Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes: 5 Reasons Why They Are So Expensive

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of luxury vehicles. Also, it’s a trustable brand for high-quality and high-performance cars. But, why are the Mercedes-Benz oil changes so expensive?

One single oil change takes something between $200 and $300 while you can get that service for some other luxurious brands like Lexus at a fraction of the cost.

The Reasons Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes Are Expensive

You can cut the expense by a great margin by doing the oil-changing in your garage. But, that is another story. This time, we will find out what could be the reasons for the service being overpriced.

1. The Quality of the Oil

All the vehicles manufactured in Germany use fuels that meet European (ACEA) specifications with the ratings of A3/B3 or A3/B4. These are synthetic-grade oils that cost more than traditional motor oils. 

Mercedes vehicles go even one step further, requiring fuel that meets Mercedes 229.5 specifications. So, the high price of the fuel contributes to the high price tags of the Mercedes-Benz oil changes

why is take 5 oil change so expensive
All Mercedes-Benz cars require high-quality fuels. (Photo: nneirda/123RF)

2. Higher Fuel Capacity

The fuel tanks of most German cars are bigger than the ones manufactured in Japan, the United States, and other countries. As you need to purchase more oil to fill up the tank, the cost of oil change Mercedes Benz will increase.

3. Different Oil-Changing Method

You need to drain the oil out of the pan at the time of changing the oil in your car. But, a Mercedes car requires emptying the oil of the engine. 

This technique demands expertise and expensive vacuum equipment, adding more to the total expenses.

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4. Extra Services

An oil change does not mean that it’s just an oil change. The mechanic will check several car parts including the fuel filter, oil filter, and cupe filter, and change them if needed. 

These filters need to be checked and replaced at least once a year. Besides, you have to add the costs of wiper blade replacement, tire rotation, car wash, and labor.

5. The Dealer

Going to an authorized dealer for Mercedes-Benz oil changes will cost you more than having the service at an Indy shop. 

The dealer charges more because they have to spend more for the shop, Mercedes-Benz maintenance cost, and paying the salary of an army of educated and qualified technicians. 

Also, finding a reputable shop is rather difficult and does not guarantee the top-notch servicing that the dealer offers

oil change for mercedes cost
Servicing an authorized dealer costs more. (Photo:

Is There Any Way to Reduce the Costs?

Taking the car to an independent servicing shop or changing the oil by yourself is the solution. However, you should not worry too much about the high-priced Mercedes-Benz oil changes

You will find it rather cost-effective if compared with the oil-changing costs of cars from other models. Most people drive almost 12,000 miles a year. Average vehicles need an oil change after 3,000 to 5,000 miles, which means four oil-changing in a single year. 

On the other hand, you don’t need to do it more than once per year for a Mercedes-Benz because the cars use high-quality synthetic oil and their fuel tank is bigger.

Be Aware Of Your Oil Changing Bill

As you may know, the oil price contributes most of the total Mercedes oil change cost

With the kind of high-performance engine like that in Mercedes-Benz, Mobil 10W/40 synthetic oil is specifically required at between 7 to 9 liters each time changing oil for a single engine. 

You need to dip into your pocket to pay from 8 to 12 dollars per liter, and the oil price varies according to engine specifications.

Furthermore, if you ever wonder how much are oil changes for Mercedes, each procedure also entails a fleece filter, which is expensive too.

A cheap paper filter instead of a fleece filter may reduce the total Mercedes-Benz oil change price but is not recommended.

Finally, your Mercedes-Benz engine’s age determines the type of oil you need to change. For example, all of the new engines, including turbo or supercharged engines, require such full synthetic oil as Mobil 1 while older engines need oil that originates from minerals to run. 

All drivers should not change synthetic oil for old generations of Mercedes-Benz engines.

how much is oil change for mercedes benz
The Mercedes-Benz engine’s age determines the type of oil you need to change. (Photo: MercedesBlog)

Why Do You Have To Make Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes Regularly?

Find out below why you have to change your car oil on a regular basis, on time and by professional recommendations.

1. Protecting your engine from wear and tear

Overall, the Mercedes Benz oil change cost may concern you at some point. However, its benefit on your car engine can be incomparable. 

Mercedes-Benz engines are quite advanced. They contain more complicated moving components, sophisticated engineering, and can rotate faster than ever before! That makes the oil that preserves them even more vital.

