Useful Brake Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Brakes are the most important part of a car. There is no way you can drive without brakes. Even if the brake is not in good condition, then there are big chances of the accident. Therefore, all drivers need to know how to take care of a car brake. So, in this article, we will discuss about the reason why we have troubles with brake and show you specific DIY steps of brake maintenance tips.

The harmful agents for car brakes

When driving in precipitation conditions, the brakes are prone to problems such as heat generation, dirt and dust. This is also one of the damaging factors that brake pads lead to braking does not work well. If the brakes appear to have a squeak or the expression of brake jam, the possibility of brake pads is worn quickly.

Brake maintenance tips
The harmful agents for car brakes you should know

Similarly, for the rear drum brakes, when there is a strange sound at the brake or brake jam, it means the brake is worn out or the oil is dry. So we will provide to you the to-do-list while you do brake maintenance tips.

Attentions in checking and maintaining the brake system for your car

1. Observe while driving

While driving, be aware of how the brake system works.

Brake maintenance tips
Observe the car pedal while driving
  • If the pedal on the brake pedal is not solid, or the pedal almost hit the new “sticking”, then these are signs to be tested. The cause may be a lack of oil, or oil leak somewhere.
  • If the brake pedal is vibrating or the steering wheel is a sign that you need to replace the brake disc, or the brake disc is worn out, you need to cover it again.
  • You need to listen to the beeps sounds that sign a worn. For example, hissing, or the sound of metal rubbing against one another indicates that the brake is worn. Failure to pay attention promptly will lead to serious harm.

2. Observe the engine compartment

While not driving, we can open the cap to see how much oil has been stored in the box. Most oil viscosity cartridges are so easy to control. This control should be performed once a month.

Brake maintenance tips
Observe the engine compartment

If the oil level is low, it must be added. But if you notice that the oil level drops regularly, it is a sign that the system is leaking somewhere, possibly in the oil piping of the win system.

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3. Check the winch system under the car

To test the winch system, the car needs to be raised high. Make sure that the flexible hose and hard metal hose leak or leak.

Brake maintenance tips
Check the winch system under the car

Metallic piping runs along the length of the car, so it’s important to check it all. At the same time, it is important to check the rubber piping that transfers oil to the “oil pigs” located at the wheel. With soft hoses, there should be no place to be rude, because the haggard is a sure sign of leaks. Do not let these pipes touch the moving parts of the car, or the heaters, such as the cathode tube.

4. “Discharge the wind” in the brake system

After replacing the brake discs, replacing the brake pads and oil, you will often see the operator performing a “brake discharge” for the brake system. This is because in the brake fluid and the oil and air ducts (the air in the brake when the brakes are worn out, when the brake fluid is low), the brakes are less efficient. Then, the “wind discharge” in the brake system will ensure the brakes operate more efficiently and safely.


Specific steps for brake maintenance tips – DIY

1. Preparation of tools

  • Repair kits.
  • Lift car tool.
  • Cleaning stuff.

2. Specific steps

First of all, it is necessary in brake maintenance tips is to insert the front wheels of the vehicle, release the brakes, and ease the rear wheel nuts.

Use the rear axle to lift the car and then use the tool to remove the rear wheels off the axle.

Brake maintenance tips
Specific steps in brake maintenance tips

Next, remove the brake drum outside, then the entire drum brakes will come out and you can start cleaning.

In addition, use clean water and dish-washing soap or use a cleaning solution to clean the brake system and the entire brake system from the dirt, including brake pads, springs, piston and brake pads.

Once the drum brakes are cleaned out of dust and mud, check out the details such as spring, brake pads that can be replaced, hand brake control cables.

Lastly, Once you have checked and adjusted the details, you need to check the brake pedal. If the brake pedal is operating normally, the brake drum can be reattached. If the brake pedal is deep or shallow, adjust the brake pad to keep the brake pad relatively close to the surface of the brake drum. Then reinstall the brake drum and wheel to complete the maintenance and cleaning of the brakes.

Cost of brake system maintenance

Typically, the cost of maintaining the brakes on a pivot shaft is between $80 and $130 not including any detailed replacement. Two brakes on two wheels on the same shaft will be maintained at the same time.

If inspecting the brake disc or brake drum is severe or rusty abrasion can be recommended to use the machine to grind to remove rust or grinding the surface. But obviously there will be an additional charge. If the brake pads wear more than 50%, the owner will be offered a new replacement because it is better than maintenance.

Brake maintenance tips
You should consider about the cost while repairing the brake systems outside

In case of replacement of the brake system will be added brake system maintenance, cleaning of parts of the brake system, lubrication additives. Normally, the brakes on each wheel will be able to be serviced 1 or 2 times and then replaced. Car owners should regularly maintain the brakes if the vehicle is running in road or rain conditions, wet or dirt roads. Especially for long distances, or in some snow-capped countries to use salt to thaw snow.

For more information about maintenance tips for your vehicles, follow us for daily updated articles to satisfy your demands and partly help your car well.