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How to Take Care Of A Car bBrake – A How To DIY

How to Take Care Of A Car bBrake – A How To DIY
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Brakes are the most important part of a car. There is no way you can drive without brakes. Even if the brake is not in good condition, then there are big chances of the accident. Therefore, all drivers need to know how to take care of a car brake.

Check your brakes at least once a year

Check your brakes periodically to keep up routine maintenance on your vehicle. At a minimum, this should be done at least once a year – plan a brake check at the same time you get your tires rotated. A thorough brake inspection should include brake pad/lining wear, your brake fluid level, rotor thickness, the condition of hoses and brake lines, as well as your brake lights and dashboard warning lights.

Brake Pads

The brake pads are those assist your car in stopping the wheels from moving, along with the rotor. These wear down with time from continuous wear from creating the friction necessary to stop a vehicle.

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Replacing brake pads are a normal part of car maintenance. If you can see your brake pads without removing wheels or other parts; it will be an easy way to check on them. In contrast, your wheel may need to be removed to check the brake pads. This is how to take care of a car brake by replacing brake pads:

  • If the brake pads have 1/8” or less of padding, it’s time to replace them.
  • The rotor disc should be shiny and may have some lines. However, if you see grooves and rough spots, you may need to have the rotor replaced.
  • Next, check for brake dust. This one should stay on your front tires and around on your car. If the brake dust suddenly disappears, it could be a sign that you need to replace them immediately since they are completely worn.
  • If you hear a metallic screeching noise when you brake, it could be a key indicator that you need a brake pad replacement.
  • Also, anyhow you feel your car shake, grind or pull to one side when you hit the brakes; it’s a sign that they need to be checked.

how to take care of a car brake

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a clear type of hydraulic fluid used in your car’s brake system. It helps absorb heat and disperse it throughout the brake system.

Brake fluid also absorbs water, which can cause damage to other parts of the brake system. Consequently, it’s important to change the brake fluid when the liquid turns into a dark color. You can check your brake fluid under the hood of your car. Look at your owner’s manual for the type of brake fluid used for your vehicle.

How to take care of a car brake – Alert to Signs

It is important to be alert to signs that you might be having problems with your brakes. Clues that something’s wrong with your brakes include:

  • Your brake warning light comes on (including the ABS warning light).
  • Unusual noise when you apply the brakes – especially grinding or squealing noises.
  • Your car’s response when you hit the brakes – such as if your car pulls in one direction or another, or shakes.
  • The feel of the brake pedal – such as if the brake pedal is too soft (goes to the floor when you press the pedal) or hard (hardly moves when you press the pedal).

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Maybe… Professional Mechanics

When it comes to replacing brakes, there are only a few people who can determine which maintenance job is applicable. For the rest of us, a mechanic is the best solution. In that case, here are some tips to get the best deal when buying new brakes.

  • Take your car to a local mechanic to determine if your brakes need replacing. They are professionals who know how to take care of a car brake. It’s common to have your brakes replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles.
  • Get one or more quotes before you decide to have the work done. You may find that another reputable mechanic can do the job for a more affordable price. Make sure that you ask questions; and you can even ask to see the parts that need to be replaced to see if they are worn. The mechanics need to guarantee their work.
  • Schedule your appointment at your convenient time. If it’s going to take a while, make arrangements for transportation.
  • Check your break and make sure your drive is secure before paying.
  1. moses kamau says

    I love Japanese cars because of their high performance n reliability. I have a Nissan b12 twin cam 1987 series n I love how it has served me. I wish their production can resume! They were and still are the real machines.

  2. Becca Holton says

    It was nice that you were specific about how often you should have your brakes checked. I’ve always wondered how often that should be done since I’ve heard different answers from everyone I’ve asked. Although, I’ll probably end up having my brakes checked more than once a year because I feel like it’s safer to avoid the minimum requirement.

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald says

    Thanks for the great tips for taking care of brakes. I like how you mentioned that brake fluid can absorb water and cause problems. The last time the brake fluid was changed was a long time ago, so we need to get that looked at.

  4. Harry Sullivan says

    There is no doubt in the fact i.e vehicle engine is tempting but brakes are not. That is the main reason why a car engine usually gets enough regard and brakes get encrusted in flakes. But I would like to tell that if anyone wants to drive safely on the highway, then the brake is the meat and potatoes. Many car owners usually have a belief that brakes stop the vehicle. I feel sorry to say that they are wrong. Because brakes don’t stop the vehicle, rather it only helps to cease the wheel from turning and finally, the traction of tires against the road surface slackens the speed and stops the automobile. Thus, brake needs to be in a good shape for the smooth running of the vehicle. And without regular inspection, no one can keep his car brake in 24-carat order. So, every car owner should check their brakes at regular intervals either by their own or taking the help of a profound technician in order to remain safe while navigating on the road.

  5. henry says

    What contribute the heating at back tyres ?in that after driving for short distance the drum and the rim gets hot

  6. Roger Middleton says

    I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to check your brakes at least once a year to make sure there aren’t any problems. My wife’s brakes haven’t been in the best shape and I’m worried about them. I’ll have to start looking around for a company that can handle a brake service for us, and we’ll be sure to get them checked every year going forward.

  7. Frank Delaware says

    My wife and I noticed that the brakes on her car are getting pretty worn down, and we were thinking about getting them replaced soon. I love that you say that if there is 1/8″ or less of padding, you should replace them. We will definitely have to check that as well as our other cars! Thanks!

  8. Jason perez says

    Brake is an important part of the vehicle which needs maintenance regularly for effective performance. It is very dangerous to drive with damaged brake, so different components of the brake including the brake fluid should be evaluated and maintained. Lack of adequate amount of brake fluid could reduces the effectiveness of the braking system. So, the quantity and quality of brake fluid needs to be inspected on a daily basis.

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