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Toyota RAV4 VS Nissan X-Trail: Which is better?

Compact Sports Utility Vehicles are always very popular among the mass. Here, I am going to compare Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-Trail on many standards. Both the cars are famous for their value of the money features and excellent grip on the road. So, let see what the real facts about both are.

Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-Trail Comparison

Toyota RAV4 VS Nissan X
The battle between Toyota RAV4 and Nissan X-Trail is very interesting. Source: Toyota / Nissan
Main Features Toyota RAV4 Nissan X-Trail
Passenger accommodation 5 5
Power Windows yes yes
Air Bags yes yes
Top Speed 114mph 112mph
lock 4 WD 4 WD
Pick up 8.3 second 9 seconds
MPG 31/25 31.7
Launch 1994 2000

If you are looking for an economical mid-size SUV that perfectly serves as a family cargo, Toyota RAV4 and Nissan X-Trail both are in the race with equal points. However, as we include the features comparison, the battle of Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-Trail is definitely interesting. Let us start the countdown.


Toyota RAV4 Interior
Toyota RAV4 is not exactly fit for five people but it has a number of features like power window, keyless entry, enough storage space etc… Source: Toyota

Toyota RAV4

The SUV is not exactly fit for five people as the fifth passenger can face small legroom. However, the interior of the car has a number of features like power window, keyless entry, enough storage space etc. The carcass of the SUV is just like any other modern car. Power locks, foldable rear seats, shift lever, etc. add the extra charm. The SUV is entirely dedicated to the small family where the cargo area includes a cup holder, shopping bag hooks, tie down hooks and door panel pockets. The foldable rear seat adds extra space to the cargo area, which is quite versatile. Map-lights, digital clocks, seat’s height adjustment etc. appends additional features to make it comfortable on the road.

Interior of Nissan X-Trail is perfectly fit for five adults and all features are very impressive. Source: Nissan

Nissan X-Trail

The SUV is perfect for five adults. The car is spacious but the feel of softness is missing somewhere. However, the peculiar instrument panels, extra glove box, easily accessible control, low mounted AC vents are other features, which are impressive. The chassis of the car is strong and includes all the safety features like dual front airbags, electronic brake-force distribution or anti-lock braking system.

Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X- Trails round 1 goes to Nissan for sure.

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Toyota RAV4 Exterior
Toyota RAV4 shows the entire curve beautifully along with the excellent exterior. Source: Toyota

Toyota RAV4

The car is available in three-door as well as five-door versions. It shows the entire curve beautifully along with the high window, funky wheels, and less aggressive AWD vehicle. The rear door is hinged on the right. So, It may be problematic for the right-hand drivers. The car comes with 16” steel wheels, fog light and 70 series all seasons tires. The optional lockable center and short, front and rear overhangs add some extra oomph.

Nissan X-Trail Exterior
Nissan X-Trail has a heavy looks compare to Toyota RAV4. Source: Nissan

Nissan X-Trail

Are you looking for a boxier SUV? Here is your perfect car. The monstrous Nissan X-Trail is a crossover SUV. It has a large rear hatch, optional roof rack, light towing capacity and heavy looks. Although, X-trail is not economical compared to the RAV4, but on the road it is amazing. The car is fitted with 65 series all-season tires, large power sunroof, and alloy wheels.

Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-trial round 2 goes to Toyota undisputedly.

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Performance on the Road

Performance of Toyota RAV4 on the road
Toyota RAV4 is very great for a smooth drive and easy to handle. Source: Toyota

Toyota RAV4

The driving is smooth in urban areas, but as soon as the SUV goes off road, the problem starts. The small 1.8l to 2.0l engine makes the car not so perfect on the highways. The 127 HP is definitely not, what one looks in an SUV. Here, the noisy Powertrain spoils the meaning of fun driving for sure. Apart, the SUV is fuel-efficient when one drives it at a moderate speed. Toyota RAV4 is great for a smooth drive with the family as it is easy to handle. At turns, the car starts to shine. It can execute a three-point turn, which makes it fun to drive on busy and packed roads. The vehicle is reliable when one gets comfortable with the wheels.

