Clever Car Camping Tricks – Enjoy a Hassle-Free Trip

What’s the best way to escape the stresses of daily life? Go for a camping! Spending a night under a sky full of stars, dining by the campfire, and falling asleep while listening to the buzzing noises of the bugs sound like a dream. You can choose a Honda Element, Subaru Baja, or Mazda CX-5 as your trip companion but what you need to survive out in the wild and enjoy the thrill is knowing some clever car camping tricks. Otherwise, you will regret the whole trip for not bringing an RV, travel trailer or not pitching a tent at a campsite.

5 Cleaver Car Camping Tricks

Whether you are on a long road trip or spending a weekend with your car at a campsite, these clever car camping tricks will come handy:

1. Pack the gear in a bin

You will need plenty of little camping gear items for a long trip. Packing all of them in a huge bin will keep everything easily accessible and organized. These things will remain fully packed in your closet even when you are not camping.

Clever Car Camping Hacks
Pack small items in a large bin or basket. (Photo Source: camperism)

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2. Keep toiletries in small bottles

You will need toiletries like shampoo, soap, face cleansers, and other things when you are out for a few days. Pour some amount in small bottles and jars and keep all of them in a clear plastic container. Wrap the opening of the bottles and jars with a small piece of plastic before closing the cap. It will prevent spills.

3. Multifunctional tools

It should come up in every list of clever car camping tricks because it saves space, which is at a premium in a car. Choose tools and kitchenware that are small and are capable of doing more than one task. For example, a Swiss army knife with fork, spoon, and corkscrew, and a few other things will save you from the hassle of carrying all these items individually. Also, choose pot and pan sets where the items fit into one another.

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4. Privacy curtains

If you go camping on best travel trailer, you do not have to worry about it. Even some campervans could have privacy windows but the cars don’t have them. If you are sleeping in your car instead of a tent, you will need privacy curtains. Don’t have curtains? Use a rain fly to cover the windows.

5. Heat and light sources

Bring a small heat source for occasional cooking (cook over a campfire whenever possible) and heat up the interior during emergencies. Also, bring enough headlamps, flashlights, and tent lights with extra batteries. Pack the ones that also make use of solar energies.

Clever Car Camping Tricks
Packing right will help you survive the trip. (Photo Source: gearpatrol)

Some Quick-Fire Clever Car Camping Tricks

  • Plop a soap bar in a pantyhose or a netted bag and tie it to a can filled with water. Cleaning the hands won’t be a hassle anymore.
  • Store the matches in a mason jar and glue a piece of sandpaper on its cap. Take a stick and strike on the sandpaper. Simple and easy!
  • Use cupcake liners to cover the opening of the drink glasses. Enjoy a bug-free drink!
  • Bring an inflatable sleeping pad for a comfortable, bump-free sleep.
  • Carry a small music system complete with a portable speaker and a very long playlist. They will save you when you feel bored during miles and miles of driving.

Check out the video below to see more clever car camping tricks: 

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