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What Drivers DO NOT Know about Brakes System

When it comes to a common car owner, brakes system is not usually what they pay much attention to. The reasons for is very basic, but important. When brakes start exhibiting the symptoms of bad health, we fail to recognize them. And, when we ignore these symptoms, especially in case of old cars, the problem only aggravates.

Even the most seemingly untypical symptom like fluid puddles on the floor under your car could spell a problem with car brakes. So, here are 5 things that you probably didn’t know about brakes, but should know all the same.

5 Things that Drivers Do Not Know about Brakes System

Only once you know what the problem is, will you be able to remedy it. And, it applies for all sorts of cars – manual, automatic, or hybrid. These 5 things will tell you what you must always keep in mind if you want to take care of your car brakes. So, here we go!

Worn Out Rotors

Maintaining the Brakes System
Proper care of Brakes System

Does your car brake not work as efficiently as it should? Do you need to apply more pressure than usual? Faulty or worn out rotor surface could be the reason why your car doesn’t stop as fast as it should. Rotor surface can get warped or damaged due to heat. It that case, it causes a pulsating pedal. In case it is overheated, the pedal will fail to make a grip on it. So, the rotor has a lot to do with inefficient brakes.


You may have ignored leaks but you must know that it is not worth ignoring as it indicates an issue with the hydraulic. If the brake line is leaky, you will lose the brake fluid, which can also lead to total brake failure. The clearest symptoms are puddles of fluid on the ground below your car, and the brake pedal running to the floor. Make sure you get it checked. Add this kind of check to your maintenance tips list, and you will thank yourself.

Ssssmokin’ Hot Brakes

Sounds kinda’ cool. Right? Well, it only sounds cool, but it is just the opposite of that if we talk practically. Something is dangerously wrong with your car’s brakes if your brakes are smoking. Overheated brakes are a result of burnt brake pads. Leakage of a fluid that doesn’t belong in the brakes system can also cause overheated brakes. Just in case it’s your axle seals that have seeped into the system, both, the rotors and the brake pads will be ruined.

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Brake Fade

This is something that drivers totally fail to acknowledge as anything worrisome. Brake fading is the phenomenon when it takes longer than usual for the brake to act. This may crop up as a temporary symptom due to overeating of rotors. However, if you leave it unchecked, it can come to stay. If that is the trouble you are facing, it means that both, your rotors and pads have become unresponsive. In case it has just started happening, hold it there, and go for a car parts inspection, lest you should need to change both.

Illuminated Brake Lights

Proper brakes system
Checking the brakes system

If the brake light on the dashboard illuminates without, do not think of it as an electrical issue. While in some cases it simply tells you that the parking brake is on, it is not always the case. If the light gets turned on while your handbrake is off, it can denote some serious problem with the hydraulics. It calls for a thorough inspection of the brakes system. Never, ever, must drive with that light on.

If you wish to be safe on the road, these are some things about your car’s brakes that you must know.