Performance of Nissan X-Trail on the road
Nissan X-Trail is easy to control and a bliss for a long drive on tough roads. Source: Nissan

Nissan X-Trail

Opposite to the RAV4, X-Trail is not for the urban runabout. Its tall features give great views and its strong chassis makes it easy to drive off the road. Although it does not come under sports car segment, but the interior, versatility, and space can challenge any sports car easily. It is entirely a powerful car with four-cylinder engines. Even the small gas capacity (2.0 l) delivers 40HP, which is amazing. X-Trail GT (turbocharged version) of Nissan delivers 280hp with the same gas capacity. The four-speed automatic transmission, manual transmission or five-speed transmission, either 2WD drive or 4WD drive is the real example of a versatile car.

Now, because of the less aerodynamic body, the car is not flexible on the road. However, on the bad road condition, one can change FWD to AWD mode of driving for a swift flow. Furthermore, the driving on LOCK-MODE is not safe, especially in 4WD mode. Still, the X-Trail steering and suspension are well tuned. The car is easy to control and a bliss for a long drive on tough roads.

Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-Trail round 3 goes to Nissan again for its off-road control quality.

The Ultimate Winner: Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-Trail

No doubt, Nissan X-Trail is a better choice than a Toyota RAV4 if one is looking for a sturdy car, with a powerful performance in the end. Still, choosing a car is one’s own personal choice. If one checks Toyota RAV4 vs Nissan X-Trail, on the urban road, Toyota RAV4 performs better while off-road, it cannot even chase Nissan X-Trail. Whichever car you choose, look for safety, smooth drive and your requirement first and then only decide.

  1. kwebiha rubani says

    Toyotarav4 is confortable on road and good on murum roads

    1. FRANK says


    2. FRANK says


    3. Winnie says

      Toyotarav4 is also a ladies car very feminine. I love my Rav4!

  2. Muhangi medard says

    RAV4 is economical,but Nissan X trail is good on most bumpy african roads,i like it!

  3. vusumuzi mjikwa says

    The rav4 is perfact and handles well on the road.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you for your comment. Find this article useful? Please share exciting updates with your friends and they will love it!

  4. Winyi Geberts says

    Toyata rav4 is better coz its economically car every one can afford to mantain.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment

  5. tambaoga says

    Nissan x trail good one all roads

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment. Nice choice

  6. Sibbuku says

    What about Toyota Noah with 3s engine? The advantages and disadvantage

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for asking. We will search more information about it.Please keep following us for updates

  7. Dan Korir says

    thanks soo much for such a quality presentation I have bn wondering which one is better I think I got a point here

    1. Trang Tran says

      We are glad that you like the article. Don’t forget to share with your friends!


    Nataka Rav4 ya Mwaka 2015 je, Bei gani Kwa Hela ya KITANZANIA.

    HOW MUCH RAV4 NEW MODEL 2015,? For tanzania?

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you for your comment. If you are interested in the car, please send the inquiry to or leave a message on our Facebook page: , our sales agent will contact with you.

  9. Muhangi medard says

    Both Suvs Toyota RAV4 & NISSAN XTRAIL are good but,my choice is Nissan Xtrail

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment.It is nice

  10. Malinga Soyce says

    rav 4 takes the day,comfort and economical aspect


    it is nice car sir please sent me the the colors you have


    Rav 4 is the best!

  13. Dick says

    I go for Toyota RAV 4

  14. Tiare says

    I go for toyota RAV4

  15. than htike aung says

    i like toyota rav4. i want to be a winner.

  16. lovemore musora says

    I like Nissan x-trail which is good for our roads here in africa

  17. Mohamed jama says

    I don’t have any of them, but I thing Nissan xtrail better and beauty to me and looks like a man car

  18. Beki says

    Nissan x-trial is the best

    1. Godbless kavindi says

      Toyota RAV4 is better than Nissan because first is so looked good appearance but also easy to control, need few passengers. So this good to my family

  19. Reason Gonho says

    I go for Toyota Rav4

  20. Sebastian Munyao says

    I have been a fun of Nissan cars that I recommend Nissan ex- trail as the car for my choice and been Kenya within Africa were Nissan ex- trail is most favourable in our rough roads. I love it.

