5 Small Car Using Mistakes with Big Consequences

We see driving a vehicle as a simple part of life but operating a car safely along with ensuring the proper maintenance is not an easy task. Especially, novice and teen drivers make some silly car using mistakes for lack of experience, not knowing about the automobile’s mechanism, and not having good driving skills.

The Car Using Mistakes that Have Big Consequences

All the drivers must make sound decisions while they are on the road to ensure the vehicle safety and avoid accidents. To do that, you must avoid the following situations:

Speeding up on Snowy Roads with a Four-Wheel Drive

It’s true that four-wheelers perform better in icy and snowy conditions but they are not invincible to such environments. They provide added traction to safely move forward on slippery tracks but the grip is not enough for racing through those trails. Besides, top speed also poses the risk of skidding when you press the brake pedal. Nevertheless, many drivers blindly trust their four-wheel drive and land themselves in difficult situations.

car driving mistakes
Speeding up on snowy roads is a grave mistake. (photo source: The Globe and Mail)

Tailing the Front Vehicle Too Closely

It’s one of the most annoying car using mistakes and mostly the amateurs form this habit, especially when driving in rain and snow. These conditions cut the vision and make it difficult brake suddenly. In addition, you can’t even slow down your car suddenly without bumping into the vehicle in front. There should be a minimum six seconds of braking distance between cars while on the road.


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Looking Seldom at the Mirrors

The basic rules that your instructor taught during the driving-test days were probably to pay attention to the signal and mirrors. Well, we often forget to do that, especially when stuck in a traffic jam or signal. But, there could always be an impatient biker or motorcyclist trying to filter pass. Not looking into mirrors can lead to an accident in such cases.

silly driving mistakes
A distraction can lead to a terrible accident. (photo source: martinan/Depositphotos)

Picking up Distractions

It’s probably the silliest of car using mistakes that causes a significant number of road accidents. Long hours of driving is boring and can tempt anyone to get distracted with smartphones or fiddle with the radio. It sounds quite innocuous, isn’t it? What could happen if you take the eye off the road just for a few seconds? Well, an awful lot can happen in those couple of seconds – there could be a sudden curve in the road, someone or some animal could just jump in front of the car, or you could bump into an invisible gutter and lose control. So, unless you have parked up, ignore the itch of peeking at the phone screen to see who is calling or a text message.

Poor Signaling at Roundabouts

Every driver should know the drill at traffic circles. If your exit is before 12 o’clock, you have to signal left to make your intention clear to the other drivers. However, many people forget the next part, which is signaling right when they want to turn off. The correct thing to do is to send out the signal midway through a junction so that others don’t bump into your path.