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Terrible Habits of Drivers that “Destroy” Car Battery

When it comes to damaged car battery, there is one fact that everyone has consensus on. Research says that driving habits, rather than factory defect, are the culprit behind such damage. In fact, the biggest causes of car battery failure are acid stratification and low charge. Neither of these is a result of manufacturing defects. Astoundingly, most car manufactures report battery failure in new and large luxury cars with massive power, rather than old cars. Evidently, drivers must be doing something terribly wrong.

Yes, it is the terrible habits of the drivers that render the batter inefficient and defunct in so many cases. These range from ignoring timely servicing to adopting wasteful habits. So, let’s run through 5 terrible habits that can wreak havoc with your car’s battery, and the maintenance tips to avoid them.

5 Terrible Driving Habits of Drivers that “Destroy” Car Battery

These terrible habits lead to exhaustion and acid stratification in the battery, leaving it exhausted, and totally ineffective. Since, the breakdown of the battery can breakdown the car, it is important to curb these in time.

Leaving Lights and Cooling on while the Car is Stationary

Reasons causing car battery failure
Reasons causing car battery failure

This is one of the biggest reasons why batteries fail in the long run. Leaving lights, radio, car stereo, air conditioner on, or gadgets on charging when the car is not running cause the battery to run out. These things drain the battery charge very quickly. If you do that for hours, it is likely to exhaust the battery pretty soon, this causing battery failure within a few hours.

So, make sure to turn everything off while you are not driving the car. Leaving the gadgets charging overnight in the car, especially, is an extremely destructive habit.

Driving only Short Distances

Learn this thing about cars – the lesser you drive them, the worse it is for the car battery. If you take your car only for short spins the battery will never get a chance to charge fully. Not taking it for long drive frequently shortens battery life. It is, in fact, one of the biggest reasons for frequent car breakdowns.

This sort of problems is the most prevalent among luxury cars rather than vehicles like buses that are used a lot over long distance. If you do this over a long period of time, battery failure may become inevitable.

Also, if you are taking your car only for short rides and combining it with point 1, the battery is destined for doom. It leads to acid stratification as electrolytes get concentrated on the bottom. The upper half of the battery thus, lacks in acid, causing it to fail due to corrosion.


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Driving with a Loose Battery 

In case your battery is loosely clamped or not properly secured in its place, the vibration, on driving becomes one of the major causes of car battery failure. It gets even worse if it is an uneven terrain you are driving on. It causes damage to the components inside it, resulting in the formation of cracks. The ultimate result is corrosion and failure down the line.

So, whenever you change the battery, make sure that it is properly secured in its place.

Turning the Headlights on before the Engine

General Car battery Maintenance
Causes of car battery destruction

It is something that a lot of us do without realizing that it can be fatal for the battery. When you put the headlights on before you turn the ignition on, it exerts extra load on the battery. Though, it is incapable of causing battery failure in the short term, it surely shortens the life span of even the best batteries.

Lack of General Maintenance

It is important to check the battery every few months, especially at the time of service. Check whether the level of water is full. Water loss takes place because of the normal gassing caused by high temperatures. Simply go for a battery in which you can maintain the water level, and the battery can last much longer than usual.

So, get rid of these bad habits that can actually end up “destroying” your car battery.

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    Thank you Jan Japan for the educating us on how to use the battery. I’m always indeted.


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