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6 Dog-Friendly Cars to Choose From

Many of us cannot think of a day without our pets. We feel dreadful even if someone asks us about going somewhere leaving our canines back at home, or with neighbors to take care of. After all they are family! If you don’t want to miss an adventure on the road without your furry friend, you should be looking for a car that can accommodate your dog. This post is aimed at giving you some clue if you are looking for dog-friendly cars.


Toyota Prius c

This is one of the best budget friendly hybrids available in the market at the moment. The car is popular for fuel efficiency and great utility. Though it’s a compact car, it can comfortably accommodate three passengers and a dog. Your pup will love you for the large hatch door that makes jumping in and out a lot easier.

Source: Toyota

Cargo: 17.1 Cft

Off-road capability: NA

Equipment: fold-flat seats, optional cargo tray.

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Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is the right choice for you if you are looking for a dog friendly hatchback. The car has enough headroom, making it convenient for tall and big canines. And your dog can easily jump in and out through the rear hatch door. Additionally, the sunroof will save your canine friend from getting exhausted with a panoramic view.

Source: Kia

Cargo: 24.2 Cft

Off-road capability: NA

Equipment: optional rubber floor mats, cargo tray, rear climate control.

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Subaru Outback

This is a car suitable for outdoor activities. The station wagon is an all-wheel drive with enough space for your camping gears and your pup. If you love to frequent camping spots, then have a deeper look at this car.

Source: Subaru

Cargo: 35.5 Cft

Off-road capability: moderate

Equipment: optional pet barrier

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Honda Odyssey 5-Door Elite Touring

Honda manufactured this minivan targeting families with pets. When the seats are folded, it offers 148.5 Cft cargo space. Besides, the car has tinted windows and climate control feature to keep your dog and little ones cool. You can keep toys underneath the seats with storage. The thing that makes this vehicle unique is the built-in vacuum that keeps your car clean.

Source: Honda

Cargo: 148.5 Cft with seats down

Off-road capability: NA

Equipment: underfloor compartments, tinted windows, fold-flat seats optional pet barrier, built-in vacuum.

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Lexus LX 570 5-Door SUV

Seven persons can sit in this SUV which also comes with 4WD. Taking long road trips with your canine could not be any easier with this luxurious vehicle; so much so that, you can fit a dog hammock in the rear without disrupting the sitting arrangement.

Lexus_LX 570_5-Door_SUV
Source: Lexus

Cargo: 15.5 cubic feet (83.1 Cft with seats down)

Off-road capability: Satisfying

Equipment: rubber mats, pet divider, fold-flat seats, cargo tray, cargo liners.

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Nissan Titan XD PRO-4X

What about going out with all your canines? There’s a solution, too. The Nissan pickup truck is the way to go if you have more than one pup. The optional step rails make the vehicle easier for your canines to jump in or out. The large cargo bed will come handy if your dog is quite big. For its multiple advantages you can also call the Nissan Titan a ‘Pet Mover’.

Source: Nissan

Cargo: 57.8 Cft

Off-road capability: Satisfying

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