Moving elements such as the crankshaft and camshafts, valves and pistons, variable valve timing and lift systems, and variable valve timing and lift systems must be lubricated as they rapidly spin and slide up against other metal parts. 

The oil in the engine begins to degrade over time. It ultimately loses its lubricating characteristics, which can cause internal engine damage. 

Furthermore, when oil degrades, sludge can accumulate inside the engine, clogging the internals. Simply get the oil changed on a regular basis to avoid this harm!

2. Routine maintenance keeps the car warranty in good standing

Every Mercedes-Benz comes with a new car warranty, which protects you from the expenses of a manufacturing flaw. If something goes wrong with your automobile through no fault of your own within the warranty period, Mercedes-Benz will repair it at no cost to you.

However, it is critical to keep up with regular maintenance items during the guarantee time. This includes routine oil changes. Failure to change the oil on a regular basis and replace it with Mercedes-Benz recommended engine oil may void your new car warranty.

This is due to the fact that changing the oil at the mileage intervals advised by Mercedes-Benz is critical for maintaining your engine in peak condition. 

oil change mercedes benz cost
It is critical to keep up with regular maintenance during the guarantee time. (Photo: Autohaus on Edens)

Routine maintenance performed by the specialists at our service facility will guarantee that your warranty is maintained, protecting you from unexpected repair charges.

3. Changing Mercedes Benz’s oil & filters keeps your engine clean

An oil change service does more than simply replenish the oil. They also change the oil filter, which helps to filter out junk in the engine.

Furthermore, as engines age, little particles of debris might accumulate deep inside the engine. Yet they do no harm owing to the engine oil. Any dirt or dust that makes its way into the engine and avoids the oil filter is suspended in the oil. 

This prevents any particles from causing internal engine harm. Changing the oil and filters maintains your engine clean. As a result, the engine performs better. It also lasts longer. 

Changing the oil in your engine on a regular basis helps to avoid wear and other problems that can lead to costly repairs down the road.

4. An authorized Mercedes-Benz service center provides the best engine care

Although the Mercedes Benz one is not the most expensive oil change, oil changes on a Mercedes are more difficult than in a standard commuter car. 

A Mercedes-Benz service center, such as ours at MB of Temecula, will utilize a sophisticated vacuum extractor to remove any remnants of old oil, ensuring that there is no sludge or debris in the engine and that all of the old oil is extracted. 

In a conventional car, simply letting the oil drain through the drain plug is sufficient, but not in a Mercedes. The local franchise quick lube shop or corner garage may lack the necessary current tools to properly repair your Mercedes-Benz. 

That is just another reason why you should get your Mercedes-Benz serviced at an authorized repair facility like ours!

oil changes on a mercedes
Oil changes on a Mercedes are more difficult than in a standard commuter car. (Photo: Tavarish)

How Often Should You Perform Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes?

According to the Mercedes-Benz Of Bedford, the 3,000-mile-oil-changing advice was valid years ago, but today’s automobiles are designed to operate cleaner and more effectively than ever before. 

Using synthetic oil in your car helps you to go longer and longer between oil changes, giving you more money in your pocket. As a consequence, Mercedes-Benz oil service is only required once each year.

  • Synthetic oil is required for all Mercedes-Benz cars made after 2010. So, if you drive a newly made model, you may confidently keep your regularly scheduled Service A and Service B appointments.
  • If you drive a model-year-old Mercedes-Benz, an oil change interval of 5,000 to 7,500 miles is probably more suitable.

And whichever service is suitable for your car, you should always anticipate the oil change cost on Mercedes Benz in advance to be the most well-prepared. 

What Are Included In Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes?

Nobody understands your Mercedes better than the service professionals at your local dealership. They have received factory training in order to properly maintain and repair your car.

While conventional oils are still widely used and were most likely used when your vehicle was new, your dealership service department supplies a broad choice of brands and types of oil that will meet the demands of your vehicle and its type of usage.

Consult your owner’s handbook for information on oil type, oil quantity, drain plug size/oil filter sizes and locations. In addition, you can also do the deed yourself to save a significant amount on the cost of Mercedes Benz oil change.

Check out this video from FCP Euro on easy oil-related services for a Mercedes!

Wrapping Up

We have just scrolled through some notices on Mercedes-Benz oil changes and the reasons why Mercedes oil changes are so expensive. Hope you get insightful information on this and see you later with more maintenance tips with Car From Japan!