FWD car. But the maintenance cost of an FWD vehicle is quite low as the entire system is built on a single unit. Therefore, any fault is easy to detect and resolve. Now you know what is FWD and how it works. Next, you will become familiar with RWD feature.

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2. Rear Wheel Drive

Well, there is no doubt about what is RWD as it’s clear from the name that the entire car movement relies on the rear wheels only. Normally, you can find this feature in high-end sedan and sports cars. When talking about FWD Vs RWD, an RWD car promotes more power than FWD. A long drive shaft becomes the medium between the engine and rear wheels through which transmission is transferred. Therefore, contains hump that occupies maximum space. Unlike forward drive wheel, rear drive wheel offers better control of the vehicle. But it demands a lot of power to accelerate the car every time. Hence, the fuel economy augments ultimately in RWD.

Moreover, the availability of the drive shaft makes the RWD cars quite costly. In addition, the maintenance cost bumps up too. So it’s preferable to learn some DIY maintenance tips to avoid extra expense on the repair. On the bright side, there are fewer chances of front tires to wear out. This is because rear tires undertake the responsibility to carry the weight and transfer power. Everything that front wheels are going to do is just collaborate with the steering wheel. This is why drifting in rear wheel drive is pretty amazing.

Despite the factor that RWD has better control, it somehow has failed to avoid sliding in the snow, rain, and other slippery surfaces. Conversely, the superior balance in RWD cars is the reason behind an enhanced braking system and less torque steer. Therefore, a smooth drive is guaranteed.

Know about FWD Vs RWD
Contradiction of FWD Vs RWD (Photo Source: besthdwallpaper)

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3. Recommendation

If you are buying a car for your family, FWD is the best choice. Long drivers that drive through less traffic area can find FWD suitable as it provides the better gas mileage, and less maintenance cost. Those who love to acquire most out of their buckle RWD car is the best option as it provides better control, mileage, and less likelihood of front wheel to wear out. FWD is cost-effective, and anybody can afford it. Buying RWD, on the other hand, is a costly affair. So you know every aspect of RWD and FWD cars, make your choice and enjoy your ride.

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Winding Up

FWD Vs RWD – this contradiction has the upshot that one can choose the feature that suits their expectations from a vehicle. The sports lover can go for high mileage RWD. Those who want a personal utility vehicle, which is affordable FWD is the best fit. Overall, it’s the matter of choice and requirement. So consider these tips and choose the best one for you.