  21. Amenu John Francis says

    NissanXTrail would be my choice.

  22. Justin Mutie says

    Kindly clarify when you say rav 4 is economical. Does is mean its fuel consumption is better that X-trail or is it due to availability of repairs etc.

    Also, in terms of cost, which one is cheaper, for 4wds in kenya?

    1. makololo albert says

      spares are pleñty for either

  23. Sued Omar says

    How about Subaru legacy B4 vs Toyota mark ii grande G

  24. Wilfred Mwakai says

    I prefer X-TRAIL because of its feature and looks

  25. Mary Kerich says

    i love RAVA 4 for its grip on the road and comfort it offers

  26. Like henry says

    Toyota best 4 is the best car

  27. Shafii says

    Toyota rav 4 is the best n stronger compared to x trail wth experience i have wth rav 4 snce 2014 till nw it stll functions best compered to the xtrail bought in 2016 the bamps are already shaking n the regeter heats


    Toyota rav 4 is the best and strong also price of rav 4 will never drop years and years like the same

  29. KALENGA says


  30. Hillaary says

    X trial is the best in my side especially in most of the African weather roads

  31. Denis Desdery says

    Nissan x-trail the car of my choice
    Good looking

  32. Daisy Simeza says

    I go for Toyota as my choice

  33. Sam Simba says

    for me Toyota RAVA 4 is the best and superbly cars

  34. Susan Vanorden says

    Toyota the best


    Rava4 Toyota is best and superbly fit my condition in Solomon’s.

  36. liner says

    Compare subaru forester and x trail

  37. Stephen mwaura says

    Do they still produce Diesel turbo xtrails or are they available for Kenyan market ?

  38. Edward says

    Toyota is the best…

  39. nyemba says

    For the purpose of easy maintance Toyota is the best.

  40. Fabian Lelo Sebastian says

    Nissan Ex-T is my favourite

  41. Richard assenga says

    Both 2is good.

  42. Alicia Neal says

    I’ve never driven either, but I have driven a Nissan Rogue, it belonged to my daughter. I liked the ride and the solitude. Very nice vehicle and the interior set up was perfect. Everything in arm reach that you didn’t have to take your eyes off the road. With that said, I would like to see how things are with the Nissan X-Trail.

  43. Christopher Migoha says

    I prefer Nissan Ex-trail. It is the best in our setup

  44. elizabeth says

    i need one can i be sending money until i complete

  45. Mercy Mbewe says

    Toyota brand is the best, I switch to Toyota two years and actually now to buy the new Rav 4 this year

  46. AbdulRazzaq R Bilal says

    Nissan X-trail

  47. Joseph Kajoka says

    Nissan X-trail is my choice.

  48. Joseph Kajoka says

    Nissan X-trail is my choice

  49. Chiwowa Hlupo says

    Nissan X -Trail is the best, easy to maintain and enough for an average family

  50. Mubashir yaqoob says

    Toyota win I know..

  51. Robert says

    The Rav4 is just exotic. I love it

  52. Paul Hemela says

    Toyota RAV4 is the best

  53. irakoze alain says

    Nissan X -Trail is the best, easy to maintain and enough for an average family. is my choice

  54. Kaskazi says

    Nissan x-trial is the best

  55. WILSON NGOWI says


  56. Ameen says

    i am planning to but rav 4 – 2WD (vx) here in UAE. If someone can share your ideas please do it. Its for family use. Mostly i will use like going to Office-home…..

  57. Mohamed says

    Iwant to buy Nissan xtaril how is it0?

  58. makololo albert says

    spares are pleñty for either

  59. Syed says

    I have tried both, i will go for x trial for many aspects like cruise control, cup holder with air cooler duct and capacity.

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